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[tree-ssa] The hack for overlapping live ranges

Im not even suggesting checking this in, but if anyone wants to fool
with it, this patch has the hack I've been using to work with
overlapping live ranges.  Im not bothering with a changelog since I have
no intention of checking this in.

Basically, it strips out all the PHI nodes using GLOBAL_VAR and
INDIRECT_VARS, and during rewrite, looks for indirect_vars in the
statements, and replaces them with a dereference of the VUSE pointer.

Its not 100% perfect, but its 99.9%. Bootstraps and verifies fine. In
fact, libstdc++-v3 looks prety good when you do a make check :-)

It also disables copyprop of indirect variables. I forget what else.

Anyway, if you want to fool with overlapping live ranges, try the patch.
You'll need the latest from the branch since some of the things Ive
checked in lately are pre-requisites.


PS. turning on copyprop passes all the testsuites fine, but I get a
bootstrap error with the stage2 compiler, and I havent gotten to
investigate whether its a bug in the insert code, the hacked up code, or
copyprop. Hopefully we'll see the pointer work soon and I can abandon
the hack.

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