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Re: GCC inline parameters (PR 10160 testcase)

Op vr 02-05-2003, om 20:30 schreef Andreas Jaeger:
> What kind of performance difference does this give us?  I fear that
> this change will speed up compilation but slow down execution and
> would therefore like to see some performance data of compiled code
> also.

It is a real shame that this has to come up so late in the preparation
for 3.3, because these issues have been known for almost a year now.

Well, we'll never know until somebody benchmarks different settings.  

I've asked a couple of weeks ago if anybody had done some timings with
different inline parameter settings, and there was _no_ reply at all. 
Ought so have seen at least a few for something so often debated in this
mailing list as tree inlining issues...

Apparently nobody has the numbers, and nobody can tell what TRT is until
we _do_.

What would be good testcases, i.e. some representative piece of code
that is easy to measure runtime for?  Maybe your SPEC tester could be
tweaked to test a bunch of different inline parameter settings?


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