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Re: [PATCH] -gused

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 9:04 AM, Richard Henderson wrote:

On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 03:16:49PM -0700, Devang Patel wrote:
I do not know how well it will work with other  formats. Plus pulling
this out requires some thinking, that I have not done. I think, we
leave it in dbxout and make queuing available in final.c for other
formats now. Once we have this approach available
in other formats also we can pull it out of dbxout.

Hum, I guess this is ok for now then.

Thank you. I'll commit this patch to main line.


2003-06-24 Devang Patel <>

* final.c (debug_flush_symbol_queue): New function.
(debug_queue_symbol): New function.
(debug_free_queue): New function.
(debug_nesting): New variable.
(symbol_queue): New variable.
(symbol_queue_index): Same.
(symbol_queue_size): Same.
* debug.h (debug_flush_symbol_queue): New.
(debug_queue_symbol): New.
(debug_nesting): New.
(symbol_queue_index): New.
* dbxout.c (DBXOUT_DECR_NESTING): New macro.
(dbxout_init): Delay symbol output.
(dbxout_global_decl): Save, set and reset TREE_USED bit around dbxout_symbol()
(dbxout_begin_function): Same.
(dbxout_finish): Free symbol queue.
(dbxout_type): Put appropriate symbols in queue.
(dbxout_symbol): Put info for symbol's type in queue. Decrement/Increment
nesting counts flush symbol queue appropriately.
(dbxout_parms): Increment dbxout nesting.
(dbxout_reg_parms): Same.
* flags.h (flag_debug_only_used_symbols): New.
* toplev.c (flag_debug_only_used_symbols): New variable.
* config/rs6000/darwin.h (CC1_SPEC): Interpret -gused as -feliminate-unused-debug-symbols.
* doc/invoke.texi (Debugging Options): Document -feliminate-unused-debug-symbols.

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