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Re: Preprocess script

At 22.40 22/05/2003 +0200, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
Can we avoid duplicating the comments at the top and the help output?

Something similar to contrib/gcc_update would be nice (though I'm not
a sed guru, but if you ask Alexandre Oliva nicely <g>).

I'll have a look as soon as possible.

Also I noticed that you seem to have undone some change to the script
I made some time ago; would you mind checking that? (This is why a diff
is better in general.)

I'm still working from an old checked out version, I'll resync it with the repository and have allok at the diffs.

Finally, we should keep this a /bin/sh script and not depend on bash,
for portability reasons and so that others (developers at home,...)
can easily use the script as well.

Ehm, te original script didn't work for me with a raw /bin/sh - on cygwin at least.
On Linux it does, but sh is just a symlink to bash.
That's why I changed the header.

> Tell me your opinions on this one, if you like it or if you'd rather have
> any changes to it.

I like it, but do you see any chance of breaking the changes into, say,
three, smaller, independent hunks? This is a very critical script, and
I'm very worried not to break anything.

Like - 1.) for the preprocess & updates 2.) for valiation 3.) for mantaining the status page ? Yes, I thought about that. I was actually wondering about using a Makefile instead of a bash/sh script...

Maybe I could have the main preprocess script use a couple of makefiles for steps 2 and 3.
I guess that make is available to anyone working on GCC :-)

Thanks a lot for your efforts on that!


PS: If you agree, I could start by committing the three .png-s to CVS,
as, validate-error.png, and
validate-empty.png or similar?
Gerald "Jerry"

That's fine. As soon as I see them appear in a CVS update, I''l change the script to the new names.

Andrea 'fwyzard' Bocci

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