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Re: [PATCH] Document PR bootstrap/10805

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Eric Botcazou wrote:
> GCC 3.3 can't bootstrap on some Solaris 2.7 systems with 32-bit/64-bit
> support because of a bug in an Alpha build of the Sun assembler.

Reading this patch confused me a bit, due to reasons that aren't really
your fault, but which we might try to avoid nevertheless:

+GCC 3.3 triggers a bug in a 5.0 Alpha build of the assembler, specifically
+the 5.0 Alpha 03/27/98 build, which causes a bootstrap failure when linking
+the 64-bit version of libgcc. A typical error message is:

Confusion 1: "Alpha build? It thought this was about Solaris (SPARC), not
alpha platforms?"

Confusion: "Why are we trying to build the assembler when compiling GCC?"

Perhaps something like

  GCC 3.3 triggers a bug in version 5.0 Alpha 03/27/98 of Sun's
  assembler, which causes a bootstrap failure...

would be better for naive users like me?

> Tested with 'make doc'. Ok for mainline and 3.3?

Apart from this, the patch looks fine.

Gerald "Jerry"

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