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Re: Add new target: vxworks for xscale

Olivier Hainque <> writes:

> Zack Weinberg wrote:
>> As far as I know, the Ada runtime does not use the libgcc standard
>> threading or EH support routines; thus you would not have noticed that
>> this was broken from that test.
>  That's right. I realize it was not clear from my previous message,
>  but the goal was just to provide a datapoint, not to defend against
>  your arguments.

That's fair.

>  Now, we actually have everything in place to use the libgcc
>  underlying routines. I suggest that we attempt an ACATS run in this
>  sort of setup as part of the testing procedure for the next
>  submission, together with the changes you suggested to have the
>  port organized the modern way.

This is an excellent idea.

>  Right. It's often hard to achieve for VxWorks ports, however.

Oh, believe me, I know all about the joys of running tests on VxWorks

Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for you.  I would *like* to
see the C and C++ testsuites run against a physical board, but since
I have never managed to make that work myself, I can't ask it of you.

There is a thing called WindISS which is relatively easy to make work
with gcc and dejagnu, but it's not simulating the real VxWorks
environment, alas.


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