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Re: Fix handling of call clobbering readonly-result

This patch:

Tue Dec  3 09:24:06 2002  Olivier Hainque  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (last_call_insn, add_function_usage_to): New functions.
	* rtl.h (last_call_insn, add_function_usage_to): New prototypes.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_apply): Use the new emit-rtl functions.
	* calls.c (emit_call_1): Likewise.
	(expand_call): For calls initializing constant memory, replace 
	emission of standalone mem /u clobber with function usage entry.
	* expr.c (emit_block_move_via_libcall): Likewise.
	* cse.c (count_reg_usage, case EXPR_LIST): New case.
	* flow.c (propagate_one_insn): Pass entire operand of
	CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE to mark_used_regs.
	* integrate.c (try_constants): For CALL_INSNs, substitute constants
	within the FUNCTION_USAGE also.
	* loop.c (prescan_loop): Note clobbers of const mem mentioned in
	* reload1.c (replace_pseudos_in): Renamed.
	(reload): Use it for clobbers surviving until the end of the reload.

is causing gcc.dg/builtins-6.c to be miscompiled on arm-elf.

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