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Re: powerpc-linux-gnu and s390x-linux-gnu libstdc++ abi tests

Benjamin Kosnik <> writes:

>>I've created baseline files for s390x and powerpc on Linux with GCC
>>3.3 CVS as basis.
> Err. You need to use gcc-3.2.0 as the baseline. In addition, on linux,

3.2.0?  But 3.3 contains additional symbols and therefore we have to
get those incorporated.

Ok, I can try to baseline with 3.2.0, then run check-abi with 3.3 to
check for problems and send a patch for 3.3...

> make sure that the gnu locale model is being used.

I'll do.

>>s390x needs to be handled on mainline the same way as x86-64
>>(overwritting try_cpu).  I'll submit such a patch when this patch and
>>my x86-64 patch for mainline gets accepted.
> Are s390 and s390x going to be different? If not, can't you just use s390?
> I'm trying to keep the abi and config/cpu bits as similar as possible.

s390 is 31-bits, s390x is 64-bits, so they are different (same way as
i386 and x86-64),

 Andreas Jaeger, SuSE Linux AG,,
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