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Re: Add new target: vxworks for xscale (Richard Kenner) writes:

>     Given what you have said, and given how very broken the patch was, I
>     can only conclude you did not test it beyond "yup, it compiles."  For
>     instance, any program that used exception handling would have gotten
>     loader errors when actually run on VxWorks.
> No, I didn't test it, instead taking it for granted that the submitter did.
> I only test patches to make sure they don't break mainline targets, assuming
> that the submitter verified they do as they are supposed to.  Indeed I'm
> quite surprised it worked on his configuration but not on yours.

It might have appeared to work in a 3.2 source tree.  The way
exception handling interacts with threads under VxWorks has changed
between 3.2 and the mainline.  You were making changes to get the
patch applied to the mainline, so you should have done a proper retest
on the mainline.

There were other problems with the patch that should have shown up
under 3.2 as well, but they were not as serious.


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