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Re: [Patch] Remove gccbug from bugreport.texi

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote:

> Yesterday, I discovered another thing against gccbug: we don't get 
> messages on gcc-bugs if someone sends in a PR to gnats by mail. I 
> discovered this when I realized that the mailing list archives only showed 
> new bugs X and X+2. So I went to GNATS and looked up what happened with 
> X+1. Turns out, this was a mailed-in PR. Since they're not that visible, 
> turn-around time for them is much longer, until someone gets to look at 
> unprocessed reports in the database.

They do appear on gcc-bugs unless someone has broken this recently - what
doesn't appear is bugs that are too big, and the pseudo-bugs in "pending"
generated by broken messages.  GNATS is broken in that generating messages
for changes and follow-ups to bugs is the responsibility of the front end
rather than the GNATS system itself (leading to the mess with having both
gcc-bugs and gcc-prs - hopefully gcc-prs can die with Bugzilla) but new
bugs still go through a central system where the numbers are assigned and
messages sent out.

Joseph S. Myers

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