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Re: Add new target: vxworks for xscale

Zack Weinberg wrote:
> As far as I know, the Ada runtime does not use the libgcc standard
> threading or EH support routines; thus you would not have noticed that
> this was broken from that test.

 That's right. I realize it was not clear from my previous message, but the
 goal was just to provide a datapoint, not to defend against your arguments.

 Now, we actually have everything in place to use the libgcc underlying
 routines. I suggest that we attempt an ACATS run in this sort of setup
 as part of the testing procedure for the next submission, together with the
 changes you suggested to have the port organized the modern way.

 How does that sound ?
> This is why all supported languages are supposed to be built and
> tested.

 Right. It's often hard to achieve for VxWorks ports, however.

 We have tools to support the build/download/run/compare process for the
 ACATS series on real boards. We adjusted this once for the SIS simulator,
 which required a specific BSP.

 Are there similar simulators for ARM/variants arounds ?

 Is there an automated way to run the testuite for such targets ?


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