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PATCH: maintainer-scripts/snapshot-index.html

This is the analogon of what I did with snapshot-README earlier today,
though these two files are not completely in sync (for whatever reason);
I'll probably address that later.

I have also update gccadmin/scripts on

  2003-05-28  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* snapshot-index.html: Refer to .bz2 files instead of .gz files.
	Simplify the note on not using unannounced snapshots.


Index: snapshot-index.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/maintainer-scripts/snapshot-index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -3 -p -r1.4 snapshot-index.html
--- snapshot-index.html	21 May 2002 16:34:01 -0000	1.4
+++ snapshot-index.html	28 May 2003 15:12:50 -0000
@@ -19,58 +19,58 @@ how to sign up can be found on the GCC p

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes all languages.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-@LAST_DATE@ up to

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-core-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-core-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc-core</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the C front
 	 end and core compiler.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-core-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-core-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-core-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-core-@LAST_DATE@
 	up to gcc-core-@DATE@.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-g++-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-g++-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc-g++</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the G++ front
 	 end and runtime.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-g++-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-g++-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-g++-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-g++-@LAST_DATE@
 	up to gcc-g++-@DATE@.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-g77-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-g77-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc-g77</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the G77 front
 	 end and runtime.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-g77-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-g77-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-g77-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-g77-@LAST_DATE@
 	up to gcc-g77-@DATE@.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-java-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-java-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc-java</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the Java
 	 front end.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-java-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-java-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-java-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-java-@LAST_DATE@
 	up to gcc-java-@DATE@.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-objc-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-objc-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc-objc</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the Objective-C
 	 front end and runtime.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-objc-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-objc-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-objc-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-objc-@LAST_DATE@
 	up to gcc-objc-@DATE@.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-ada-@DATE@.tar.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-ada-@DATE@.tar.bz2">
 	 gcc-ada</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the Ada
 	 front end and runtime.

-    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/gcc-ada-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.gz">
+    <p> <a href="@LONG_DATE@/diffs/gcc-ada-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@.diff.bz2">
 	gcc-ada-@LAST_DATE@-@DATE@</a> patch file to bring gcc-ada-@LAST_DATE@
 	up to gcc-ada-@DATE@.

@@ -82,16 +82,9 @@ installation, you may find the daily RPM </a>
 easier to install.</p>

-<p>Note at times you may find newer directories on the server with limited
-permissions.  These represent snapshots that have not yet been verified
-as correct, or are known to be incorrect.</p>
-<p>When a particular snapshot is ready for public consumption the directory
-permissions are relaxed, the LATEST-IS- file is updated and a message is
-sent to the GCC list.</p>
-<p>Using a snapshot before it's officially made available is an unwise thing
-to do since it may become impossible to update to an official snapshot.</p>
+</p>When a particular snapshot is ready for public consumption the LATEST-IS-
+file is updated and a message is sent to the gcc list.  Please do not use
+a snapshot before it has been announced that way.</p>

 <p>Old snapshots can be found on the ftp server <a

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