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Re: [PATCH]: Beginning of HTML doc patches

On Wednesday, May 21, 2003, at 02:54 PM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Daniel Berlin wrote:

-trivial covariance will work, it is incompatible with the ABI. GNATS PR
+trivial covariance will work, it is incompatible with the ABI. Bugzilla PR
3706 tracks this problem.</dd>

As Gerald noted, "PR" is GNATS-specific terminology. We can also link to
the bug here.

Except Gerald said to use "PR", rather than "Bugzilla PR" or "GNATS PR". Are you suggesting something different?

-  <li><b><a href="";>java-prs</a></b>
-  is a read-only list which tracks Java-related problem reports as
-  they are entered into our GNATS database.  Messages sent here are
-  also sent to <b>gcc-prs</b>.</li>

I though the Java maintainers said (in discussions of conversion some time
ago) that they wanted to keep a list which all Java-related bug reports
were sent to (without the others).

If so, i apologize. Must have forgotten.

Do they still want this (in which case
Bugzilla can I presume be set up to do it) or can they just get Bugzilla
to send them all bug reports in the categories they choose?

I can do it multiple ways, depending on what they want.
If they just want only new bug reports for java to go to java-prs, i can make own all new java component reports.
If they want all java bug changes, too, i can just add to the cc list of all java reports (so that they still get java bug changes, even after the bug is assigned to someone else), and will still own all new reports.

Java guys, what's the story (copied to in case they don't read gcc-patches).

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