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Re: fix ia64-hpux deferred_symbol_p failure

> 	* varasm.c (build_constant_desc): Set it.
> 	(maybe_output_constant_def_contents): Check TREE_ASM_WRITTEN to
> 	see if we've already output this constant.
> 	(output_constant_def_contents): Set TREE_ASM_WRITTEN.
> 	(mark_constant): Check it before calling output_constant_def_contents.

OK, so with a combination of all three patches you sent me I can
bootstrap the C and C++ compilers on HP-UX IA64.  It did die while
building libstdc++-v3 though, aborting in emit_move_insn while compiling  I'll look into that, I see the same error in a couple of
TLS tests in the C testsuite, and they may be related.  The C testsuite
ran and it finished with 48 unexpected failures.  That is higher then
with 3.3, but not too bad in my opinion, given the number of changes
that have been made since 3.3 branched.  I think it would be worthwhile
to check in the patches you sent me even though I still haven't
completely built and tested C++, what do you think?  Do you want to
check in the patches?

Steve Ellcey

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