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Re: Preprocess script

On Mon, 26 May 2003, Andrea Bocci wrote:
> I'm still working from an old checked out version, I'll resync it with
> the repository and have allok at the diffs.

Fine, thanks!

> Ehm, te original script didn't work for me with a raw /bin/sh - on
> cygwin at least. On Linux it does, but sh is just a symlink to bash.
> That's why I changed the header.

I've been using this script without problems on GNU/Linux with bash,
on FreeBSD with "classic" /bin/sh, and I believe also on Solaris with
/bin/sh; POSIX sh should be sufficient.

> Like -
> 1.) for the preprocess & updates
> 2.) for valiation
> 3.) for mantaining the status page ?
> Yes, I thought about that.

Yes, for example. That sounds like a good plan.  If you can/want to split
off further parts, that's also fine (and we can put them into production
more easily).

> Maybe I could have the main preprocess script use a couple of makefiles for
> steps 2 and 3.
> I guess that make is available to anyone working on GCC :-)

Sure. :-)  Though, if we can avoid Makefiles for this task, I think I'd
prefer that.

>> PS: If you agree, I could start by committing the three .png-s to CVS,
>> as, validate-error.png, and
>> validate-empty.png or similar?
> That's fine. As soon as I see them appear in a CVS update, I''l change
> the script to the new names.

Done. Thanks!

Gerald "Jerry"

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