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Re: PATCH (head): -Wunused-static-variable

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 06:46:16AM -0700, Kean Johnston wrote:
> > I am with Neil Booth on the -Wall issue. After all, the new 
> > warning _is_ correct and provides useful functionality, so it
> > should be on by default. Those who are stuck with legacy source
> > trees should be able to come with necessary Makefile changes
> > order of magnitude easier that with the necessity to modify
> > each and every source file in the tree.
> In my case, I would *only* have to change 4009 makefiles. That's
> in tree 1 of 3. The others are similarly sized. Well Id have to
> change them *IF* I was affected by this, which personally I am
> not, but I can see many many cases where people will be.

If you have -W* options in each of those 4009 makefiles (as opposed
to have CFLAGS set in a few locations), yes.
But how hard is to do that with a script.
Even better is to just write a script which will change all those
rcsid/scsids into some macros and define the macros to something reasonable.
#ifndef LINT
static char *rcsid = "something";
I saw in one of the mails is plain stupid, in that it not only wastes
.rodata space, but also .data and in shared libraries causes dynamic relocations.


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