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Re: Unreviewed patch for diagnostic format checking

"Kaveh R. Ghazi" <> writes:

| Gaby - if you'd like to take a look and are not familiar with the
| format checking data tables, you can verify things are setup correctly
| by cross-referencing the testcase.

I was not familiar with the format checking machinery and was trying
to understand the bits.

I believe you'll uncomment 
  +/* FIXME: the %ll and %w modifiers are expected to be added "soon".  */
  +#if 0
  +  { "l", FMT_LEN_l, STD_C89, "ll", FMT_LEN_ll, STD_C89 },
  +  { "w", FMT_LEN_none, STD_C89, NULL, 0, 0 },

I don't understand this:
  +  { 'p',  0, 0, N_("precision"),       N_("precision in printf format"),       STD_C89 },

%p in the diagnostic framework is for pointer (void *).

Same for :
  +  { 'L',  0, 0, N_("length modifier"), N_("length modifier in printf format"), STD_C89 },

the C++ front-end uses it for the language specified in an
extern-language linkage specification.  And for consistency, that
should be the same for the C front-end. 

+  /* %H will require "location_t" at runtime.  */

%H actually requires a 'location_t *'.

Thanks for any clarifications.

-- Gaby

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