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Re: Start moving toplev options to opts.c

What does the C90, C99, and C++98 say about the max number of marco parameters?
If they say less than 64K-1, I would say we are okay because 64K-1 macro parameters
are a lot of parameters, we should at least reject if there is more than 64K-1 parameters.

Thanks, Andrew Pinski

On Monday, Jun 16, 2003, at 16:01 US/Eastern, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

On Jun 16, 2003, Neil Booth <> wrote:

Heh; I'll worry about that when we get close. We can't handle 65537
macro parameters in cpplib, but I'm not too worried about that either 8-)

These are in direct conflict to the first recommendation of the GNU Coding Standards:

4.1 Writing Robust Programs

    Avoid arbitrary limits on the length or number of any data
    structure, including file names, lines, files, and symbols, by
    allocating all data structures dynamically. In most Unix
    utilities, "long lines are silently truncated". This is not
    acceptable in a GNU utility.

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