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Re: [PATCH] Fix cygwin gawk wierdness in

On Sat, 14 Jun 2003, Neil Booth wrote:
> Did this only just start?  Yesterday we started passing multiple
> files to; previously we just passed a single file.  Maybe
> something to do with $@ ?

Ok, its really wierd.  Yes, it has only just appeared in the GCC
bootstrap since we've changed to working with multiple files.
The failure more is the missing fbuiltin- entry from c.opt. c.opt works. f/lang.opt c.opt works java/lang.opt c.opt works f/lang.opt java/lang.opt c.opt doesn't.

Hence the switch to processing multiple files has triggered the
problem.  However, it appears to have just been latent, I've
managed to produce a single input file that also demonstrates the
problem (or a closely related issue?).

> Does putting - explicitly on the command line help?

I've just tried, and unfortunately, it doesn't help.

> > 2003-06-14  Roger Sayle  <>
> >
> > 	* Work around a mysterious feature in cygwin's gawk
> > 	where specifying the input files explicitly has different
> > 	behavior to piping them via stdin.
> I'm happy to try it and see.

As you're the original author of, and "de facto" maintainer,
I'll take that as sufficient approval and check the change in.

Many thanks.


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