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Re: [PATCH] Value profile based optimizations, part 1

Jan Hubicka wrote:

Thinking about it more, it probably makes sense to define -fprofile-gen
as -fprofile-arcs + -fvalue-profile once the code comes in
(hmm, it perhaps ought to be -fprofile-values).
The -fprofile-use then can be -fbranch-probabilities
-fvalue-profile-transformations + whatever we invent later.
I will send patch for adding the two new options shortly.
Unforutnate is that current uses of
-fprofile-arcs/-fbranch-probabilities would need to be updated, but
there are very few of them to date.
I think we should have the -fprofile-{gen,use} flags plus individual
flags -- however we name them. I'm not sure if you're intending removing
the individual flags. You're right we should name them all -fprofile-FOO
with possibly gen/use pairs -- -fprofile-{gen,use}{,-branches,-values}.
Although I'm nervous about renaming an existing option -- add an alias


Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::     CodeSourcery LLC
         The voices in my head said this was stupid too    ::

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