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Re: Re: [RFA/PING] Fix libiberty compilation failure on systems running AiX 4.x

 > It would be nice to have this looked at in the near future because it
 > currently fails to build on AiX 4.x, and the GDB 6 release is getting
 > nearer. I'd rather have this problem be fixed before we cut the GDB6
 > branch.
 > Thank you,

Sorry, this patch is wrong.  It deactivates the code on all aix4*,
whereas the code is correct on 4.3.3 and later.  It is only on 4.3.2
and prior that this code breaks.

Rather than hardwire aix version numbers, the correct fix is to use an
autoconf feature test.  See this bug report:

I (just a few days ago) installed this exact fix in gcc's libiberty.
What needs to happen is for this code to be copied into gdb and
binutils.  I don't have access to these repos, which is why I copied
DJ on the install email.  I should have explicitly mentioned that I
needed him to propagate it, sorry for not saying so.

DJ would you please sync this patch with the other libiberty repos?

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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