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Re: Preprocess script

On Mon, 19 May 2003, Andrea 'fwyzard' Bocci wrote:
> I've modified the proprocess script with the XHTML validation procedures.
> Now it supports 3 validation engins: 2 webbased (W3C e WDG) and a local
> validator (I use alocal copy of the WDG validator).


> I've tried to keep everything as simple as possible, adding some desciption
> to all the functions and a help output.

Can we avoid duplicating the comments at the top and the help output?

Something similar to contrib/gcc_update would be nice (though I'm not
a sed guru, but if you ask Alexandre Oliva nicely <g>).

Also I noticed that you seem to have undone some change to the script
I made some time ago; would you mind checking that? (This is why a diff
is better in general.)

Finally, we should keep this a /bin/sh script and not depend on bash,
for portability reasons and so that others (developers at home,...)
can easily use the script as well.

> Tell me your opinions on this one, if you like it or if you'd rather have
> any changes to it.

I like it, but do you see any chance of breaking the changes into, say,
three, smaller, independent hunks? This is a very critical script, and
I'm very worried not to break anything.

Thanks a lot for your efforts on that!


PS: If you agree, I could start by committing the three .png-s to CVS,
as, validate-error.png, and
validate-empty.png or similar?
Gerald "Jerry"

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