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Re: [PATCH] Re: Bootstrap failure due to GC / PCH memory corruption

Ulrich Weigand <> writes:

> In any case, the patch below fixes the bootstrap failures on
> s390x, and doesn't appear to introduce any real overhead,
> so I propose to apply it now; the matter of just how PCH ptes
> are generated can be addressed independently.

I can confirm that applying just this patch, rebuilding cc1plus and
rerunning the libstdc++-v3 testsuite fixes many testsuite failures on

/vol/gnu/src/gcc/gcc-dist/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/20_util/ In function `int test07()':
/vol/gnu/src/gcc/gcc-dist/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/20_util/ internal compiler error: Segmentation fault

Testsuite results are back to normal now:

                === libstdc++-v3 Summary ===
-# of expected passes           1462
-# of unexpected failures       266
+# of expected passes           1946
+# of unexpected failures       10
 # of unsupported tests         7


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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