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Re: diagnostic.c reorganization

I think we're getting carried away here.  This is supposed to be a
short description of the function for the comment above it, not a
detailed discussion of the rationale for its use.  I propose to put just

   A "pedantic" warning: issues a warning unless -pedantic-errors was
   given on the command line, in which case it issues an error.  Use
   this for diagnostics required by the relevant language standard,
   if you have chosen not to make them errors.

   Note that these diagnostics are issued independent of the setting
   of the -pedantic command-line switch.  To get a warning enabled
   only with that switch, write "if (pedantic) pedwarn (...);"

Now, since you, Gabriel, have strong opinions on this subject, and
furthermore you understand the diagnostic.c API in its full detail,
would you care to write up complete documentation of diagnostic.c for
the internals manual?  That would be an appropriate place to discuss
when diagnostics should be errors, pedwarns, or plain warnings.


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