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Convert java/ to use opts.c

Neil Booth writes:
 > This patch gets java/ to use opts.c, and also contains some simple
 > constification that entails.
 > It adds -Wno-all for consistency with C/ObjC/C++/f77 and also
 > adds -fno-inline-functions which wasn't provided before.  If there's
 > a good reason for this I'll happily remove it.
 > This bootstraps on x86 NetBSD; I'm running the testsuite.  OK if it
 > succeeds?
 > Neil.
 > java:
 > 	* (JAVA_OBJS, java/lang.o): Update.
 > 	(java/j-options.c, java/j-options.h): New.
 > 	* java-tree.h (resource_name, compile_resource_file,
 > 	compile_resource_data): Constify.
 > 	* jcf-write.c (jcf_write_base_directory): Similarly.
 > 	* jcf.h (jcf_write_base_directory): Similarly.
 > 	* lang.c: Include j-options.h.
 > 	(cl_options_count, cl_options, string_option, java_decode_option,
 > 	lang_f_options, lang_W_options, LANG_HOOKS_DECODE_OPTION,
 > 	process_option_with_no): Remove.
 > 	(resource_name): Constify.
 > 	(java_handle_option): New.
 > 	(java_init): Don't call jcf_path_init.
 > 	(java_init_options): Call jcf_path_init.
 > 	* lang.opt: New.
 > 	* resource.c (compile_resource_data, compile_resource_file): Constify.



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