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Re: PATCH: Find more ObjC methods

On Sunday, Oct 5, 2003, at 07:12 US/Pacific, David Ayers wrote:

Ziemowit Laski wrote:

Example: @interface Foo -(void)somePublicMethod; @end

@implementation Foo
-(void)somePublicMethod {};
-(void)somePrivatMethod {};
 [self somePrivateMethod];

@implementation Foo (aCategory)
-(void)somePrivatCategoryMethod {};
[self somePrivatCategoryMethod];
[self somePrivatMethod]; /* <- should not see the prototype and warn! */

No, here is where I disagree. Clearly, the compiler has seen the @implementation containing the method in question, so it knows it is there. Not sure why you'd want the compiler to look the other way? :-)

Fine, I must admit for large files with multiple categories the old behavior gives a reassurance that such methods are only used within the corresponding category. But if you must, then collect all implementations prototypes of a class.

Yet the implementation you have committed is broken, as it goes way to far. Actually, it's even inconsistently broken. You're making these private prototypes globally visitable (i.e. to code outside of the class) by adding it to the @interface structure.

The fix is broken in one respect (hopefully seen only rarely) -- namely, if there is no @interface at all (only an @implementation), then we do not have a place to attach the prototypes to, and so we don't.

However, I must stress again that Objective-C does not have a notion of "private prototypes". In addition, if you do see an @implementation of a method (whether in a class or a category thereof), it is perfectly acceptable to call it from within the same module, since the module will be loaded in its entirety.

Feel free to /use/ the prototype (as that is what the runtime will do), but *do* emit a warning when they are used outside of the class.

Since there are no private methods, it does not and should not matter whether or not they are called outside of the class or not. :-)

And if you start pooling prototypes please. also do it for category implementations, as this is where the broken implementation is currently inconsistent.

I thought I _did_ do it for categories as well, but I'll take another look.

I've opened a bug report:

Ah, I guess I should record my thoughts there, too...

Ziemowit Laski                 1 Infinite Loop, MS 301-2K
Mac OS X Compiler Group        Cupertino, CA USA  95014-2083
Apple Computer, Inc.           +1.408.974.6229  Fax .5477

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