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Re: small varasm.c improvements

David Edelsohn <> writes:

>>>>>> Kaveh R Ghazi writes:
> Kaveh> I think "wrong version" explains the const-elim-2.c problem because it
> Kaveh> uses scan-assembler-times which appears to be new.  However, up until
> Kaveh> now the version of dejagnu we have in our infrastructure directory
> Kaveh> (which includes expect and tcl in it's tarball) worked fine.
> Kaveh> This tarball, though very old, is widely used (by me at least :-) and
> Kaveh> since you introduced using this new scan feature, IMHO it behooves
> Kaveh> upon you to figure out what version(s) are ok and update the
> Kaveh> infrastructure directory.
> Kaveh> If publicly released copies of dejagnu et al are sufficient, I'd
> Kaveh> appreciate it if you would replace the tarball with a README rather
> Kaveh> than simply deleting the tarball.
> 	My Dejagnu installation is up to date with respect to the gcc
> infrastructure directory.  If that is insufficient, the tarball should be
> updated.  Reliance on new features should be announced and information
> about how to upgrade provided.

This is what I'm using:

ii  tcl8.4         8.4.2-1        Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.4 - run-t
ii  expect         5.38.0-5       A program that "talks" to other programs
ii  dejagnu        1.4.3-0.1      framework for running test suites on softwar

These packages are almost certainly newer than the minimum
requirements, and I do not know what the minimum requirements are.
On another machine where it also works, the package versions are
8.3.3-74, 5.38.0-74, and 1.4.2-6.  I do not want to tell people that
they have to upgrade needlessly.

I did not invent scan-assembler-times; it was already in scanasm.exp.
It was added in revision 1.9 by Zdenek Dvorak.  Perhaps he can tell us
what the minimum required versions are.


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