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Re: [C++ PATCH]: make cp_tree_equal unequivocal

Mark Mitchell wrote:

Wow, this is very exciting -- lots of cruft going away.

How did you get away with assuming comp_target_types never sees an
ARRAY_TYPE?  What about something like "int (*p)[5]"?
Yes, it took me ages to satisfy myself that was safe. comp_target_types
looks like this

	if (is_pointer(t) && count > 0)
	  if (is_array (TREE_TYPE (t))
		return something else
	if (is_an_array) {/*unreachable*/}

Then it was a small matter of proving that all entry points into the
(recursive) comp_target_types call graph had count > 0, and never had
an array.

Also, I think this patch is a little too aggressive in cp_tree_equal:

!     case COMPONENT_REF:
!       if (TREE_OPERAND (t1, 1) != TREE_OPERAND (t2, 1))
!       return false;

I think we should continue to recur on that operand; I'm pretty sure we
field, and better safe than sorry...
I agree, but I have not changed that behaviour. I refactored
	if (OP1(t1) == OP1(t2)) recurse
	return false;
	if (OP1(t1) != OP1(t2))
	  return false

which is similar to the formatting on other cases. I will try and see if
I can find a test case where that first test should use cp_tree_equal, rather
than ==

Thanks; this cleanup will make some of that code a lot simpler...
you bet!


Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::     CodeSourcery LLC
         The voices in my head said this was stupid too    ::

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