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Re: small varasm.c improvements


> Zdenek Dvorak <> writes:
> [...]
> | > I did not invent scan-assembler-times; it was already in scanasm.exp.
> | > It was added in revision 1.9 by Zdenek Dvorak.  Perhaps he can tell us
> | > what the minimum required versions are.
> | 
> | I don't know. I took as a base the other scan-assembler functions and
> | modified them so that it did what I wanted and tested that it really
> | does it.  I was not aware that there might be any version problems.
> The DejaGnu version recommanded for working with GCC is that one
> available in the infrastructure directory at the GCC ftp site.  If you
> think we need any additional requirement, please send a RFC and
> propose a tarball that can be uploaded at GCC ftp site.
> Some of us have different settings depending on whether we work on GCC
> sources or on a different project and set our environment to match the
> appopriate requirements.

but I did not need any such change -- I have just modified
gcc/testsuite/lib/scanasm.exp, which is a part of gcc sources,
and as I did not need anything that would not be used somewhere
around, I don't understand how there can be any problems.

Perhaps I miss something?


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