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Re: Unreviewed QNX patches

Thanks, Jim.

Exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.  I'll get on it and repost


Jim Wilson <> said:

> wrote:
> > Just hoping someone will look at the following and help me get them approved.
> I'm willing to look at patches for misc embedded ports.  I am a little 
> rusty though, and hence not as efficient as I should be.
> >
> As Richard mentioned, this isn't a QNX patch, it is a SYSROOT patch.  I 
> suggest reposting with an accurate subject line.  Also, I noticed that 
> this link has no justication for the patch.  That is probably in an 
> earlier message, but I don't know which one offhand.  Also, I noticed 
> that the patch below has a link to an alternate version of this patch 
> which is apparently an older version to be ignored, which is a little 
> confusing.  So a repost with accurate subject line (SYSROOT), 
> justification, and current verison of the patch would be helpful.
> >
> This contains a number of patches to different parts of gcc that should 
> be submitted separately.  For instance, I noticed that there are 
> libstdc++ patches in the middle of this.  These should be submitted 
> separately with appropriate subject line so that a libstdc++ person will 
> look at them.  The fixinc patches should be submitted separately so that 
> a fixinc person can look at them.  The include/stddef.h patch should be 
> a separate patch, since it brings up other issues.  The lt* files come 
> from the libtool package.  Patches to those files need to be submitted 
> to the libtool maintainer first, and then merged into gcc after they get 
> into libtool.  See
> The rest of the patches are the qnx port proper, and I can review them 
> independently of the rest of the patches, which I will try to do Friday 
> or Saturday.
> Jim


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