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Re: mips-3_4-rewrite branch merged to mainline

One small configure problem, make install doesn't install
the gcc driver after your merge when building x86 linux
native, here is a diff of my install log before and after:

-  rm -f /home/guerby/work/gcc/install/install-2003x/bin/`echo gcc|sed 's,x,x,'`; \
+  rm -f /home/guerby/work/gcc/install/install-2003x/bin/`echo gcc|sed 's,^,i686-pc-linux-gnu-,'`; \

-  /bin/sh /home/guerby/work/gcc/gcc/install-sh -c  xgcc /home/guerby/work/gcc/install/install-2003x/bin/`echo gcc|sed 's,x,x,'`; \
+  /bin/sh /home/guerby/work/gcc/gcc/install-sh -c  xgcc /home/guerby/work/gcc/install/install-2003x/bin/`echo gcc|sed 's,^,i686-pc-linux-gnu-,'`; \

Probably related to some program_transform_name change
but I'm no expert there. Feel free to ask me
for additional files and log if this helps.

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 04:32, Eric Christopher wrote:
> Thanks for all the help everyone. I really hope the checkin doesn't
> break anything ;)
> *crosses fingers*
> Richard: your other two patches are approved too.
> -eric
Laurent Guerby <>

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