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[PATH] fix bootstrap failure on ppc-darwin

This patch fixes a fall out by Gabriel Dos Reis's patch:
+2003-05-18  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>
+	* cp-tree.h (struct lang_type_class): Replace data member tags
+	with hash-table nested_udts.
+	* class.c (unreverse_member_declarations): Don't touch
+	(pushclass): Use cxx_remember_type_decls.
+	* decl.c (struct cp_binding_level): Replace data member tags with
+	hash-table type_decls.
+	(pop_binding_level): Handle level->type_decls.
+	(kept_level_p): Adjust.

It also speeds up the freeing of binding_table and also fixes a speed problem
introduced by my patch that fixed a bootstrap failure caused by Gabriel Dos Reis's
earlier patch that introduced name-lookup.c.


2003-05-18 Andrew Pinski <>

* name-lookup.c (free_binding_entry): fix where the GTY markers are.
(binding_entry_make): Make entry->chain NULL after getting an entry.
fix the spelling of chain in a comment.
(binding_table_free): speed up by having temporary variable.
(binding_table_new): set table->chain to be NULL after allocating a table.
(cxx_binding_make): use gcc_alloc instead of ggc_alloc_cleared and set
binding->previous to NULL after getting an binding for speed.


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Thanks, Andrew Pinski

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