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Re: [Patch] Remove gccbug from bugreport.texi, take 3

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote:

> ! If your source file(s) require preprocessing
> ! (for example, their names have suffixes like
> ! @samp{.F}, @samp{.fpp}, @samp{.FPP}, and @samp{.r}),
> ! and the bug is in the compiler proper (@file{f771})
> ! or in a subsequent phase of processing,
> ! run your source file through the C preprocessor
> ! by doing @samp{g77 -E @var{sourcefile} > @var{newfile}}.
> ! Then, include the contents of @var{newfile} in the bug report.
> ! (When you do this, use the same preprocessor options---such as
> ! @option{-I}, @option{-D}, and @option{-U}---that you used in actual
> ! compilation.)

This (information on preprocessed source for Fortran files) may need 
something added to bugs.html.

> ! @item
> ! @cindex included files
> ! @cindex INCLUDE directive
> ! @cindex directive, INCLUDE
> ! @cindex #include directive
> ! @cindex directive, #include
> ! Note that you should include with your bug report any files
> ! included by the source file
> ! (via the @code{#include} or @code{INCLUDE} directive)
> ! that you send, and any files they include, and so on.
> ! 
> ! It is not necessary to replace
> ! the @code{#include} and @code{INCLUDE} directives
> ! with the actual files in the version of the source file that
> ! you send, but it might make submitting the bug report easier
> ! in the end.
> ! However, be sure to @emph{reproduce} the bug using the @emph{exact}
> ! version of the source material you submit, to avoid wild-goose
> ! chases.

INCLUDE directives also seem Fortran-specific information.

Joseph S. Myers

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