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[patch] config.gcc: Clear more variables at top

Geoff Keating said:
>Can you send the correct patch?

As requested, here's the correct version of

The problem here is that these aren't set by every machine (some use the
default values, set later in  Accordingly, when one is 
by a BUILD machine, it overrides the defaults for the HOST and TARGET
machines, which is almost certainly wrong.

I've been considering breaking the file up so that it isn't run through
three times; but in the course of doing that I ran into things which are
simple errors, like this.  So I'm dealing with those now.

Bootstrapped i686-pc-linux-gnu.

        * config.gcc: Clear xm_file, md_file at the beginning of each pass.

Index: config.gcc
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/config.gcc,v
retrieving revision 1.288
diff -u -r1.288 config.gcc
--- config.gcc  28 Feb 2003 18:17:33 -0000      1.288
+++ config.gcc  21 Mar 2003 03:48:20 -0000
@@ -224,6 +224,10 @@
+# Don't carry these over build->host->target.  Please.
 # Obsolete configurations.
 case $machine in
    m88k-*-aout*     \

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