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Re: hook-ize ASM_FILE_START, take two

On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> Index: doc/tm.texi

> +@deftypevr {Target Hook} bool TARGET_ASM_FILE_START_APP_OFF

> +The default is false.  You should not set it to true unless you have
> +verified that your port does not generate any extra whitespace or
> +comments that will confuse GAS.

I think confusion is the wrong word here so I suggest you remove
"that will confuse GAS".  It's not really confusion; it's that
otherwise it doesn't hold up to the #NO_APP promise of strict
format that doesn't need whitespace-processing.  A bit like
-pedantic-errors but without as useful diagnostics. ;-)
Otherwise good.

By the way, if anyone wants to enable #APP_OFF for their
targets, I may be able to give guidance.

> ===================================================================
> Index: config/cris/cris.c

> +static void
> +cris_file_start ()

You did the same with other recent changes of yours: Please make
that "(void)", not "()", to stick with ISO C style.  Otherwise


> @@ -1297,17 +1302,16 @@ mmix_strip_name_encoding (name)
>    return name;
>  }
> -/* ASM_FILE_START.  */
> +   We just emit a little comment for the time being.
> +   FIXME: Perhaps add -mstandalone and some segment and prefix setup here.  */

Where does that FIXME: come from?  Remove it.  Otherwise ok.

> +static void
> +mmix_file_start ()

See comment for CRIS.  It's everywhere.

brgds, H-P

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