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Re: New PO Template file for `gcc'

On Tue, 27 May 2003, Martin v. [iso-8859-15] Löwis wrote:

> A bigger concern, to me, is the quality of the translations. As gcc is
> such a huge thing, many translations will be incorrect. It would be
> good if more automatic checks could be added somehow, e.g. for the
> proprietary printf directives used in error functions. I know that
> Debian had to remove the entire French catalog because it could make
> the compiler crash. If anybody could provide code that performs checks
> beyond the checks that msgfmt performs, I'd happily integrate it with
> the TP robot, so that translations get rejected by the TP already.

We also need support in diagnostic.c for %1$d etc. formats.  They are now
used in some of the message catalogs - reasonably enough, as the standard
(Single Unix Specification) method of handling reordering arguments in
formats - without support in the code for doing so.

To detect format defects, try disabling the testsuite code forcing the
locale to C and run the testsuite in a different locale, looking not for
testcase failures which all diagnostics will produce, but for compiler
crashes that don't happen in the C locale?  Far from a perfect test, but
it should find some problems which can be reported to the language teams.

Joseph S. Myers

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