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Re: small varasm.c improvements

>>>>> Kaveh R Ghazi writes:

Kaveh> I think "wrong version" explains the const-elim-2.c problem because it
Kaveh> uses scan-assembler-times which appears to be new.  However, up until
Kaveh> now the version of dejagnu we have in our infrastructure directory
Kaveh> (which includes expect and tcl in it's tarball) worked fine.

Kaveh> This tarball, though very old, is widely used (by me at least :-) and
Kaveh> since you introduced using this new scan feature, IMHO it behooves
Kaveh> upon you to figure out what version(s) are ok and update the
Kaveh> infrastructure directory.

Kaveh> If publicly released copies of dejagnu et al are sufficient, I'd
Kaveh> appreciate it if you would replace the tarball with a README rather
Kaveh> than simply deleting the tarball.

	My Dejagnu installation is up to date with respect to the gcc
infrastructure directory.  If that is insufficient, the tarball should be
updated.  Reliance on new features should be announced and information
about how to upgrade provided.

Thanks, David

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