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Re: ObjC 3.4 changes (Was: [committed] Merge objc-improvements-branchto mainline)

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Ziemowit Laski wrote:
> Here's what I came up with.  Note that these notes reference (as of yet)
> nonexistent (online) 3.4 docs.  Is this acceptable?

No, but you can linke to the "Current development" docs on the same
page, which track GCC mainline. ;-)

> I'm trying to avoid repeating stuff that's already in
> gcc/doc/invoke.texi.

I fully agree with you on that!

> Index: htdocs/cvs.html
> ===================================================================
>      <dt>objc-improvements-branch</dt>
> !   <dd>This branch was originally used to merge Objective-C bug fixes
> and enhancements
> !   from Apple Computer into the FSF tree; this has now been completed.
>   Presently, the
> !   purpose of the branch is to implement the Objective-C++ language in
> the FSF GCC source tree.
> !   The message thread starting <a
> href="";>here</a>
> !   describes this at more length.  This branch is maintained by <a
> href="";>
> !   Zem Laski &lt;;</a>.</dd>

This looks fine; just would you mind avoiding long lines (i.e., lines with
more than 77 or so characters)?  Similarily in case of gcc-3.4/changes.html,
where things might become easier if you reduce the indentation of the HTML

> !           <li>An overhaul of <code>@encode</code> logic.  The C99
> <code>_Bool</code>
> !               and C++ <code>bool</code> type may now be encoded as
> <code>'B'</code>.

Are the single quotes part of the encoding? If not, I suggest to omit
them or move them outside the <code> environment.

Thanks for the nice writeup!

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)

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