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Re: [Patch] Put warning into documentation of attribute "regparm"

> This wording is ok with me, if someone wants to help him
> get it into proper texi form and committed.

I commited the form below. Kevin was right, registers are not put into 
@code{...} in the paragraphs above and below this one. If you think that 
this should be done, then I can do so in a separate patch.

What about the 3.3 branch?


Index: extend.texi
RCS file: /cvsroot/gcc/gcc/gcc/doc/extend.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.138
diff -c -r1.138 extend.texi
*** extend.texi	5 May 2003 23:12:37 -0000	1.138
--- extend.texi	20 May 2003 16:22:47 -0000
*** 2368,2379 ****
--- 2368,2390 ----
  Not all ELF targets support this attribute.
  @item regparm (@var{number})
+ @cindex @code{regparm} attribute
  @cindex functions that are passed arguments in registers on the 386
  On the Intel 386, the @code{regparm} attribute causes the compiler to
  pass up to @var{number} integer arguments in registers EAX,
  EDX, and ECX instead of on the stack.  Functions that take a
  variable number of arguments will continue to be passed all of their
  arguments on the stack.
+ Beware that on some ELF systems this attribute is unsuitable for
+ global functions in shared libraries with lazy binding (which is the
+ default).  Lazy binding will send the first call via resolving code in
+ the loader, which might assume EAX, EDX and ECX can be clobbered, as
+ per the standard calling conventions.  Solaris 8 is affected by this.
+ GNU systems with GLIBC 2.1 or higher, and FreeBSD, are believed to be
+ safe since the loaders there save all registers.  (Lazy binding can be
+ disabled with the linker or the loader if desired, to avoid the
+ problem.)
  @item stdcall
  @cindex functions that pop the argument stack on the 386

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