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Re: [tree-ssa] Speedup alias analysis [patch]

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 19:21, Chris Lattner wrote:
> Diego Novillo wrote:
> > ADDR_EXPR is a funny operator.  If you expose it in the IL you may run
> > into aliasing problems and the optimizers will likely mess things up.
> ...
> > If we were to expose it into the IL we would have to teach the
> > optimizers to treat it with care.  I'm not sure I want that.  This topic
> > comes up every now and then.  We still haven't found a more gracious way
> > of dealing with ADDR_EXPRs, unfortunately.
> LLVM does not have an "address-of" operator in the language, and handles
> all of the issues you brought up gracefully.  If you'd like to describe
> how we handle these issues, I would be glad to...
If I recall, dont you simply treat all locals and such as pointers? so
int a; is treated like 'int *a = alloca(sizeof(int))' so you never have
to take its address, it gets its 'default' memory location on the
stack.  Then if you take the address of 'a', and assign it to a
pointer,  you really just copy your pointer to 'a', since thats all you
have anyway. If you have a = 10; you see it as *a = 10;

Do I remember that correctly?  :-)


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