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Re: "obvious" requirements

(committed as obvious) GNU CC -> GCC in maintainer-scripts

Re: -$ documentation

-no-integrated-cpp and PCH files, -o for cpp output and -save-temps

Re: .register pseudo-op (Was: PR 10656 and PR 10657)

16-bit support in testsuite again

Re: 3 GCC regressions, 1 new, with your patch on 2003-05-14T20:16:35Z.

3.3 PATCH: Regenerate gcc.pot

3.3 PATCH: Update translation files

3.3.1 PATCH: Fix mips-sgi-irix6o32 bootstrap failure

[ tree-ssa] Eliminate more GOTO_EXPRs

[ tree-ssa] Useless jumps

[3.3] [PATCH] Do not promote integer return value...

Re: [3.3] [PATCH] Fix typo in config/i386/i386.h

[3.3] fix to testsuite files which now get syntax error from new bison

Re: [3.3] Follow-up to C++ forced unwinding

Re: [3.3] Followup to C++ forced unwinding

[3.3] Patch for target/10687

[ada PATCH]: Use location_t

[Ada] fix ada/10546 on mainline by merging from ACT

[Ada] Patch for ada/6399

[Ada] Require at least GNAT 3.14 as bootstrap compiler

[applied testsuite patch] fix gcc.dg/special/mips-abi.exp

[applied] add clz/dclz to mips.md

[applied] fix build failure for mips

[applied] fix c++ pch errors on mips-elf

[Applied] mips patch to split 64-bit moves

[Applied] Mips patch to split constants

[applied] thinko in cfgcleanup.c

[ARM PATCH] Remove #if 0s

[arm] add tune_xscale flag

[arm] avoid short ldm in epilogue

[arm] inhibit LDM peepholes for xscale

[avr] Patch for -mint8 option -- unreviewed patch

Re: [Bug 10504] [3.3] ICE with SSE2 code and -O3 -mcpu=pentium4 -msse2

Re: [Bug 10914] New: unswitch loops does not work on powerpc

Re: [Bug c++/11049] New: -fdump-class-hierarchy causes treechecking failure

Re: [Bug c/7776] const char* p = "foo"; if (p == "foo") ... is compiled without warning!

Re: [Bug c/7776] const char* p = "foo"; if (p == "foo") ... iscompiled without warning!

[Bug fortran/10965] illegal code in testsuite - patch for testsuite

[Bug other/10270] gccbug's echo displays '-n' instead of no-line-break

Re: [Bug other/6480] C testsuite '--tool_opts' has incorrect precedence

[BUG REPORT + PATCH] -Wpadded on powerpc

[C patch]: set function's location

[C PATCH]: start using location_t directly

[C++ PATCH for 3.3/trunk] Fix PR10956 (Function template specializationtsubst regression)

Re: [C++ PATCH for 3.3/trunk] Fix PR10956 (Function templatespecialization tsubst regression)

[C++ PATCH for 3.3/trunk] Fix regression PR10682 (typedef enum intemplate instantiation)

Re: [C++ PATCH for 3.3/trunk] Fix regression PR10682 (typedef enumin template instantiation)

[C++ PATCH for 3.3] Fix regression PR10849 (specialization of nestedclass)

Re: [C++ PATCH for 3.3] Fix regression PR10849 (specialization ofnested class)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix a missing piece in my access checkingpatch

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix deferred access in multiple variabledeclarations.

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix ICE in make_typename_type (PR9364,10553,10586)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix ICE on illegal template argument (PR10555, 10576)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix incorrect diagnostics (PR 8772)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix incorrect pmf diagnostics (PR10496)

Re: [C++ PATCH, committed] Fix libstdc++ regressions due to my access checking changes

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix libstdc++ regressions due to my accesschecking changes

Re: [C++ PATCH, committed] Fix libstdc++ regressions due to myaccess checking changes

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix main return type warning (PR4494)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix PR10554 (ICE on illegal using decl)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix typos in decl.c

[C++ PATCH, committed] Tweak my previous PR10496 fix.

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix access checking in explicit instantiation

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix PR10230, 10481 (a regression in trunk)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix PR10371 (Regression in main trunk)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR10552

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR8442, 8806

Re: [C++ PATCH] Kill lang_id2

Re: [C++ PATCH] Remove check_access_p in parser, fix PR9554 (a regression)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Remove check_access_p in parser, fix PR9554 (aregression)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Remove check_access_p in parser, fix PR9554(aregression)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Remove scope_chain->check_access, fix PR9252 (aregression)

[c++ patch]: set specialization locations

[C++ PATCH]: start using location_t

[C++] My unreviewed patches

[CFT] kill darwin encode_section_info

[CFT] kill darwin encode_section_info, rev 2

[CFT] kill darwin encode_section_info, rev 3

[Commited] Add missing HTML marker

[Committed] Fix type in alpha.h's ASM_OUTPUT_SKIP

[committed] GNU CC -> GCC in fixinc

[committed] GNU CC -> GCC in libobjc

[committed] GNU CC -> GCC in libobjc, part 2

[committed] GNU CC -> GCC in libstdc++-v3/include/backward/new.h

[committed] GNU CC -> GCC in libstdc++-v3/libsupc++

[committed] GNU CC->GCC in config/stormy16 and config/rs6000

[committed] java/win32-host.c: Normalize copyright boilerplate

[committed] small fix to copyright boilerplate in po/exgettext

[config-ml.in] Propagate INSTALL

[cpp patch] bootstrap/7312: bootstrap failure due to invalid use of errno

Re: [cpp patch] bootstrap/7312: bootstrap failure due to invalid useof errno

[darwin] builtin-noret-1/2 fixes

Re: [darwin] testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/builtins/string-1,3,5,6 failure fix

[darwin] testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/builtins/string-1,3,5,6failure fix

Re: [development-gcc] ICE while bootstrapping

[doc] bit o cleanup for variable attributes

[F PATCH]: use location_t

[FORTRAN PATCH] Use more mathematical builtins

[Fortran, trunk] Update documentation.

[FORTRAN] Use tan and atan builtins

[gcov patch]: Use a smaller buffer

[gcov] Fix thinko

[gcov] Makefile changes

[gcov]: Improve type system

[gcov]: Remove backtracking in libgcov

[gcov]: Tweak interface

FW: [H8300 PATCH] Enable support for generating line debug info from GAS

[H8300 PATCH] Fix generation of aa:16 instruction in Normal mode

Re: [H8300 PATCH] Fix generation of aa:16 instruction in Normalmode

[Janitor] f/*.c cleanup




[Janitor] Remove ALT_LIBM

[Janitor] Remove CFRONT_LOSSAGE


[Janitor] Remove CRT_GET_RFIB_TEXT

[Janitor] Remove HANDLE_PRAGMA/HANDLE_GENERIC_PRAGMA (f/lex, docu)

Re: [Janitor] Remove HANDLE_PRAGMA/HANDLE_GENERIC_PRAGMA (f/lex,docu)

[Janitor] Remove MOVE_EXPR from f/com.c

[Janitor] Remove obsolete macros from output.h


[Janitor] Remove unused DBX_* tests

[janitor] toplev.c cleanups

[java patch]: Patch ping


[JAVA] Implement more java.lang.Math builtins.

[JAVA] Overhaul Java front-end's builtin handling.

[java] Re: analysis #2: alpha bootstrap failure on mainline

[java]source location patch

[libiberty] Accept i[34567]86

[libstdc++, 3.3] Move LD_RUN_PATH patches over

[libstdc++] prepass filter for doxygen, update links

[libstdc++] Quote LD_RUN_PATH properly

[libstdc++] minor typos in comments

[mainline] C++ PATCH: debug function-prototype-scope

[mainline] C++ PATCH: Remove global_binding_level

[mainline] PATCH do c-decl.c: Remove xxx_with_file_and_line

[mainline] PATCH objc/objc-act.c: Remove xxx_with_file_and_line

[mainline] PATCH to diagnostic.c: Goodbye xxx_with_file_and_file.

[mainline] PATCH to diagnostic.c: Remove pedwarn_with_file_and_line

[mainline] PATCH to diagnostic.h

[mainline] PATCH to jump.c, c-parse.in: Remove xxx_with_file_and_line

[mainline] PATCH to stmt.c: Remove use of xxx_with_file_and_file.

[mainline] PATCH to varasm.c: Don't use xxx_with_file_and_line

[mips patch rfa] define CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS_S in t-linux64

[obvious] Fix some comments in splay-tree.c

Re: [PATCH 3.4] Warn for always-false bitwise ands

[PATCH RS6000 (non ppc64)] add peephole for adding an unsigned int and an long long together

[PATCH RS6000 (non ppc64)] add peephole for subtracting an unsigned int from an long long

[PATCH RS6000] adding an unsigned SI and a DI together and subtracting an unsigned SI from an DI

[PATCH RS6000] peephole changing a move to itself with compare to a compare

[PATCH, committed] Add testcase for fixed PR c++/9022

[PATCH, committed] Fix testcase error in my previous patch

[Patch, committed] sourcebuild.texi: remove two references to GNATS

[Patch/libstdc++]: libmath/stubs.c (hypot) - Don't divide by zero.

[PATCH/RFA] Allow __cxa_atexit to be enabled by default

[Patch/RFA] Fix mingw/cygwin dllimport PR's 7910 (et al) and 11021

[PATCH/RFA] libffi sh64-*-linux* support

[PATCH] (head) Resolve bootstrap failure when using older bison's.

[PATCH] A generic basic_filebuf::_M_underflow

Re: [PATCH] add __amd64__ predefined symbols

[Patch] Add Falk Hueffner to GNATS only MAINTAINERS

[patch] add missing maybe-check-gcc target at toplevel

Re: [PATCH] Add support for profile merging hooks

Re: [PATCH] Allow "make compare" to use "make gnucompare" automatically

Re: [PATCH] allow zero_extract combines - checked in

[PATCH] Avoid FP comparisons against Infinity

[PATCH] Avoid useless calls to pure/const functions

[PATCH] basic_string::swap - remove redundant template params

[PATCH] Better optimize mempcpy and stpcpy builtins

[PATCH] Better optimize mempcpy and stpcpy builtins (take 2)

[PATCH] Better optimize mempcpy and stpcpy builtins (take 3)

[PATCH] Bootstrap failure on ia64

[PATCH] Bootstrap failure on ia64 (take 2)

[Patch] Clarify comment in diagnostic.c

[patch] comment tidy in config/i386/x86-64.h

[patch] config.gcc: Clear more variables at top

[patch] copyright notice correction on libiberty/make-relative-prefix.c

Re: [patch] copyright notice correction on libiberty/make-relative-prefix.c(current notice grants no rights)

[PATCH] Define __sparcv9 for sparc64-*-netbsd*

[PATCH] Display all the target switches for SH compiler's '--target-help' option

Re: [PATCH] Display all the target switches for SH compiler's '--target-help' option

[patch] doc/*.texi: Fix typos.

[PATCH] Document missing SPARC constraints

[PATCH] Document PR bootstrap/10805

[PATCH] Document Sparc64 configuration

[PATCH] Evaluate pow(x,n) at compile-time (take 2)

[PATCH] Expand unreachable WHILE_STMTs like DO_STMTs (take 2)

[PATCH] Expand unreachable WHILE_STMTs like DO_STMTs.

[PATCH] Extracting components of complex constants

[PATCH] Extracting components of complex constants (take 2)


[PATCH] fix ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_LOCAL for powerpc-linux

[PATCH] Fix c++/10576

[PATCH] Fix compilation warnings in alpha.c

[PATCH] Fix compilation warnings in alpha.c (take 2)

[patch] fix configure-target-libiberty dependencies

[PATCH] fix for PR 1687, plus a small cleanup

[PATCH] fix m32r-elf target macros add_ssaaaa and sub_ddmmss inlonglong.h

[PATCH] Fix mainline bootstrap on Solaris 2.5.1

[PATCH] Fix PR 1687 (C tree inliner related compile time 3.xregression)

[PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/10007

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/10876

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/10876 (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/11018 (SPARC)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/10663

[PATCH] Fix typo in config/i386/i386.h

Re: [PATCH] fixuns_trunc[sd]fdi2 for sparc64

[PATCH] gcc-3_2-rhl8-branch testcases for the trunk

[PATCH] gcc.dg/debug.exp only test debug-[12] on Dwarf targets

[patch] gcc.dg/m-un-2.c: Fix the typedef of size_t.

[patch] gcc/gcov-io.h

[PATCH] GNU CC --> GCC in *all* files

[Patch] GNU CC -> GCC in contrib/

[PATCH] hardcoded name for textdomain in gcc/intl.c

Re: [PATCH] HTML generation

[PATCH] Implement "exp" builtin as x87 intrinsic

[PATCH] Implement log builtin as x87 intrinsic

[PATCH] Increase PAGESIZE in mips-tfile.c

[PATCH] Increase PAGESIZE in mips-tfile.c (take 2)

[patch] invoke.texi: Update dump file names.

[PATCH] loop.c

[PATCH] m32r-elf fix target/10998

[PATCH] m32r-elf fix target/10988

[patch] macro redefinition with different token count

[PATCH] Make EH_RETURN_STACKADJ_RTX optional (fixes s390)

[PATCH] Minor cleanups to c-format.c

[PATCH] More constant folding of math built-ins (take 2)

[PATCH] More constant folding of math built-ins.

[PATCH] More senseful loop size function

[Patch] More updates to bug reporting instructions

[PATCH] New stream buffer for cin, cout etc.

RE: [PATCH] New targets for H8300H and H8300S Normal mode

[PATCH] Optimize (void) stpcpy (s1, s2) and (void) mempcpy (s1, s2)

Re: [PATCH] Optimize (void) stpcpy (s1, s2) and (void) mempcpy (s1,s2)

[PATCH] Patches to bugs/* docs

[PATCH] powerpc64-linux bi-arch support

[PATCH] PR bootstrap/10169: Prototype getopt in mips-tfile.c

[PATCH] PR bootstrap/10169: Use getopt_long in mips-tfile.c

[PATCH] PR bootstrap/10169: Use getopt_long in mips-tfile.c (take3)

[PATCH] PR fortran/8485: Misc INTEGER*8 fixes

[PATCH] PR fortran/9972

[PATCH] PR middle-end/10472: __builtin_stpcpy RTL

[PATCH] PR middle-end/10472: __builtin_stpcpy RTL (take 2)

[PATCH] PR opt/10764: ICE using x86 logdf2

[PATCH] PR target/10775

[patch] PR target/8257: Fix .frame size on Alpha when cross compiling from 32-bit

[Patch] Put warning into documentation of attribute "regparm"

[patch] Re: [darwin] testsuite wchar_t-1.c & wint_t-1.c

[PATCH] Re: target/7434: [x86_64] ICE in change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:1934

Re: [PATCH] Re: target/7434: [x86_64] ICE in change_address_1, atemit-rtl.c:1934

[PATCH] REG_EQUAL notes on cond_jumps (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] REG_EQUAL notes on cond_jumps.

[patch] Remove BOUNDED macros

[Patch] Remove gccbug from bugreport.texi

Re: [Patch] Remove gccbug from bugreport.texi, take 2

Re: [Patch] Remove gccbug from bugreport.texi, take 3

Re: [Patch] Remove gccbug from bugreport.texi, take 4

[patch] Remove superfluous condition in unroll_loop_runtime_iterations

[PATCH] Remove VMS section in documentation (was Re: HEADS UP: GCC manual soon to be printed)

Re: [PATCH] Remove VMS section in documentation (was Re: HEADS UP:GCC manual soon to be printed)

[patch] require makeinfo 4.2 or better

[PATCH] Rework description of DFA scheduler's max_issue()

[patch] splay tree nodes may be allocated by alloc-pool

[PATCH] start of C binary compatibility testsuite

[Patch] std::_Atomic_swap for i386

[PATCH] SYSROOT subdir support

[PATCH] tan and atan builtin functions

[PATCH] testsuite: new tests for gcc.dg/compat

[PATCH] testsuite: reorganize some gcc.dg/compat tests

[PATCH] TLS support for powerpc/powerpc64 (take 2)

[Patch] Treelang misc fixes including ppc build failure

[PATCH] Tweak DFA examples in the docs

[PATCH] Type in libiberty/cp-demangle.c

[PATCH] Unit at a time comment fixes, speedup

[PATCH] unreviewed patch (Bootstrap failure on ia64)

[PATCH] Unwinder improvements.

[PATCH] Update my e-mail address in MAINTAINERS

[patch] Updated: Display all the target switches for SH compiler's '--target-help' option

Re: [patch] Updated: Display all the target switches for SH compiler's '--target-help' option

[patch] use curly braces in toplevel

[PATCH] Using RTL modes without front-end types.

[PATCH] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/compile/simd-5.c on SPARC64

[PATCH]: Allow frame-related instructions in delay slot of calls on PA

[PATCH]: Beginning of HTML doc patches

[PATCH]: bugs/management.html

[PATCH]: Fix bootstrap failure on hppa-unknown-linux-gnu

[PATCH]: Fix target/6428 for hppa*-hp-hpux*

[PATCH][m32r-elf] fix PR target/10978

[PATH] fix bootstrap failure on ppc-darwin

[PATH] fix c/10962, slow lookup_field

Re: [PATH] fix PR libstd++/4067

Re: [PATH] fix PR libstd++/9815

Re: [PATH] fix PR libstdc++/9815: atomicity.h - fails to compile with -O3 -masm=intel

Re: [PATH] fix PR libstdc++/9815: atomicity.h - fails to compilewith -O3 -masm=intel

[PATH] fix PR4067

[PATH] have gcse consider a compare with the same register as a constant (except for floating point)

[PR/7484] PATCH: doc/invoke.texi

[Resend] Document -mimpure-text (for Solaris)

[RFA/C] Break out C options into a separate file

[RFA] __attribute__((inline_everything)) 2nd try

[RFA] __attribute__((inline_everything)) [take 3]

Re: [RFA] attribute((inline_everything)) (was Re: [RFA] Kill artificial inlining limit)

[RFA] attribute((inline_everything)) (was Re: [RFA] Kill artificialinlining limit)

Re: [RFA] attribute((inline_everything)) (was Re: [RFA] Killartificialinlining limit)

[RFA] Kill artificial inlining limit

[RFA] rearrange powerpc legitimate address subroutines

[RFA][3.3] backport dwarf2 location expression fix?

Re: [rfc] allow -G to take a range

Re: [RFC] use symbol_ref flags for rs6000

[Testcase] for PR target/11008

[Testsuite PATCH, committed] Adjust testcases to private ctor/dtorwarning change

[TOP LEVEL PATCH] configure.in: Remove newlib/libc/sys/cygwin dirs from FLAGS_FOR_TARGET

Re: [toplevel patch] Macroize build_subdir & target_subdir, newest version

[toplevel patch] rename autogen variable in Makefile.tpl,Makefile.def

[tree-ssa libmudflap] basic pthread support [long]

[tree-ssa libmudflap] more threads changes

[tree-ssa libmudflap] realloc fix

[tree-ssa libmudflap] reporting reentrancy fix

[tree-ssa libmudflap] tweaks

[tree-ssa mudflap] dumping, writable-strings test

[tree-ssa Too many edges in CFG

[tree-ssa] aliasing bug [patch]

Re: [tree-ssa] Another DFA fix

[tree-ssa] Another EH cfg cleanup PATCH

[tree-ssa] Another testcase

[tree-ssa] Avoiding useless jumps

[tree-ssa] Cleanup avail_expr_hash

[tree-ssa] Copyprop vs abnormal PHIs

[tree-ssa] Don't rename INDIRECT_REF nodes [patch]

[tree-ssa] Eliminate unnecessary copies

[tree-ssa] Eliminate unnecessary gimplifications

[tree-ssa] Fix bootstrap failure in tree-ssa-ccp:set_rhs

[tree-ssa] Fix debug dump in SSA->normal pass [patch]

Re: [tree-ssa] Fix for failure to build glibc

[tree-ssa] Fixes bootstrap with Ada

[tree-ssa] handle CONST_DECL in the gimplifier

[tree-ssa] Improve eliminate_useless_stmts_and_vars [Was Re: Dead-code elimination can't remove string copy insns? ]

[tree-ssa] Improve hidden use detection for nested functions

[tree-ssa] Insert on edge fix.

Re: [tree-ssa] Loop analysis

Re: [tree-ssa] Merge results as of 2003-05-06

[tree-ssa] Minor improvements

[tree-ssa] Minor infrastructure change

[tree-ssa] More overlapping live range infrastructure.

[tree-ssa] Naked _DECL nodes in inlined functions

[tree-ssa] Nested functions

[tree-ssa] New testcase

[tree-ssa] New tests

[tree-ssa] PATCH for expression temporary optimization

[tree-ssa] PATCH to &&/|| gimplification

[tree-ssa] PATCH to add_referenced_var

[tree-ssa] PATCH to compute_reachable_eh

[tree-ssa] PATCH to fix va_start warning

[tree-ssa] PATCH to improve optimization at ssa rewrite time

Re: [tree-ssa] PATCH to improve optimization@ssa rewrite time

[tree-ssa] PATCH to mostly_copy_tree_r

[tree-ssa] PATCH to remove NON_LVALUE_EXPR from GIMPLE

[tree-ssa] PATCH to reorganize condition gimplification

[tree-ssa] PATCH to SAVE_EXPR gimplification

[tree-ssa] PATCH to shortcut_cond_expr

[tree-ssa] PATCH to simplify_switch_stmt

[tree-ssa] pretty printing PATCH to gdbinit.in

[tree-ssa] Project page update [patch]

[tree-ssa] Removing conditionals patch.

[tree-ssa] Removing redundant loads

[tree-ssa] Removing useless crud

[tree-ssa] string-opt18.c xfailure

[tree-ssa] The hack for overlapping live ranges

[tree-ssa] TRY_FINALLY vs CFG

[tree-ssa] unsharing empty_stmt_node (part 2)

[tree-ssa] Useless TRY_CATCH and TRY_FINALLY blocks

[tree-ssa] Yet another VLA fix

[tree-ssa]: Fix obvious bug in tree-pretty-print.c

[tree-ssa]: More C++ PTA Fixes

[treelang PATCH]: Use location_t for locations

[unreviewed patch] 16-bit support in testsuite again

[v3, 3.3 high] Fix libstdc++/9533

[v3, obvious] Clean up a few testfiles

[v3, trivial] Clean up a bit a couple of testfiles

[v3] 3 more iostreams patchlets

[v3] __copy_streambufs rewrote

[v3] Another small set of clean ups

[v3] cache codecvt in basic_filebuf

[v3] check_abi additions

[v3] Clean up single char pback buffer

[v3] DR 50 tests

[v3] enum consistency, __num_base cleanups

[v3] filebuf::_M_overflow tweaks

[v3] Fix libstdc++/10783

[v3] gcc-3_3-branch remove __locale_cache

[v3] gcc-3_3-branch versioning

[v3] Improve basic_stringbuf::overflow

[v3] include/Makefile fixes

[v3] libstdc++/3066

[v3] libstdc++/9339

[v3] remove -Winline

[v3] Remove a dead seekoff from _M_underflow

[v3] Remove a reduntant/wrong check from _M_convert_to_external

[v3] Sadly, revert the best of basic_stringbuf::str() commit

[v3] separate filebufs into buffered/unbuffered

[v3] Simplify basic_streambuf::setg() and setp()

[v3] solaris cross bits for configure.in

[v3] Some tests for basic_string::find_first_not_of

[v3] testsuite dg-errors clean up

[v3] testsuite documentation, performance tests

[v3] typo in faq

[v3] underflow/10096 weak bits

[web] move GCC summit from Upcoming Events to Announcements

[WWW PATCH] S/390 changes for 3.3

[www-patch] bugs/minimize.html

[www-patch] Fix typo in bugs/minimize.html

[wwwdocs] 3.3 changes Ada section (was: GCC 3.3 updates for Ada?)

Re: [wwwdocs] 3.3 changes Ada section (was: GCC 3.3 updates forAda?)

[wwwdocs] add Ada bugs to gcc 3.3 bug fix list

[wwwdocs] add bug-fix portion of release notes for gcc 3.3

[WWWDOCS] Add in hyperlinks to the dups in gcc-3.3/changes.html

[wwwdocs] add two missing bug fixes to 3.3 relnote

[wwwdocs] fix gcc-3.2/changes.html links into GNATS

[Xtensa] avoid use of optional nop.n instruction when disabled

[Xtensa] fix double-word moves

[Xtensa] formatting fixes

[Xtensa] make abs and addx/subx instructions optional

[Xtensa] new option for loading constants

[Xtensa] remove -m[no-]serialize-volatile options

__attribute__((leafify)) for mainline


_Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow on HP-UX IA64

Re: about stack/args growing up/down

About testing other languages: was RE: [C++ PATCH, committed] Fix libstdc++ regressions due to my access checking changes

Re: Ada merge of 2003-04-23 (cal.c) vs mingw32

Ada merge of 23-04-23 (cal.c) vs mingw32

Add new target: vxworks for xscale

Addendum -- [BUG REPORT + PATCH] -Wpadded on powerpc


Re: alignment: store_one_arg vs emit_push_insn

alloc-pool.c: Fix --disable-checking bootstrap

Re: analysis #2: alpha bootstrap failure on mainline

another -Wno-error for a flex-generated file

Apply solution to PR Fortran/10726 to 3.3 branch.

ARM PATCH add patterns for merging scc operands

back out last tree-inline change

Better checking in alloc-pool.c

bit extract adjust_address versus scheduler

Re: Bootstrap failure on ia64

bugfix for cselib_invalidate_regno

Re: C identifier lookup speedups, 2/2

C PATCH to emit_local_var

C++ EH vs Forced Unwinding, Round 3

Re: C++ PATCH [3.3] Improve name-lookup time

C++ PATCH to build_conditional_expr

C++ PATCH to build_modify_expr

C++ PATCH to build_new_1

C++ PATCH to conditional_conversion for c++/5388

C++ PATCH to conditional_conversion for c++/9357

C++ PATCH to cp_parser_primary_expression

C++ PATCH to decl.c: Factor debug code

C++ PATCH to vector delete

C++ PATCH: Fix PR/689 and PR/9257


Re: C++ PATCH: Improve exceptions/inlining compile-time performance

C++ PATCH: PR 8385

C++ PATCH: Remove some cruft

C++ PATCH: Yet another weak linkage thing

c++ string.substr() error checking

C++ Testsuite PATCH: Remove old-dejagnu.exp

c++/10682 caused by patch for c++/7639

Re: c/10604: -Wall includes sign conversion warning [3.3 regression]

Re: c/10604: -Wall includes sign conversion warning [3.3regression]

Callgraph code fixes

Central-Apartment Duesseldorf

Circular Makefile dependencies in top-level Makefile

combine patch

Re: Committed: [Fortran, trunk] Update documentation.

Configure option and program transform name

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.3.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.3.tr.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3.da.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3.tr.po.gz'

Re: copy_loop_headers patch disappeared?!

Counter-PATCH (libstdc++-v3, mainline) for: std::_Atomic_swap for i386

Re: Counter-PATCH (libstdc++-v3, mainline) for: std::_Atomic_swapfor i386

Re: Counter-PATCH (libstdc++-v3, mainline) for: std::_Atomic_swap for i386

Re: Counter-PATCH (libstdc++-v3, mainline) for: std::_Atomic_swapfor i386

cpplib: reusing cached include files

cpplib: Update docs, make __STDC_HOSTED__ a Standard Macro

cse_insn using wrong label_ref

Re: darwin and posix threads ? patch ping?

darwin testsuite fixes applied

Dead code removal before sibcall pass

Deferring-all-constants fallout (was Re: 5 GCC regressions, 1 new,with your patch on 2003-05-05T21:59:06Z.)

Define REVERSIBLE_CC_MODE for rs6000

define_constants for m68k

diagnostic.c cleanup, 2 of 3

diagnostic.c reorganization

Disable some bogus fixincludes operations

Dollars in identifiers, for the last time

Re: Don't allow sibcalls on nested functions

Don't force recompilation of files depending on $(COVERAGE_H)

Don't warn about unused volatile static variables

Eliminate duplicate libiberty when linking gnatbind

Eliminate GNAT User's Guide unnecessary directive and alternative warnings

Eliminate gthr-gnat.[ch] warnings

encode_section_info vs tentative definitions

enhancement request for gcc bootstrap and gcc binaries

Re: Extremelly slow link time with GCC 3.2 and 3.3

Re: failure building gcc-3.3 (broken libiberty/vsprintf.c or build?)

Re: Final target deprecation list for 3.3

Five unreviewed patches of mine

Fix ACATS c37213f regression

fix amd64 xfmode splits

fix c/10675

fix cast-to-int problem in unwind-dw2.c

fix ce3/bbro dump numbering

Fix computation of offset_align

Fix dealing with large (>2GB) static data initalizers

Fix dumping of CONSTRUCTOR nodes [patch]

fix gcc.dg/20030505.c

fix gcc.dg/switch-2.c

fix gcc.dg/torture/builtin-noret-1.c for sh-elf

Fix handling of call clobbering readonly-result

Fix HOST_WIDE_INT formatting in m68k.c

fix ia64-hpux deferred_symbol_p failure

Fix ICE on syntax error with checking compiler

fix PR 10730

Fix PR preprocessor/7312

Re: Fix problem with late insns in sibcall

Fix problem with VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR

Fix section encoding on Darwin

Re: Fix stack overflow problem when bootstrapping on Darwin

Re: fix target/9700

Fix typo in arm/lib1funcs.asm

fixinc & vxworks

Re: fixinc for Solaris 2.5.1

fixinc solaris_socket hack

fixinc: what's going on? :-)

Flush OBJC_PROLOGUE down the drain

Follow-up to sparc/ CPP_PREDEFINES



fortran lineno patch

FORTRAN: Patch for PR #10986

Frame-related delay slot insns

Re: Function declaration compatibility with old noreturn syntax

Re: function parms in reg patch

Re: function parms in regs, patch 1 of 3

Re: function parms in regs, patch 2 of 3

Re: function parms in regs, patch 3 of 3

Re: Further option handling bugs

g++.dg/other/stdarg1.C: int vs long

Re: GC special object sizes

GCC 3.3 for ARM Bug ???

Re: GCC 3.3 Prelease broken on s390

Re: GCC 3.3 Released

GCC and GCLIB patches for RedHat9 and Oracle 9.2i

Fwd: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-05-19T09:00:43Z.

GCC configration patch

GCC inline parameters (PR 10160 testcase)

gcc-3.2/changes.html -- remove reference to gnatsweb

GCOV fix for the Mingw platform

Get rid of fatal_io_error

gnu/java/nio/natSocketChannelImpl.cc (was: fixinc Solaris 2.5.1)

GO TO accepted when using g77 -ffree-form as of 3.4

Halve the code in ppc's expand_block_move

Handle fabs(x) UNGE 0.0

Re: Handle MODE_CC in gen_lowpart_common

HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK vs the register allocator

HP-UX IA64 patch for ILP32 mode

Re: ia64 symbol references

Re: Illegal insn due to system register

implement __attribute__((cleanup(function)))

imported latest config.guess/config.sub

Inlining heuristics

install.texi: Remove target-specific info for removed targets

intermodule optimisation patch

K8 tweek

K8 tweek 2


Re: Kill the deferred string table

libiberty PATCH: add generic iterative hash to hashtable.c

libstdc++ PATCH: Fix PR 10689

Re: libstdc++ versus -Wcast-align

line numbers vs sched-ebb

Re: Linking shared libopcodes against libbfd

Loose end of a sentence in extend.texi

Make -H print information about PCH files

Re: Mark __builtin_constant_p as constant [patch]

Memory leak in debug_tree

Re: middle-end/10472: [3.4 regression] ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_lossage

Minor problem in ssa_make_edge

mips atomicity.h selection

Mips instruction hazards (part 1/4?)

Mips instruction hazards (part 2/4)

mips patch to use delegitimize_address & FIND_BASE_TERM

mips-3_4-rewrite branch merged to mainline

mips-linux LIB_SPEC

Re: mips: omit initialization of $gp and stack allocation when possible

money_get should heed frac_digits

more rs6000 fsel fixes

More thorough removal of HAVE_probe

My patches waiting for approval

New Danish PO file for `gcc'

New lang hook: ok_for_sibcall

New PO Template file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

New Turkish PO file for `gcc'

Re: optimization/10862: [tree-ssa] Segfault for (essentially) empty function

Option-handling maintainer

other/5390: What about this PR?

Re: other/5620: [3.1] GCC -save-temps foo.c fails to build foo.o

PATCH (head): -Wunused-static-variable

PATCH (libstdc++-v3 3.3): Re-enable i386/atomicity.h

Re: PATCH (libstdc++-v3 mainline): Re-enable i386/atomicity.h

Patch 3.3 backport of g++.dg/other/packed1.C XFAIL for sparc64

PATCH [mingw32]: By default. don't pollute libstdc++ with win32api names

PATCH ARM: Fix lib1funcs.asm local labels on ELF

PATCH ARM: Mark the CLZ instruction as predicable

PATCH ARM: More scc improvements

Patch builtins.c: avoid duplicate work passing the entire expression

Patch expand_builtin_memmove: optimize any rodata source, not just strings

Patch expand_builtin_stpcpy to only expand for string constants

Re: Patch fixing a rare genautomata bug

Re: PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators couldbe improved

Re: PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators couldbe improved

PATCH for dllimport PR's 9738 and 10148 [Was Re: encode_section_info vs tentative definitions]

PATCH for iterative_hash_expr

Re: Patch for m32r/10988

PATCH for Re: Downloads

PATCH for Re: GCC development plan Web Page is not updated

PATCH for Re: Infomation site of M32R processor was changed.

PATCH for Re: New Mirror

PATCH for Re: Today's snapshot

PATCH for Re: Webpage not valid html

Patch for specifier bug fixes in calls to asm_fprintf


Patch for vax warnings (would like review)

Patch for warning regression in sparc.c

Patch installed for arc warnings

Patch installed for avr warnings

Patch installed for c4x.c warnings

Patch installed for dsp16xx warnings

Patch installed for fr30.c warnings

Patch installed for i960.c warnings

Patch installed for ip2k warnings

Patch installed for m68k.c warning

Patch installed for mcore.c warnings

Patch installed for missing specifiers in genautomata.c

Patch installed for more HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_* concatentation

Patch installed for ns32k.c warnings

Patch installed for stormy16 warnings

Patch installed for v850.c warning

Patch installed for warnings from i370

Patch installed for warnings in cris.c

Patch installed for warnings in frv.c

Patch installed to concatentate specifiers using HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_*

Patch installed to eliminate libiberty VA_ macro usage

Patch to add "nonnull" attribute to various builtins

Patch to add ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF to errors.h

Re: Patch to add builtin mempcpy and stpcpy

PATCH to add expr_first and expr_length

PATCH to add tree.c:expr_last

Patch to check asm_fprintf format specifiers [take 2]

Patch to deconstify structure members in c-format.c

Patch to eliminate uses of `0' flag in asm_fprintf calls

Patch to expand_builtin_stpcpy to copy `arglist' before modifying

Patch to fix internal behavior of the asm_fprintf function

Patch to fix irix6o32 explicit-reloc breakage

Patch to fix mips definition of CLASS_MAX_NREGS

PATCH to iterative_hash_expr

Patch to libiberty/configure.in to avoid unnecessary bloat

PATCH to Makefile.in:unstrap

Patch to mask the ownership message in disassembly listing.

Patch to remove some mips Pmode != ptr_mode handling

PATCH to tree-inline.c:copy_body_r

Patch to use -Werror on ${cpu}.o

Re: Patch to use explicit relocs for long branches

Patch to use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DOUBLE_HEX in two places

PATCH: "make check" is broken in binutils

PATCH: [mingw32] Make GCC work in any directory

PATCH: binutils without a date is not handled properly without GNU sed

Re: PATCH: binutils without a date is not handled properly withoutGNU sed

PATCH: bugs/reghunt.html -- GNATS -> Bugzilla

PATCH: codingconventions.html -- avoid reference to GNATS

PATCH: config/sparc/freebsd.h

PATCH: contrib.tex

PATCH: contribute.html

Patch: cp/init.c, conversion to ISO C

Patch: cp/typeck.c warning removal

PATCH: cvs.html

PATCH: cvswrite.html -- web form versus mail to overseers

PATCH: cvswrite.html, cvsup.html

PATCH: delete gcc/config.guess

PATCH: doc/contrib.tex -- add Dan

PATCH: doc/contrib.tex -- further additions

PATCH: Document PR 10657

PATCH: don't sign-extend pointers when casting to unsigned long long

PATCH: Eliminate more testsuite code duplication

PATCH: extensions.html -- cacheprof

PATCH: extensions.html and libg++

PATCH: faq.html

PATCH: faq.html -- remove "How do I report a bug?"

PATCH: Fix bootstrap on ia64

PATCH: Fix copyright date for --version

PATCH: Fix e500 builtin type

PATCH: Fix rcs_id issue

patch: fix typo in docs

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: PR java/10491

PATCH: gcc-3.0/c99status.html -- bye, gnatsweb

PATCH: gcc-3.0/features.html -- avoid referencing GNATS

PATCH: gcc-3.1/gcj-status.html

PATCH: gcc-3.2/changes.html and GNATS

PATCH: gcc-3.3/criteria.html

PATCH: gcc-3.3/gcj-status.html

patch: handle vector constants in arrays

PATCH: hex_value shouldn't be signed


PATCH: java/old-news.html

Re: Patch: jcf-io.c and Win32 case-insensitive filename handling (updated)

PATCH: lists.html -- remove references to GNATS

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/gcc_release and "diffs/" directory

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/gcc_release and problems with diff generation

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/snapshot-index.html

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/update_version

PATCH: maintainer_scripts/gcc_release


PATCH: mirrors.html

patch: opaque pointers

PATCH: option to silence warnings about offsetof and non-PODs

patch: ppc make FUNCTION_VALUE a function

Re: patch: ppc make FUNCTION_VALUE a function

patch: ppc-e500 linux target

patch: ppc-e500: evsubfw changes

Patch: PR java/10459

PATCH: PR other/10745

PATCH: projects/beginner.html -- remove obsolete entry for gccbug

PATCH: projects/beginner.html -- remove reference to GNATS

PATCH: projects/index.html

PATCH: projects/index.html and GNATS/Bugzilla

PATCH: readings.html and company links

PATCH: releasing.html (was: Stopping daily bump of version.c onold/closed branches)

PATCH: Remove *-dg code duplication

PATCH: Remove cruft

PATCH: remove libstdc++/status.html

PATCH: Remove special "ecos.exp" driver

PATCH: rsync.html -- deGNATSify

Patch: rtl.h warning removal

patch: split complex arguments (heads up)

PATCH: style.mhtml -- GNATS->Bugzilla

PATCH: Update online documentation list

Re: patch: use mkinstalldirs when installing multilib

patch: use mkinstalldirs when installing multilibs

PATCH: ~ftp/pub/gcc/releases/index.html

Patches waiting for approval

pipeline docs patch

Fwd: Possible fix for target/8812 (register allocation bug)

possible solution for libiconv bootstrap problem

PowerPC 440

PowerPC 440 support and new mfjmpr attribute

PowerPC attribute fix

powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu bootstrap fix

ppc e500: spe.h cleanups

ppc-e500: typos

PR target/9929

Preprocess script

Re: preprocessor/10613: Please make -Wtrigraphs the default

Re: preprocessor/7312: bootstrap failure due to invalid use of errno

Re: preprocessor/7312: bootstrap failure due to invalid use oferrno

Purge obsoleted targets

Random Number Generator

Real [PATH] fix c/10962, slow lookup_field

Recent patch breaks mips-elf

Refine check for using bitfield instructions

Relax restriction slightly on integral mode structs

Re: reload move2add may drop mode truncation

Removal of HAVE_probe

Remove conflict marker from ChangeLog

Remove extra lines

remove extraneous collect2 setting for darwin

Remove junk dependencies in config/mips/t-*

remove oddness in rs6000.c

Remove support for Sun FPA

rename lineno to input_line

Resubmit: Configure option discarded

Resubmit: New lang hook: ok_for_sibcall

Re: rewrite ia64 symbol references

RFA: 3.3 C++ PATCH to instantiate_class_template for c++/10661

RFA: 3.3 PATCH to update_alignment_for_field

RFA: Allow xstormy16-elf-gcc to pass --gdwarf2 on to gas.

RFA: ARM DFA pipeline description

RFA: Avoid -Werror bootstrap failure with BUILD_CC=gcc-2.95

rfa: combine patch

RFA: Fix block profiling for --with-newlib --with-headers configurations

RFA: Fix builtins/string-asm[12].c failures for __USER_LABEL_PREFIX__ != "" (Was: static-after-extern tests vs. mips explicit relocs)

RFA: Fix compat/struct-by-value tests for big endian targets (Was: function parms in regs, patch 2 of 3)

RFA: fix execute/20010119-1.c failures on sh-elf

RFA: fix gcc.dg/builtins-6.c execution failure on sh-elf

RFA: fix gcc.dg/torture/builtin-noret-2.c for sh-elf

RFA: fix up dwarf2 stack frame information for xstormy16

RFA: Kill CPP_PREDEFINES in sparc/

RFA: Objective-C patch fixing libobjc/10742

RFA: Objective-C patch fixing libobjc/9969

RFA: Remove CPP_PREDEFINES from i960/

RFA: Remove CPP_PREDEFINES from m68k/

Re: RFC: Fix overloading issue in <cmath>

RFC: 64-bit variables in libf2c

RFC: need help with patch to check asm_fprintf format specifiers

RS/6000 patch adding some features for PPC compiler

rs6000.c rs6000_stack_info() duplication patch

S/390: Fix ABI problem

S/390: Fix ASM_OUTPUT_SKIP change fall-out

S/390: Fix ICE on s390x

sCOND update for FP comparisons

SF->unsigned DI compile time converstions

SH Patch applied to mainline / permission to apply to 3.3 branch?

Re: SH Patch applied to mainline / permission to apply to 3.3branch?

Sibcall tweek

Small bug in _Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow

Re: Small change to expand_expr CONSTRUCTOR handlin

Small change to expand_expr CONSTRUCTOR handling

small varasm.c improvements

solaris 2.6 pthread mutex init fixes

source location reorg patch 1/n

speedup collect2 (by not using it)

src/configure out of sync with GCC configure

static-after-extern tests vs. mips explicit relocs

Re: Stopping daily bump of version.c on old/closed branches

stormy16: defer negsi2 split

Re: stormy16: limit SI reload regs

Re: Subject: Fix stack overflow problem when bootstrapping on Darwin

Re: Suppress tree inlining of variadic functions

Re: target/10465: [AIX] allow -mnatural-align option for AIX as well

testcases [was: Warnings about rcs_id strings: let's settle this]

Re: testcases [was: Warnings about rcs_id strings: let's settlethis]

Testsuite patch: Fix PPC debug-[12].c regressions

Three minor expr.c bugfixes

Re: Today's snapshot

Toplevel configury patch 1/n (general cleanup/rearrangement)

Toplevel configury patch 2/n (general cleanup/rearrangement)

TOPLEVEL PATCH: accept more x86 variants

Re: tree-ssa branch: Call for preliminary testing

Re: tree-ssa branch: Fortran libraries don't build

Turn machine_dependent_reorg into a target hook

Re: unify line number handling patch 1

Unreviewed documentation patch

Unreviewed moveadd patch

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch for middle-end/10472 (breaks bootstrap)

unreviewed patch: target register load optimization

Re: unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patches

Re: Unreviewed QNX patches

Unreviewed SH patch for PR/6526

Unreviewed^2 -fwrapv patch

unreviwed patch -- 3rd attempt (since 2002-11)

Unwind and IA64 HP-UX

unwind fixes for location expressions

Update stormy-abi to reflect change in R_XSTORMY16_16 reloc

Update xstormy16 ABI documentation

Re: Updated --with-cpu patch, v12, part 2/3

Re: Updated --with-cpu patch, v12, part 3/3

Updated --with-cpu patch, v9

Re: Updated --with-cpu patches...

Urgent Apeal

Use --program-transform-name to set cross program name

Use generic small-data handling on powerpc SVR4.

Re: Various gp-related mips optimisations

Various reworkings of PLACEHOLDER stuff

Re: verification error in 3.3

RE: Warnings about rcs_id strings: let's settle this

weaken ___main definition in asm-names.c test (Was: gcc.dg/asm-names-1.c)

Website patch: update projects to remove attribute nonnull

WWW patch for Re: [patch] Remove BOUNDED macros

Re: wwwdocs/htdocs/bugs management.html

Re: x86 64 bit function argument bug?

XFAILing gcc.dg/uninit-C.c on non 64-bit platforms?

xstormy16 profiling error cleanup

xstormy16: fix variable-length va_args

xstormy16: skip tests requiring 32-bit targets

your patch breaks ppc-e500

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