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Re: (fixinc) PATCH: Handle BSD4.4 <stdio.h> vs. attribute format checking

Re: (fixinc) PATCH: Handle BSD4.4 <stdio.h> vs. attribute format checking

(fixinc) PATCH: Handle BSD4.4 <stdio.h> vs. attribute format checking

Re: (libobjc) PATCH: Address warning nits

*Patch Ping*: genautomata

Re: -Bdir/ and overriding crt*.o files in multilibbed compilers

3.2 powerpc ICE fix

3.2.3 patch for Xtensa - remove poisoned macros

RE: 3.3 configure grep usage?

3.3 Fix installed for PR Fortran/1832 and Fortran/9263.

3.3 PATCH PING: _Unwind_Backtrace

Re: 3.4 i386 code generation problem with leal

Re: 3.[234] PATCH: Update predefines for Tru64 UNIX

Re: 9 GCC regressions, 5 new, with your patch on 2003-04-07T23:55:08Z.

[ tree-ssa ] EON fix

[3.3 PATCH] PR 9974: Insns on edges in bypass

Re: [3.3 regression] 20020227-1.c:30: interna compiler error: in

Re: [3.3/mainilne] Fix kernel misscopmiilation for hammer

[3.3] Followup to C++ forced unwinding

[Ada] Patch for ACT resync part 1: trivial changes/formatting

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix PR9432,9528 (Trunk regression)

[C++ PATCH] Fix 10337

[C++ PATCH] Fix 9881, break something else

[c++ patch] Fix PR 10405

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR10230, 10481 (a regression in trunk)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR10347 (a regression)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR10371 (Regression in main trunk)

[C++ PATCH] Kill lang_id2

[C++ PATCH] Remove check_access_p in parser, fix PR9554 (a regression)

[C++ PATCH] Remove scope_chain->check_access, fix PR9252 (a regression)

[C++ PATCH] Template template parameter conformace issue (PR9737)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Template template parameter conformace issue(PR9737)

[Commited] Fix gcc.dg/ultrasp8.c

[commited] Fix pasto in the docs

[doc patch] -lgcov

[DOC PATCH] sourcebuild.texi, describe binary compatibility testing

Re: [DOC PATCH] sourcebuild.texi, describe binary compatibilitytesting

[DOCPATCH] 3.3, Adjust fdl to fix nicely the page.

[DOCPATCH] 3.3, make the GPL fix nicely into a few pages

[DOCPATCH] Last round for the gccoptlist's patch for 3.3

[DOCPATCH] Remove duplicates from contrib.texi, 3.3 branch

[DOCPATCH] Small adjustments to invoki.texi, 3.3 branch

[gcov patch] Fix gcov-3.C failure

[gcov patch]: Break out coverage routines to new source files.

[gcov] Avoid race conditions in parallel make

[gcov] Change GCOV_TAG_FUNCTION layout

[gcov] fix __inline__

[gcov] Simplify file interface

[gcov] Simplify read/write functions

[gcov]: Fix loop detection

[gcov]: Fix span tree bug

[gcov]: reorganize multiple counter types

[help] Attempt to make CONSTRUCTOR not an expression node

[i386] Use symbol_ref flags

Re: [jh@suse.cz: Re: target/9929: [3.3/3.4 regression] Can't find spill register]

[libstdc++, 3.3] Doc merge from mainline

[libstdc++] faq/docs updates

[libstdc++] Partial implementation of DR 60.

[libstdc++] small doc updates

Re: [libstdc++] Re: RFC on doxygen & man page style issue

[mainline] PATCH to c-common.c: Don't use xxx_with_file_and_line

[mainline] PATCH to diagnostic.[hc]

[new-regalloc-branch] Corrected patch. Was "Bug in ra-colorize.c:merge_moves?"

[new-regalloc] fix too conservative conflicts

[PATCH 3.3] fix ada/10546

[PATCH 3.3]: Don't allow zero length bitfields on PA

[PATCH 3.3]: Fix warnings

[PATCH PA 3.3/3.4]: Fix setup of sibcall arguments without a prototype (PR 10271)

[PATCH, committed] Correct my entry in contrib.texi

[PATCH, committed] Fix typos in error and help messages (3.3 branch)

[PATCH, committed] Fix typos in error and help messages (trunk)

[PATCH] Tweak text of error message

[PATCH] -traditional-cpp crash

[PATCH] [RFC] Fix bitfield behaviour

[PATCH] ACT merge 1/n: add new files

[PATCH] add __amd64__ predefined symbols

[PATCH] Add builtin memmove and bcopy

[Patch] Add Giovanni Bajo as GNATS-only maintainer

[Patch] Add myself to MAINTAINERS

[PATCH] Add support for profile merging hooks

[PATCH] add values to x86-64.h's #defines

[PATCH] Allow "make compare" to use "make gnucompare" automatically

Re: [PATCH] Allow "make compare" to use "make gnucompare"automatically

[PATCH] Allow other *strap targets at the top level

Re: [patch] beginner.html: Update sizes of huge files

[patch] beginner.html: Update sizes of huge files.

[PATCH] Built-in malloc, calloc and strdup

[PATCH] Built-in redirection

[PATCH] Built-in redirection (take 2)

[PATCH] Cleanup some remains from the obstack days.

[PATCH] cp/calls.c off by one error

[PATCH] define UNSPEC constants in rs6000.md

[patch] doc/*.texi: Fix typos.

Re: [PATCH] Duplicate entries in contrib.texi

[PATCH] Enable support for generating line debug info from GAS

Re: [PATCH] Evaluate pow(x,n) at compile time

[PATCH] Evaluate pow(x,n) at compile-time

[PATCH] Fix __builtin_constant_p on Sparc

[PATCH] Fix ARM bootstrap on HEAD

[PATCH] fix automake stuff in libffi

[PATCH] Fix IA-64 libgcc unwinder

[PATCH] fix path in libstdc++ html docs

[PATCH] Fix ppc __builtin_eh_return with -mminimal-toc

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/10157

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/7675

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/10072

[PATCH] Fix PR target/10282

[PATCH] Fix simd-2.c failure on powerpc

[PATCH] fold-const.c use of BRANCH_COST

[PATCH] genautomata translate_vect size

[patch] h8300.c: Don't do GET_MODE_MASK by hand.

Re: [patch] h8300.m: Organize peephole2's.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Clean up *zero_extendqisi2_h8300hs.

[patch] h8300.md: Clean up.

[patch] h8300.md: Generalize a peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Tighten the condition for a peephole2.

[patch] h8300: Compute CC precisely for shift insns.

[patch] h8300: Generalize a peephole2.

[PATCH] HTML generation

[PATCH] libffi .eh_frame tweaks

[PATCH] libffi powerpc64-*-linux* support

[PATCH] lookup_tag speedup

[PATCH] m68k cross build fixes

[PATCH] mark_constant_function improvements

Re: [PATCH] Middle-end dead code elimination

[PATCH] Minor tweaks to libiberty's strdup

[PATCH] More constant folding of pow.

[PATCH] nreverse

[PATCH] Only define slow_pthread_self on non-FLOATING_STACKS linuxthreads

[PATCH] PA documentation update

[PATCH] power2 and lfq/sfq with a[-1]

[PATCH] PR 10339: Implement strncmp with cmpstrsi directly


[PATCH] PR 10339: Remove unsafe memcmp optimizations

[PATCH] PR 10375: Preserve "noreturn" attributes

[PATCH] PR 9974: Insns on edges in bypass (take 2)

[PATCH] PR java/10253 (""+0), version 2

[PATCH] Precision tracking in real.c

[PATCH] QNX Neutrino i386 support

Re: [PATCH] REG_EQUAL notes on cond_jumps.

[patch] reload1.c: Detect and utilize implicit sets in move2add.

[patch] reload1.c: Detect and utilize implicit sets in move2add.(take 2)

[patch] reload1.c: Fix a comment typo.

[PATCH] Remove the use of bb.aux field in cfgloop.c

[PATCH] resubmit of sysroot_subdir gcc.c patch

[PATCH] Simplify builtins when result ignored (take 2)

[PATCH] Simplify builtins when result ignored.

[patch] simplify-rtx.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Small compiler speedup

[PATCH] sourcebuild.texi: update gcov test info

[PATCH] Speed up bitmap operations

[PATCH] Speed up hybrid_search_bitmap

[PATCH] stmt.c remove dead structure argument, code

Re: [patch] Store motion rewrite

[PATCH] TLS support for powerpc and powerpc64

[PATCH] trivial comment fix

[PATCH] update contrib/test_installed

Re: [patch] use @command in makefile.texi

[PATCH] Use ANSI_PROTOTYPES in libiberty

[PATCH] wwwdocs cvs.html split active / inactive, remove brancheswithout doc

[PATCH] Yet more constant folding of pow.

[PATCH]: [3.2 regression] ICE in emit_move_insn_1, at expr.c:3101

[PATCH]: Add eq_compare predicate for HC12

[PATCH]: Add insn for dbcc/ibcc generation for 68HC12

[PATCH]: Add SOFT_Z_REGNUM constant to m68hc11.md

[PATCH]: Fix 64-bit shifts by 1 on HC11

[PATCH]: Fix libgcc for HC11/HC12 when compiled with mlong-calls

[PATCH]: Fix linking with -static under hpux

[PATCH]: Fix of gcc HC11 options and reg class definition

[PATCH]: Fix PA CCFP placeholder ICE (PR 8705)

[PATCH]: Handle MODE_CC in gen_lowpart_common

Re: [PATCH]: HC11 regression, don't rely on REG_WAS_0 notes

Re: [PATCH]: Poolify df.c

Re: [PATCH][3.3] PR 7257 (flag_inline_functions doesn't show up with -fverbose-asm)

[PATCH][3.3] PR 7257 (flag_inline_functions doesn't show up with-fverbose-asm)

Re: [PATCH][3.3] PR 7257 (flag_inline_functions doesn't show upwith -fverbose-asm)

[PATCH][x86] movd support for mmx regs

[PATH] Fix c++ bootstrap problem really.

[RFA:] Fix MMIX breakage: add missing validation ingcse.c:compute_ld_motion_mems

[RFA:] gcc-3.2.x (committed elsewhere): Fix PR target/10377

Re: [RFA] dwarf2out.c: More 64-bit DWARF adjustments

Re: [RFA] MIPS: Provide DWARF 2 mappings for HI, LO, and HILO

Re: [RFA]: Fix reload of paradoxical subreg on big-endian platforms when reg is in memory

[RFA]: Fix reload of paradoxical subreg on big-endian platforms whenreg is in memory

Re: [RFA]: Fix reload of paradoxical subreg on big-endian platformswhen reg is in memory

[RFC] another step toward getting rid of TREE_CST_RTL

[RFC] C++ vs forced unwinding

[RFC] Small compiler speedup?

[RFC] use symbol_ref flags for rs6000

[RFC][PATCH] Provide stack backtrace interface in libgcc

[RFT] PCH support on Solaris

[tree-ssa libmudflap] build portability changes

[tree-ssa libmudflap] disable initialization checking

[tree-ssa libmudflap] multithreading baby-steps, more wrappers

[tree-ssa libmudflap] shared library startup

[tree-ssa] Add MAINTAINERS.tree-ssa file [patch]

[tree-ssa] Aliasing fix and ADDR_EXPR fix

[tree-ssa] Another DFA fix

[tree-ssa] BIND_EXPRs

[tree-ssa] C++ EH support part #2

[tree-ssa] C++ inlining vs current_function_decl

[tree-ssa] CFG Improvements

[tree-ssa] Correct the initialization of an edge flag

[tree-ssa] Don't consider const pointer dereferences clobbered [patch]

Re: [tree-ssa] Don't consider const pointer dereferences clobbered[patch]

[tree-ssa] Draw the CFG

[tree-ssa] EH CFG support part #1

[tree-ssa] Enable tree-ssa opts for C++

[tree-ssa] Fix compile/20030310-1.c [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix execute/920929-1.c on x86-64 [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix for ASMs

[tree-ssa] Fix for compile/20030416-1.c

[tree-ssa] Fix handling of call clobbered pointer references [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix handling of undefined predicates in CCP [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix mudflap codegen and allow optimizations [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix some fallout from sbitmap -> bitmap transition

[tree-ssa] Fixing tree-ssa dumps

[tree-ssa] flowgraph linearization [patch]

[tree-ssa] Initial formal temporary table PATCH, not applied

[tree-ssa] insert changes

[tree-ssa] life analysis improvement

[tree-ssa] Loop analysis

[tree-ssa] Make C++ NRV opts work with tree-ssa

[tree-ssa] Minor EH tweak

[tree-ssa] Minor testsuite change

[tree-ssa] Misc minor patches

[tree-ssa] More housecleaning

[tree-ssa] New compile test

[tree-ssa] Nit cleanup

[tree-ssa] out-of-ssa partition optimization.

[tree-ssa] PATCH to ocp_convert

[tree-ssa] PATCH: collect labels for SWITCH_EXPR

[tree-ssa] SSA->normal memory consumption fix [patch]

[tree-ssa] SSA-aware edge manipulation [patch]

[tree-ssa] Translation out of SSA

[tree-ssa] un-ssa - part 1

[tree-ssa] unsharing empty_stmt_node (part 1)

[tree-ssa] variable partitions & liveness

[tree-ssa] variable partitions & liveness II - changelog

[tree-ssa] Walking blocks in reverse

[tree-ssa]: Get tree PTA going again

[treelang PATCH] Fix option decoder and a cleanup for parse.y(applied)

[v3 docs] Add some LWG issues

[v3] 27_io reshuffle

[v3] _M_out_lim vs setp

[v3] A few patchlets

[v3] Add libstdc++/9533 testcases

[v3] Another batch of iostreams patchlets

[v3] attribute unused for __convert_to_v

[v3] consistent naming of internal exceptions

[v3] Consistently use _M_in_beg instead of eback() and so on...

[v3] correct facet_vec

[v3] enable threads tests for darwin

[v3] fix codecvt/unicode test cases

[v3] Fix PR libstdc++/10276

[v3] generic ctype fix

[v3] GLIBCPP_CHECK_PCH for crosses

[v3] libstdc++/10132

[v3] libstdc++/9523, related bits

[v3] libstdc++/9555

[v3] libstdc++/9701 (in_avail() part)

[v3] locale("") fixups

[v3] locale::_M_names change

[v3] Move _M_buf to basic_filebuf

[v3] Move pback members from basic_streambuf to basic_filebuf

[v3] Move some basic_string members out of line

[v3] Remove _M_buf_size_opt

[v3] remove _S_extra_categories_size

[v3] Remove more redundant NULL pointer checks

[v3] Remove some redundant NULL pointer checks

[v3] Simplify a bit basic_streambuf::uflow()

[v3] solaris 2.9 use correct ctype

[v3] streambuf/filebuf members

[v3] testsuite harness updates, consistency patches

[v3] Tiny clean up of basic_filebuf::setbuf

[v3] try_named_locale

[v3] Two patchlets

[v3] Update 27_io tests after pback bits movement

[v3] use "C" locale for 22_locale/ctype/is/3.cc

[v3] use stdc++.h.gch if possible

[v3] weak instantiations for AIX

[v3] xgcc fixes

[web page] announce GCC Developers Summit

[www] Fix a typo

[WWW] Update gcc.gnu.org/testing autobuilder URL

[WWW] Update gcc.gnu.org/testing autobuilder URL, again

[wwwdocs] Add link to readings.html describing Ada run time

[wwwdocs] cvs.html problem

[wwwdocs] remove duplicate links for Boost, other apps test URLs

[wwwdocs] Two misdirected links in bugs/reghunt.html

[wwwdocs] Update status of GCC 3.3

[Xtensa] always flush trampolines from data cache

[Xtensa] Change to 16-bit wide characters for xtensa-elf target

[Xtensa] clean up various macros

[Xtensa]: revert a redundant portion of previous patch


``install'' $(SPECS) in stage directory

aclocal.m4 error

Add -enable-threads=gnat

Add handling for "superflat" Ada arrays

Add hppa*-*-* to xfail list for packed1.C

Add support multilib parts for m32rx processor.

Adjust setting of FRP bit for prologue on Alpha/VMS

Re: AIX bootstrap failure

AIX bootstrap failure (was Re: Make reload to avoid invalid subregs)

Re: allowing for ar.pfs clobber

alpha direct_call_operand cleanup

alpha symbol_ref_flags usage

Annotations for SYMBOL_REF

Another baby step: expr.c don't use TREE_CST_RTL

Approval: can I commit this please?

arc use of symbol_ref_flags

ARM: Do not pass -mno-fpu to the assembler

At last, remove TREE_CST_RTL

Athlon/k8 scheduling tweeks

Avoid dereference of null pointer in resolve_fixup_regions

Avoid ICE due to folding COMPONENT_REF in save_expr

Re: Avoid most of calls to side_effects_p

Avoid setting DECL_SIZE_UNIT if already set

Avoid undefined shifts in mask_rtx

avr symbol_ref_flags usage

bootstrap failure on solaris2.9 & linux ppc

Branches web documentation

Re: Broken links, please help

Re: Bug#186299: optimization/10315: [3.2/3.3 regression] [powerpc] ICE: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175

C identifier lookup speedups, 1/2

C identifier lookup speedups, 2/2

C PATCH: PR 9936

C++ PATCH [3.3] Improve name-lookup time

C++ PATCH [mainline]: Get rid of xxx_with_file_and_line

C++ PATCH to mark_used

C++ PATCH: Fix comdat2.C on systems without weak symbols

C++ PATCH: Fix deduct5.C

C++ PATCH: Fix mainline merge botch

C++ PATCH: Fix mainline regression

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 10300

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 10381

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 10471

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 10503, PR 10506

C++ PATCH: Fix PR c++/10549

C++ PATCH: Fix regressions on targets without weak symbols

C++ PATCH: Improve exceptions/inlining compile-time performance

C++ PATCH: PR 10180

C++ PATCH: PR 10300

C++ PATCH: PR 10515

C++ PATCH: PR 10527

C++ PATCH: PR c++/10428

C++ PATCH: PR c++/10446

C++ PATCH: PR c++/10551

C++ PATCH: PRs 10451, 9847

C++ PATCH: remove unused function find_tree

C++ PATCH: Yet another tweak for systems without weak symbols

C++ translation improvement

Re: c/8022: gcc 3.2 Solaris 64 bit shared libraries

c4x symbol_ref_flags usage

CFG hooks

Change Dwarf2 language code for Ada

Change when stabs has octal constants

Changed gnats bug list

ChangeLog format (not really Re: S/390: Fix backtrace support forJava)

Re: ChangeLog format (not really Re: S/390: Fix backtrace supportfor Java)

Check for conversion overflow in extract_divmod

Clean up gccoptlists on main branch

Clean up the spacing for gccoptlists, 3.3 branch

Cleanup on looking for SAVE_EXPRs when we make a new one

Committed, search.html: Remove "benchresults" references.

Re: concatenation of string literals

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.3.da.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.3.es.po.gz'

Re: Converting to ISO C89

A couple of small memory-reduction patches

cppfiles.c interface tweak

cpplib: accept true/false in #if for C++

cpplib: More lexer work

cpplib: Preliminary implementation of UCNs

cpplib: Remove some code.

cpplib: Restore original trigraph warnings

cpplib: Separate out translation phases 1 and 2

cpplib: Some lexer cleanups

cpplib: String and char tokens to store full spelling

cpplib: token length tweak.

cpplib: Tweak CPP_OTHER tokens

cris symbol_ref_flags usage


dbxout & pch improvements

Debug flag validation for PCH

define_expand returning insn broke reload_cse_move2add

Disable sibcall optimization when -Os

Do more sanity-checking in unwind-dw2-fde.c

Document '-x objective-c-header'

document annotations in symbol_ref, reg, mem

Document complete list of required locales for libstdc++ test suite

Re: Document complete list of required locales for libstdc++ testsuite

Document empty structures

Don't allocate call-clobbered hard regs over abnormal edges

Don't allow sibcalls on nested functions

Don't if-convert BLKmove move

Don't inline if would lose /u on BLKmode target

Don't use "echo \1"

Don't use readonly temp in store_field.


Emit subrange_type DIE for Ada subrange types

Re: enable hard reg combinations on non-SRC targets

Re: enable hard reg combinations on non-SRC targets (Was: Re: i386.md splitter fix & test)

expected failures in scanning asm in the testsuite

Re: Failure of test07 in 27_io/filebuf_members.cc under HP-UX (PR 9964)

Re: Failure of test07 in 27_io/filebuf_members.cc under HP-UX (PR9964)

Re: Failure to bootstrap for trunk on athlon_mp-pc-linux-gnu

A few small cleanups...

field alignment reorg PATCH

Final target deprecation list for 3.3

fix -funwind-tables

Fix bug in cppcharset on 64-bit platforms

Fix build problem on AIX

fix c++/10202

Fix c++/9393

fix c/10201

Fix for "libgloss uses STARTUP directives consistently"

Fix for other/9274

Fix gcc/configure.in handling of unified toolchain builds

fix ia64 builtin-bitops-1.c failures

fix ia64 builtin-setjmp failures

Fix ieee float decoding

Fix multi-word add case in expand_binop

Fix obscure bug with const/non-const in integrate.c

fix opt/8634

Fix PR opt/8300

Fix problem outputting stabs entries for subtypes of enumerals

Fix problem with defaults in get_mem_attrs

Fix problem with late insns in sibcall

Fix problems with 0-length fields on HP PA

Fix problems with argument list clobberage

Fix profiling of fork()

Fix s390 ada bootstrap failure

Fix stack overflow problem when bootstrapping on Darwin

fix tablejump elimination wrt crossjumping

fix target/9886 for 3.3

Fix uninitialised variable warning

Fix warning in expand_call

fixes Re: 9 GCC regressions, 5 new, with your patch on 2003-04-07T23:55:08Z.

Re: Flowgraph bug

Follow-up 2: [PATCH] added kaOS support to GCC

Force merge conflicts in fixincl.x

forced-exception tests fail on SJLJ

FORTRAN -[patch for PR 9263 ICE caused by invalid PARAMETER in impliedDO loop]

RE: FORTRAN -[patch for PR 9263 ICE caused by invalid PARAMETER inimpliedDO loop]

FORTRAN Patch for PR 1832 -list directed i/o overflow hangs,-fbounds-check doesn't detect.

frv compilation problems

frv symbol_ref_flags usage

Function declaration compatibility with old noreturn syntax

function parms in regs, patch 1 of 3

function parms in regs, patch 2 of 3

function parms in regs, patch 3 of 3

FYI: Patch: Marking files specific to GCJ in overview


Re: GC issues in cc1plus

Re: GC special object sizes

gcc 3.3/3.4 doc cannot be converted to html?

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-04-11T06:

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-04-11T06:41:30Z.

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on2003-04-11T06:41:30Z.

Re: GCC on SPARC umul bug


gccoptlists: resolve the conflict from the last mainline patch

Re: gcse.c patch breaks simd-2.c


Re: General search for symbols...

Re: gettext markup of library sources

GNAT: internationalization of error diagnosis messages

h8300 symbol_ref_flags usage

Handle more _DIV_EXPR and MOD_EXPR codes in dwarf2out.c

HP-UX IA64 libgcc debugger workaround

HP-UX IA64 pointer optimization fix / workaround

hppa2.02-hp-hpux11.11 bootstrap failure on trunk

HTML docs

i18n: cp/call.c: get width of translated string right

i370 symbol_ref_flags usage

i386.md splitter fix & test (Was: Re: enable hard reg combinations on non-SRC targets)

Re: i386: FLT_EVAL_METHOD fix

ia64 -- Symbolic operands in move_operand

ia64 symbol_ref_flags usage

IA64: stabs disabling can be toggled ?

Improve type-consistency of tree in presence of folding

Increase attempts to make matching insn in purge_addressof_1

Initial E500 backport

Re: install docs and Apple/HP

ip2k symbol_ref_flags usage

Re: irix6.5 bootstrap failure in libstdc++-v3/src/locale-inst.cc

Is ISO memcmp("abc","ade",10000) safe?

ix86_ms_bitfield_layout_p formatting

Kill the deferred string table

libtool fix for mips64-linux-gnu

Licensing fixes for libgcc

m32r symbol_ref_flags usage

MacOS -> Mac OS

Re: mainline broken for powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu (Java -msoft-float)

Re: make brofiledbootstrap fails on hammer-branch

Make highest_pow2_factor be unsigned

Make reload to avoid invalid subregs

make stage* won't move <multilib>/crt*.o files into stage dir

Re: makeinfo --no-split

Mark __builtin_constant_p as constant [patch]

mcore symbol_ref_flags usage

Minor cleanup in fold

Minor cleanups in stor-layout.c

Re: mips SNaN/QNaN is swapped

Re: mips: omit initialization of $gp and stack allocation when possible

Missed this bit yesterday

missed x86 symbol_ref_flag updates

Re: New boostrap failure: ICE in cpplex.c:365

New Danish PO file for `gcc'

New max() problem with integer promotion and narrow size_t

New PO Template file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

No TREE_CST_RTL, step 1

ns32k symbol_ref_flags usage

Re: optimization/10024 [3.3 regression] [HP-PA] inline optimization ICE

Re: optimization/10024 [3.3 regression] [HP-PA] inline optimizationICE

Re: optimization/10315: [3.2/3.3 regression] [powerpc] ICE: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175

Re: other/9274: [pch] cannot create libstdc++-v3 pch

Re: outdated documentation.

output_constant_def reorg

packed1.C dg options fail on 3.3

Pass BOOT_CFLAGS down when using quickstrap

Pass RTL as additional argument to encode_section_info

PATCH (3.3 / libstdc++-v3): Fix libstdc++/7680

PATCH (3.3): -Wall -Wsystem-headers nits; preemptive check on one system

Re: PATCH (3.3): Handle infinite denomals in gjavah

PATCH (libf2c, mainline & 3.3): Support FreeBSD 5 system headers

PATCH (libstdc++-v3 mainline): Re-enable i386/atomicity.h

PATCH (libstdc++-v3): Fix libstdc++/7680 (and a reference fix for the dynamic visibility of C99 features in system headers)

Re: PATCH (libstdc++-v3): Fix libstdc++/7680 (and a reference fixfor the dynamic visibility of C99 features in system headers)

PATCH (libstdc++-v3, 3.3): Fix unconditional non-usage of installed _M_table

Re: PATCH (libstdc++-v3, 3.3): Fix unconditional non-usage ofinstalled _M_table

PATCH (libstdc++-v3, mainline & 3.3): Remaining C99 header visibility

PATCH (mainline & 3.3): Regenerate libffi/include/Makefile.in

PATCH (mainline & 3.3): testsuite/27_io/filebuf_members.cc (test_07)


Patch [3.3] installed for ISO C -> traditional function definition

Re: Patch [3.3] installed for ISO C -> traditional function definitionReferences: <200304042157.QAA20596@caip.rutgers.edu>

Patch [3.4/3.3] cp-tree.h add __extension__ to the "checking" macros

Re: Patch [3.4/3.3] cp-tree.h add __extension__ to the "checking"macros

Patch [3.4/3.3] G++ cast argument of %p format specifier

Patch [3.4/3.3] G++ delete spurious semi-colons outside functions

Patch [3.4/3.3] G++ delete trailing comma in enumerator list

Patch [3.4/3.3] G++ eliminate use of conditional expressions as lvalues

Patch [3.4/3.3] G++ fix char bitfield use for ISO C

Patch [3.4/3.3] G++ fix return with value in function returning void

PATCH Add arm-netbsdelf configuration for boehm-gc

patch applied to SH port: fix interrupt handling for -m4-single -mfmovd

patch applied to sh.c: Use HARD_REG_SET in prologue / epilogue code

PATCH Enable building libffi on arm-netbsdelf

PATCH Enable libjava on arm-netbsdelf

Patch fixing a rare genautomata bug

Patch fixing a typo in genautomata.c

Re: PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators couldbe improved

Re: PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators could be improved

PATCH for c/10175: -Wunreachable-code broken

PATCH for middle-end/10336

PATCH for middle-end/10336, take 2

Patch for more libiberty cleanups

PATCH for Re: Broken link on <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/projects/beginner.html>

PATCH for Re: GCC-3.2.3 released

patch for SH mode switching in interrupt handlers

Re: Patch installed for PR7227 gcc.dg/uninit-C.c

Re: Patch installed for warning regression fp-bit.h prototype

Patch installed to fix minor nit building cc1plus with irix6 cc

PATCH PING: Simple patches

Patch to add -pedantic -Wno-long-long to cc1plus build

Patch to add builtin mempcpy and stpcpy

Patch to add mempcpy and stpcpy to libiberty

Patch to add snprintf/vsnprintf to libiberty [take 3]

PATCH to dwarf2out.c:lookup_filename

Patch to fix parse time message

Re: Patch to fix regenerating libiberty/config.in

Patch to replace occurrence of Hitachi to Renesas and to support -mrenesas in gcc

Re: Patch to replace occurrence of Hitachi to Renesas and to support-mrenesas in gcc

Re: Patch to replace occurrence of Hitachi to Renesas and tosupport -mrenesas in gcc

Re: Patch to revert varasm.c change, fix PRs 10100 & 10053

Patch to stop extra null padding in libiberty/vsnprintf.c

patch to update gcc-3.2/changes.html with 3.2.3 release notes

PATCH: -Wall -Wsystem-headers nits; preemptive check on one system

PATCH: /onlinedocs/index.html -- remove GCC 3.2.1

Patch: 3.3 branch: Add -lmingwex to LIBGCC_SPEC for mingw32

PATCH: 3.3: missing '=' in calls to putenv

Patch: 3.3: sco5 changes (RESEND - PREVIOUS WAS INCORRECT)

PATCH: 3.3: sco5 update

PATCH: Accept new MAINTAINER spot

Patch: Add -lmingwex to LIBGCC_SPEC for mingw32

PATCH: address to broken /java links

PATCH: bugs/management.html

Re: Patch: Change hardcoded '/' to DIR_SEPARATOR in jcf-io.c

PATCH: config/arm/arm.c

Patch: configure.in to use sed not grep -A1; search /usr/ccs/bin/elf

Re: PATCH: contrib.texi

PATCH: contrib.texi -- further updates

PATCH: contrib/compare_tests

PATCH: Do not call uses_template_parms() unless necessary

PATCH: doc/install.texi and *-*-solaris2

PATCH: doc/install.texi and binaries by ftp.thewrittenword.com

PATCH: Does __sync_bool_compare_and_swap on ia64 have wrong return type?

PATCH: Fix file copy in gcc testsuite

PATCH: Fix ia64_expand_compare_and_swap

PATCH: fix markup of three web pages

PATCH: Fix outstanding dwarf2-related PCH issues exposed by [...].dg

Re: PATCH: Fix PR 10087

PATCH: Fix PR 8866

PATCH: Fix PR 9516

PATCH: Fix up Cygwin/Mingwin regressions

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: gjavah.c indentation fixlet

PATCH: gcc/cpppch.c free(<random pointer>)

PATCH: gengtype-yacc.y portability

PATCH: htdocs/testing/index.html

PATCH: index.html, news.html

Patch: jcf-io.c and Win32 case-insensitive filename handling (updated)


Patch: make a configure test more portable

PATCH: New ObjC test case

PATCH: news.html

PATCH: obvious typo fix

Re: Patch: PR java/10253 (string concatenation with integer 0 constant)

Re: Patch: PR java/10253 (string concatenation with integer 0constant)

PATCH: projects/prefetch.html

PATCH: projects/web.html

PATCH: readings.html -- broken URLs

PATCH: readings.html and broken links

PATCH: remove dead argument from expand_cleanups

PATCH: remove htdocs/java/faq-portugese.html

PATCH: Repair damage after PR 8866 fix

patch: simd C++ exception handling tests

PATCH: speed up pch file loading

patch: temporary kludge for subregs of simd types

PATCH: testsuite/26_numerics/c99_classification_macros_c.cc

PATCH: Turn off inlining for Java synchronized methods

PATCH: Update (*_FREEBSD_*) config/rs6000/sysv4.h to match initial system compiler

PATCH: Update config/i386/freebsd64.h to match initial system compiler

PATCH: Update config/rs6000/freebsd.h to match initial system compiler

PATCH: Update i386-*-freebsd-aout to match well-tested configuration

PATCH: ~ftp/pub/gcc/README

patches applied to sh port

patches applied to sh.c

Path: PR java/10253 (string concatenation with integer 0 constant)

PATH: sparc64 bootstrap problems on FreeBSD (PR 10453)

pch C++ testcase names, more unique

Re: PCH support on Solaris

pch testcase names, more unique

Re: Performance problems with ld

Ping: PR 10101, http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2003-03/msg01455.html

Re: ping: unreviewed doc patch

Pointer extension bug on 64 bit systems.

post-reload crossjump tweak

Power4 multiply tuning and Power2 quad peephole correction

PowerPC multiply-compare and Power4 scheduling

Re: powerpc64 builtin_va_arg and variable size structures

Re: ppc and ia64 bootstrap compare fix, resend

ppc and ia64 bootstrap failures

ppc e500: lots-a-cleanups

ppc e500: make spe builtin return opaque types

ppc e500: multilibs for e500

ppc e500: no spe disables 128 bit long doubles

ppc e500: option to disable SPE SIMD

ppc e500: t-spe changes

PR c/10308

PR inline-asm/8803

PR target/10077

prepare for no indentation in the first paragraphs.

Re: preprocess script & XHTML

Re: problems re: makeinfo '--split-size' arg?

purge_addressof bootstrap failure (was fix opt/8634)

Quick 'n dirty charset support

Range checking for TREE_OPERAND

Re: Really do not use red zone on i386

Really fix gen_rtx problem.

Refine cross-jumping

Refine test in int_fits_type_p

Refine when bitfield operations are used

reload cse may delete loads it shouldn't

reload move2add may drop mode truncation

Remove -mcall-aix option from RS6000 port

Remove defer_addressed_constants()

Remove definition of ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_COMMON from arm/elf.h

Remove some code

Remove toplevel build subdir in make distclean

Replace occurrences of "GNU CC" with "GCC" in gcc/config/rs6000

Return BLKmode in mode_for_size_tree if SIZE overflows

Revert my last move2add patch. (Was Re: GCC build failed fornative with your patch on2003-04-17T21:46:51Z.)

Re: Revert my last move2add patch. (Was Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on2003-04-17T21:46:51Z.)

rewrite ia64 symbol references

RFA: Fix compile/{990107,990203}-1.c -O1 on big endian sh-elf

RFA: fix default_assemble_visibility (Was: sh-elf toolchain broken on mainline)

Re: RFA: fix default_assemble_visibility (Was: sh-elf toolchainbroken on mainline)

RFA: fix SH -m2e newlib build failure of k_standard.c (regression due to store motion enabling)

Re: RFA: Fix tree check error in output_init_element

RFA: patch fixing asm insn bundling for ia64

RFA: register pending barrier patch

RFA: Some fixes in dfa ppc8450 description

RFC/RFHelp: overhaul C front end's identifier->decl lookup

Re: RFC: ARM/Xscale dependency or lifetime bug?

RFC: Desupport -fwritable-strings


RFC: Make a standalone GNU V3 C++ demangler

RFC: Make a standalone GNU V3 C++ demangler (take 2)


run fixinc on sysrooted cross-built natives

Re: S/390: Fix backtrace support for Java

S/390: Fix thinko in s390_fixup_clobbered_return_reg

s390 symbol_ref_flags usage

safer offsetof for C++

Set RTX_UNCHANGING is readonly_field_p when clearing

sh symbol_ref_flags usage

Re: Shared lib on *HP/UX* is -b :-)

Shared lib on AIX is -b

Simon Fo-Leong Law (was Re: prepare for no indentation in the first paragraphs.)

Simple speedup patches

Small FDE optimisation for sibcalls

some more ia64/crt{begin,end}.asm cleanup

sparc symbol_ref_flags usage

Speedup for tree-inline.c?

Speedup hard-reg-set

Split encode_section_info hook: one for decls, one for constants

Re: Split encode_section_info hook: one for decls, one forconstants

Re: Stack Reorganization Patch

stage libgcc multilibs as well

Statically identified memory leaks in libiberty

Stop if-exists-else example from extending past the end of a line

stormy16 symbol_ref_flags usage

stormy16: limit SI reload regs

Student Study

Support -dH when running out of stack space on Darwin

Suppress tree inlining of variadic functions

Suspect warning in __enc_traits constructor

symbol_ref_flags status

Re: target/10465: [AIX] allow -mnatural-align option for AIX as well

Re: target_flags

TARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT not defined for c-opts.c


Transepose Mitsubishi to Renesas for M32R processor.

Re: tree-ssa: very simple program segfaults

treelang patch

tweak PATCH to unstrap make target

Typesetting bugs

Unified edges of multiple types ICEs...

unify line number handling patch 1

An unreviewed patch.

Unreviewed patch: -fdump-translation-unit fix (fixes PR c/9177)

unreviewed patch: add_sysrooted_prefix

Unreviewed patch: fix gcse.c MMIX breakage (hey, the bug *is* generic)

unreviewed patch: target register load optimization

unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patchs

Unreviewed QNX patches

Update references to C++ working paper

Use HOST_WIDE_INT in round_push

Use init_one_libfunc more often

Re: use tablejump_p more places

v850 symbol_ref_flags usage

v850: Add clobber of r11 in prologue when using long calls

Re: Weird indentation in the GCC home page

wwwdocs PATCH: Update GCC-3.2.x status

xtensa symbol_ref_flags usage

Your last fixincl.x checkin causes bootstrap failures

Your name lookup patches

Your patch to testsuite/g++.dg/other/packed1.C broke the testsuit

Re: Your patch to testsuite/g++.dg/other/packed1.C broke the testsuite

Re: Your patch to testsuite/g++.dg/other/packed1.C broke thetestsuit

Zap a couple more uses of TREE_OPERAND (constructor, 1)

zero-alloc cache (was Re: [v3] Fix PR libstdc++/10276)

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