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Re: #import, #pragma once to be removed in 3.4

The 'gcc-g++' module name is broken

'stack overflow' message for Darwin; host hooks

(Patch) Don't tell Dejagnu to look in libg++ etc.

(Toplevel patch) Clean up use of enable_shared, enable_threads.

(Toplevel patch) Let the top level run in parallel.

(Toplevel patch) Macroize build_subdir, target_subdir determination

Re: (web pages) Delete bogus project

(wwwdocs) changes.html vs. index.html

Re: *ping* generic atomicity.h

--enable-maintainer-mode for toplevel

Re: -Bdir/ and overriding crt*.o files in multilibbed compilers

-v -c -std=iso9899:1999 -I/view/ceb-standard/vob/plumhall/cvs01a/conform/ -I/view/ceb-standard/vob/plumhall/dstcvs01a -I/view/ceb-standard/vob/plumhall/cvs01a/conform /view/ceb-standard/vob/plumhall/cvs01a/conform/c63a.c bash-2.05$ sh4gcc -O3 -v -c -std=iso9899:1999 -I/view/ceb-standard/vob/plumhall/cvs01a/conform/ -I/view/ceb-standard/vob/plumhall/dstcvs01a -I/viunreviewed patch: target register load optimizations

.po files updated

Re: 3.3 0203 => 0210 - 6 more fails on i686 UnixWare from -k8

3.3 PATCH: Fix libjava bootstrap failure on Tru64 UNIX

3.4 PATCH: Define RANLIB in toplevel Makefile

3.4 PATCH: Fix gcc/configure.in typo

3.4 PATCH: Fix IRIX 6.5.1[78] libjava bootstrap failure

3.4 PATCH: Several IRIX 6.5.1[89] ISO C99 fixes

3.[234] PATCH: Fix Tru64 UNIX V5.1B bootstrap failure

[ tree-ssa ] Another small CCP improvement

[ tree-ssa ] Avoid useless reevaluations in CCP

[ tree-ssa ] Fix checking failure in ssa-ccp

[ tree-ssa ] Minor CCP improvement

[3.2 PATCH] Fix PR preprocessor/9465

[3.2 PATCH] Handle denormal constants in hexadecimal notation

[3.2, 3.3] backport of m68k-linux config patch

[3.2/3.3/mainline] Fix alignment of SSE arguments

[3.2/3.3/mainline] fix compilation problems with DEFAULT_PCC_STRUCT_RETURN

[3.2] apply patch to bootstrap gcc-3.2 on m68k-linux with itself

[3.3 mips] Adjust calls to symbolic addresses

[3.3 PATCH] Fix flow_bb_inside_loop_p prototype

Re: [3.3, mainline] Updated patch for GCC misscompilation with -march=pentium4 II

[3.3/mainilne] Fix kernel misscopmiilation for hammer

[3.3/mainline] Add 64bit SSE intrincisc

[3.3/mainline] cleanup cfg only once when not optimizing

[3.3/mainline] clear aux for blocks in reg-stack.c

[3.3/mainline] FIx SSE move patterns

[3.3/mainline] Fix SSE move patterns

[3.3/mainline] Fix SSE move patterns II

[3.3/mainline] speed up commit_edge_insertions

[3.3/mainline] Speed up nonoptimizing compilation I

[3.3/mainline] Speed up nonoptimizing compilation II


[3.3] apply m68k fix for high priority report to 3.3 branch

[3.3] C++ PATCH to cp/decl.c

[3.3] C++ PATCH to cp/decl.c: More TV_NAME_LOOKUP timing

[3.3] Patch ping: JNI ABI and Windows

[alpha] tidy longlong.h macros

[C++ PATCH for 3.3/3.4] Fix PR6440, a regression

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix PR7982, a regression

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix PR9457

[C++ PATCH] ANSIFY search.c

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR 9459

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR9602, a regression

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR9602, a regression (revised for 3.2/3.3)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR9602, a regression (revised, for trunk)

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bfs_walk regression

[c4x] Fix for accepting c33 processors

[DOC PATCH] add to test suite descriptions in sourcebuild.texi

[Fwd: Fixing PR optimization/9258 and PR fortran/7681 on 3.3 branch.]

Re: [Fwd: Fixing PR optimization/9258 and PR fortran/7681 on 3.3branch.]

[libjava PATCH] Conditionalize use of thread priority scheduling

[libstdc++] Document minimum glibc requirement

[libstdc++] Re-fix generic atomicity.h (was Re: *ping* generic atomicity.h)

Re: [libstdc++] atomicity.h PATCH

[libstdc++] Re: RFC on doxygen & man page style issue

[mips patch RFA] fix enum processor_type vs. "cpu" attrdifferences.

[mips] SB-1 DFA bits (for contribution purposes only)

[new-regalloc] Bootstrap dammit

[objc] turn into unit-at-a-time

[PATCH 3.2/3.3/HEAD] Propagate gxx_include_dir to the libstdc++ subdirectory

[PATCH 3.2]: Fix long PIC millicode calls on hppa-linux

[PATCH 3.3/3.4]: Fix two locking issues on PA

[PATCH 3.3/3.4]: Several new include hacks for PA HP-UX

[PATCH 3.3/3.4]: Several new include hacks for PA HP-UX -- take 2

[PATCH, rs6000] Make branch_cost changeable on rs6000

[Patch/libiberty] Add w32 version of lrealpath

[PATCH/RFA] SH TLS support

[PATCH/RFA] SH: work around insn duplication issues

[PATCH] Fix comment in tree.c.

[PATCH] -fdump-translation-unit fix (fixes PR c/9177)

[PATCH] ...

[PATCH] [3.2 branch] Fix optimization/9768

[PATCH] [3.2 branch] Fix PR c/9678

[PATCH] Add "Implicit sets" to GCSE's cprop (take 2)

[PATCH] add config triplets for kaOS cross target OS

[PATCH] Add missing DW_AT_comp_dir if necessary


[PATCH] Also fold (float)log(x) as logf(x)

[PATCH] Avoid DT_TEXTREL libgcj.so on s390*

[PATCH] Avoid useless REG_EQUAL notes

[PATCH] Break up expr.c (Part 1)

[patch] builtin-bitops-1.x: Disable on H8.

[PATCH] codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t>

[PATCH] Constant fold -A - B as -B - A (take 2)

[PATCH] Constant fold -A - B as -B - A (take 3)

[PATCH] delegitimize_address target call-back (take 2)

[PATCH] delegitimize_address target call-back (take 3)

[PATCH] DESTDIR issue in 3.2.2

[Patch] Detect true-dependency for strict_low_part in scheduling

[patch] Disable execute/20030209-1.c on H8.

[PATCH] Document arithmetic overflow semantics

[PATCH] Document branches

[Patch] Document pitfalls of two-stage name lookup

[Patch] Document pitfalls of two-stage name lookup, next revision

[PATCH] Don't fold "+ 0.0" with signaling NaNs

[PATCH] Enable POSIX threads on NetBSD 2.0 and later

[PATCH] Enum imprvoment again

[PATCH] final.c max_skip without p2align

Re: [PATCH] Fix -fPIC on ppc-*-linux*

[PATCH] fix -msoft-float for powerpc64-linux (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix alpha and arm bootstrap failures

Re: [patch] Fix bootstrap

[PATCH] Fix cygwin bootstrap failure

Re: [PATCH] Fix flow_bb_inside_loop_p prototype

[PATCH] Fix flow_bb_inside_loop_p prototype (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix handling of %U in specs

[PATCH] Fix incorrect argument to EXTRA_ADDRESS_CONSTRAINT

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9561

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/9817

[PATCH] Fix memory overflow in mainline (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix mips-tfile issues on Tru64

[PATCH] Fix mips-tfile.c compilation warnings

[PATCH] Fix NetBSD CPP specs for -pthread

[PATCH] Fix PR c/7257

[PATCH] Fix PR c/7741

[PATCH] Fix PR c/9262

[PATCH] Fix PR c/9530

[PATCH] Fix PR c/9799

Re: [PATCH] fix PR opt/2391 (mostly ARM)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8555 (was Re: GCC-3.2.2 pre-release (third iteration))

[PATCH] Fix precedence bugs in mips-tfile.c

[PATCH] Fix reload bug w.r.t optional address operand reloads, take 2

[PATCH] Fix save and restore of PIC register on PA

[PATCH] Fix specs processing

[Patch] Fix unary operators and operator != for valarrays

[PATCH] fixuns_trunc[sd]fdi2 for sparc64

[patch] for gcc-3.3 *Re: Let's backport speedups from 3.4 to 3.3

Re: [patch] gcse.c: Fix the header ordering.

[patch] gcse.c: More opportunities for constant propagation intojumps.

[patch] gcse.patch: Revert my recent patch.

[patch] h8300.c: Fix the predicates general_operand_{src,dst}.

[patch] h8300.c: Optimize or.l.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a case of 255.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Add abssf.

[patch] h8300.md: Add extendqisi2 for H8/300H and H8S.

[patch] h8300.md: Add two new patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Add two peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Change insn names.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix insn lengths.

[patch] h8300.md: Relax conditions for some insn patterns

[patch] h8300.md: Remove mode from compare.

[patch] h8300.md: Replace find_regno_note with peep2_reg_dead_p.

[patch] h8300: Add a new peephole2 to optimize cmp.l.

Re: [patch] h8300: Add clz, ctz, parity, and popcount to LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA.

[patch] h8300: Add clz, ctz, parity, and popcount toLIB2FUNCS_EXTRA.

[patch] h8300: Optimize comparisons like A <= 3.

[patch] h8300: Remove clzsi2, ctzsi2, paritysi2, and popcountsi2.

[patch] h8300: Replace "GNU CC" with "GCC".

[PATCH] high priority PR c/8828

[patch] libgcc2.c: Enable clzsi2 and friends even whenMIN_UNITS_PER_WORD < 4.

[Patch] libiberty/physmem support for w32

[PATCH] More branch info

[PATCH] More testcases for the new parser

[PATCH] New targets for H8300H and H8300S Normal mode

[PATCH] only mipsisa64* configs default to using MEABI

[patch] optabs.c: Widen clz properly when clz is done via libcall.

Re: [PATCH] Optimize pow(x,0.0) = pow (1.0,y) = 1.0

[PATCH] Optimize pow(x,0.0) = pow(1.0,y) = 1.0

Re: [PATCH] Overhaul __builtin_constant_p processing (take 2)

[PATCH] pow and atan2 builtin functions (part 1)

[PATCH] pow and atan2 builtin functions (part 2)

[PATCH] pow and atan2 builtin functions (part 3)

[PATCH] PPC32: Fix target/9732 regression

[PATCH] PR opt/8613

[PATCH] problems with bb-reorder.c rewrite

Re: [Patch] QNX i386 native support take 2

[PATCH] Re: c/9376: Typo in libgcc2.c __subvdi3

[PATCH] Re: strcat and config/darwin.c

[patch] reload1.c: Extend move2add to strict_low_part.

[patch] reload1.c: Replace sext_for_mode with trunc_int_for_mode.

[PATCH] Replace #ifdef HAVE_cc0 with CC0_P

[PATCH] Replace ASM_SIMPLIFY_DWARF_ADDR with delegitimize_address

[Patch] RETURN_IN_MEMORY for cygwin and mingw32

[PATCH] Revert USER_H tweak for NetBSD

[patch] rtl.h: Always compare against cc0_rtx.

Re: [patch] rtl.h: Include insn-config.h

[patch] rtl.h: Include insn-config.h.

[PATCH] rtlopt branch merge part 10 -- profiler sections

Re: [PATCH] rtlopt branch merge part 5 -- loop unswitching

[patch] rtlopt branch merge part 6 - speed improvement of branch predictions

Re: [patch] rtlopt branch merge part 6 - speed improvement of branchpredictions

[PATCH] rtlopt branch merge part 9 -- loop unrolling&peeling

Re: [PATCH] Separate jump bypassing pass

[patch] simplify-rtx.c: Simplify ~y when (x - (x & y)) is found.

[PATCH] Speed up profile reading/writing

[PATCH] Split log links creation from flow.c

[PATCH] standard_80387_constant_p improvements

[PATCH] state of top level config patch for kaOS ?

[patch] Store motion rewrite

[PATCH] Testcases for the new parser.

[PATCH] Tests for unrolling/peeling/unswitching

[PATCH] Tidy up builtins.def and add fmod built-in.

[PATCH] to java::lang::ConcreteProcess::destroy

Re: [PATCH] top level configure.in (kaOS)

[PATCH] Trivial documentation patch to extend.texi

Re: [PATCH] Trivial documentation patch to extend.texi (fwd)

[PATCH] Tweak gcc.c-torture/compile/921206-1.c

[PATCH] Typo in c-tree.texi

Re: [patch] Use bit scanning and counting builtins for std::bitset

[Patch]: Add -mmsvcrtd to LIBGCC_SPEC for mingw32

[Patch]: Add libmingwex.a to LIBGCC_SPEC for mingw32

[Patch]: Align doubles on 64 bit boundaries as default for mingw32 and cygwin

[PATCH]: Change base access representation, [c++]share virtual binfos

Re: [PATCH]: Change base access representation, [c++]share virtualbinfos

Re: [PATCH]: Don't build testsuite during normal build on Cygwin

[PATCH]: Fix comment in pa.md.

[PATCH]: Fix indexing used in reload1.c

[PATCH]: Fix preferred stack boundary on PA 64-bit port

[PATCH]: Fix space register usage under hppa-unknown-linux-gnu

[PATCH]: Fix updating of total_code_bytes on PA

[PATCH]: Put back accidently deleted line

[PATCH]: Stack alignment

[RFA PATCH] Make cp/mangle.c:mangle_decl do what the comment says

Re: [RFA PATCH] Make cp/mangle.c:mangle_decl do what the commentsays

[RFA PATCH] Remove redundant (?) test

[rfa/doc] correct info about best C++ compilers/debug formats

[RFA/PATCH]: H8/300 - Update the generated debug information

[RFA:] Regmove replaces asm-declared register in asm. Syscall breakage. 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

[RFA] Toplevel configury: remove Source Navigator

[RFC] change regno_pointer_align from char to short

[RFC] growing regno_reg_rtx

[RFC] Patch to flag obsolete initializer syntax usage

Re: [RFC] Patch: RAM-based heuristics for ggc-min-heapsize and ggc-min-expand

[RFC] Patch: RAM-based heuristics for ggc-min-heapsize and ggc-min-expand

Re: [RFC] Patch: RAM-based heuristics for ggc-min-heapsize andggc-min-expand

[RFC] Toplev.c reorganization

[rtlopt-branch]: Fix small location list bug, add comments

[rtlopt] do not emit unnecessary labels for variable location lists

Re: [rtlopt] do not emit unnecessary labels for variable locationlists

[rtlopt] dwarf2out.c (location lists) do not unnecessary mark a field

[rtlopt] dwarf2out.c: fix coding style in new code

[rtlopt] fix bug in var-tracking

[rtlopt] fix typos in var-tracking.c

[rtlopt] function note_all_uses and its use in var-tracking.c

[rtlopt] Store motion rewrite

[rtlopt] update of comments in var-tracking.c

[rtlopt] updated bb-reorder to be same as the mainline patch

[rtlopt] use note_uses and note_stores in var-tracking.c

[rtlopt] use of alloc pools in var-tracking.c

[rtlopt] var-tracking - more detailed overall comment

[rtlopt] var-tracking - update some comments

[rtlopt] var-tracking cleanup

[rtlopt] var-tracking.c: add function parameters to OUT set of ENTRY_BLOCK

[rtlopt] var-tracking.c: delete registers destroyed by called function

[rtlopt] var-tracking.c: detect incomplete variable

[rtlopt] var-tracking.c: do not track BLKmode memory

[rtlopt] var-tracking.c: fix hammer regressions

[rtlopt] var-tracking.c: fix ICE in experimental parameter tracking

[rtlopt] variable tracking: end the range when variable disappears

[tree-ssa libmudflap] switching to dejagnu

[tree-ssa mudflap] C++ tweaks

[tree-ssa wwwdocs] Update project webpage

[tree-ssa] Add missing GTY

[tree-ssa] Alias analysis speedups

[tree-ssa] Another aliasing speedup

[tree-ssa] Avoiding useless stmt copies in CCP

[tree-ssa] CCP comment formatting fixes

[tree-ssa] CCP fixes

Re: [tree-ssa] computed gotos

[tree-ssa] DCE and aliasing fixes [patch]

[tree-ssa] dominance frontiers

[tree-ssa] Don't handle INIT_EXPR in GIMPLE form [patch]

[tree-ssa] Enable SSA DCE by default [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix printf format for tree-dfa.c

[tree-ssa] Fix warnings for PPC bootstraps [patch]

[tree-ssa] folding builtins [patch]

[tree-ssa] Folding of calls to builtin functions

[tree-ssa] fully vs semi-pruned SSA PHI insertions

[tree-ssa] Improvements to nondestructive folder

[tree-ssa] Minor CCP cleanups/improvements

[tree-ssa] Minor cleanups

[tree-ssa] Modified iterator code.

[tree-ssa] More CCP updates

[tree-ssa] More CFG improvements [patch]

[tree-ssa] New testcase

[tree-ssa] New type-based aliasing (was: More CFG improvements)

[tree-ssa] nondestructive folding for CCP

[tree-ssa] PATCH to anonymous union handling

[tree-ssa] PATCH to cp_simplify_expr

[tree-ssa] PATCH to genericize_try_block

[tree-ssa] Reduce number of basic blocks [patch]

[tree-ssa] Reducing PHI insertions

[tree-ssa] Rename nondestructive folder

[tree-ssa] Share some INDIRECT_REF nodes [patch]

Re: [tree-ssa] Speeding things up

[tree-ssa] Speeding up CCP

[tree-ssa] updating PHI nodes and DCE improvement

[tree-ssa] VLA fixes

[tree-ssa]: Copy of committed SSAPRE patch

[tree-ssa]: Fix points-to

[tree-ssa]: Fix thinko in get_alias_var_decl

[tree-ssa]: Greatly speed up PTA queries

Re: [tree-ssa]: Loop normalization pass

[tree-ssa]:SSAPRE changes

[v3, committed] Fix filebuf_virtuals-8 for unsigned char platforms

[v3] __cxa_demangle, demangle tests


[v3] Could someone apply an approved patch?

[v3] Fix compile warning

[v3] Fix libstdc++/9404, 9701 (partial)

[v3] Fix libstdc++/9563

[v3] Fix libstdc++/9659

[v3] Fix libstdc++/9825

[v3] fix libstdc++/9827

[v3] Fix locale const correctness bug

[v3] Fix seek to beg after grow bug in stringbuf

[v3] Fix typo in valarray_name_lookup.cc

[v3] Improve performance-wise the fix for libstdc++/9563

[v3] ios_base_storage tweak

[v3] libstdc++/9169

[v3] libstdc++/9318

[v3] libstdc++/9320

[v3] libstdc++/9439 and libstdc++/9425

[v3] libstdc++/9507 and libstdc++/9538

[v3] libstdc++/9548 and DR 231

[v3] libstdc++/9562

[v3] libstdc++/9580

[v3] libstdc++/9582

[v3] More libstdc++/8761 and 7076

[v3] Patch for stringbuf::overflow missing sputc

[v3] pr 8761 and 7076, caching bits

[v3] Print ints directly to streambuf

[v3] Remove two unnecessary includes

[v3] stamp-std-precompile

[v3] update versions

[WWW] wwwdocs/testing/index.html patch

[wwwdocs] Branches episode N

[wwwdocs] bugs.html: add references to new pages in bugs/

[wwwdocs] new basic block reordering pass

Re: [wwwdocs] segfault.html

[Xtensa] add missing tmake file for xtensa-*-linux* target

[Zack Weinberg <zack@codesourcery.com>] Re: [patch] rtl.h: Includeinsn-config.h

Re: ABI breakage in 3.2.1, 3.3 and mainline

Ada makefile fix for relative srcdir

Add missing flags to libstdc++ building

Add myself to MAINTAINERS

address change

affiliation change

AIX assembler options update

Another missing trunc_int_for_mode

argument slot saving code, patch 1

argument slot saving code, patch 2

ARM - register liveness problem

Re: ARM interrupt epilogue generation

ARM PATCH fix reload of half-word reads when there are alignment traps

asm_output_aligned_bss might be unused

attribute __used__ on static data

AutoGen 5.5.2

Avoid redundant insn splitting pass

Re: Backport fix for PR6362 to 3.2.x?

Re: bb-reorder.c AIX bootstrap failure

Better code for SSE FP conversions

Better handle failures in PCH testing

Better reordering in cgraph.c

Better sequence for fp->unsigned truncation

Re: binutils typos

Re: Bit twiddling builtins

bitops support for ia64

boehm-gc patch for de_win.c

Bootstrap failure on hppa-unknown-linux-gnu, trunk

Re: bootstrap failure on ppc darwin

Bootstrap failure on sh-unknown-linux-gun

Bootstrap failure with todays 3.3 CVS on hppa-unknown-linux-gnu

Re: bootstrap/4269: [sparc-unknown-netbsdeld1.5] HAVE_NL_LANGINFO

Breakup cgraph.c

Re: bug in get_insn_name()

Re: Bug in ra-colorize.c:merge_moves?

Bugs in sysroot patches resulting in $(local_include)/include always searched, ../-expansion broken

c++ failures

C++ PATCH for c++/9623

C++ PATCH to cp/decl.c: Timing name lookup

Re: C++ PATCH to cp/decl.c: Timing name lookup

C++ PATCH to cp_parser_postfix_expression

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 5333

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 8724

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 9778

C++ PATCH: More name lookup timing

C++ PATCH: PR 7129

C++ PATCH: PR 9707

C++ PATCH: PR 9727

C++ PATCH: PR 9749

C++ PATCH: PR 9879

C++ PATCH: PR c++/8906

C++ PATCH: PR9683

C++ PATCH: PR9829

Re: c/9564: compiling sdiff causes ICE on powerpc

Call for testers: libiberty/physmem.c

can i remove float-lib.c?

CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE changes for df/ra*

CFG merge part 7 - superblock/trace scheduling

Re: ChangeLog conventions

changing PCH file suffix from .pch to .gch

combine-created negative subreg_byte wreaks havoc in reload

combine.c patch for pr 9255

Re: Comment on closed PR target/9757: Gcc should use swp instruction in ARM targets

Comment on closed PR target/9757: Gcc should use swp instructionin ARM targets

Configuration additions for vxworks

Congerie of performance improvements, take two

A congerie of small performance patches

Re: Constant propagation and strength reduction

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.da.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.tr.po.gz'

Contribution: Support for Cirrus Maverick EP9312 chip

Convert PowerPC MD to use CLZ

copy_insn_p usage.

cp-tree.h cleanup


Re: Demangling C++ global initializers and destructors

Disabling bprob.exp for H8*

DOC PATCH to releasing.html: makeinfo requirement

Doc patch, was: bootstrap/5634: ../configure --prefix=~/... doesn't work

Re: Doc patch, was: bootstrap/5634: ../configure --prefix=~/...doesn't work

Doc patch: c++/1607

Doco patch: fixes ada/9406

don't assume pointer cast to unsigned long is a valid initializer

don't configure libobjc on Darwin

don't test V2DF if double is not DFmode

Enable file locking for profiling on Linux

Enable gcc.dg/arm-asm.c test for XScale and StrongARM

Expand the definition of gnu89 slightly

expand_divmod tweek

Fix bb-reorder

Fix bootstrap problems with unit-at-a-time

Fix bug in i386.md - REG_ATTRS were lost

fix builtin-bitops on alphaev4

fix comment in rs6000/host-darwin.c

Fix comment typo in bb-reorder.c

Fix compile/20030224-1.c

Fix crash in complex return values on x86-64

fix crossjumping doc problem

Fix for configuring targets that need extra flags

Fix for configuring targets that need extra flags (revisited)

Re: fix for crash with profile feedback

fix for powerpc64 TImode ICE

Fix for reload-failure

Fix include path problem

Fix last SSE bug

Fix latent bug in crossjumping

Re: Fix latent reload bug

fix m68k-linux bootstrap (PR9093)

Fix memory overflow in mainline

fix padding bug with computed #include

Re: fix profiling on Darwin

Fix roundoff error in predictors

Fix rs6000.md divmodsi4 pattern

Fix Set reg_attrs for function parameters passed in registers

Fix simplify_subreg

Fix some SSE patterns

fix SSE moves II

Fix SSE shift patterns

fix two x86_64 splitter conditionals

Fix warning in libf2c/libU77/hostnm_.c on glibc systems

Re: fixinc issues for BSD/Darwin's sed

fixinc patch

Re: fixinc regression ?

Fixing PR optimization/9258 and PR fortran/7681 on 3.3 branch.

flag to dump core on error

Re: The flaw in split_all_insns patch

float to int conversions

fold casted const variables

Fold constant shifts in combine

Re: Forced initializing scalars

Re: GCC 3.2.2 on Sol 9 x86 failure

Re: GCC 3.2.2 released

GCC 3.3 for OS/2

GCC 3.3 release criteria

Re: GCC floating point usage

Re: gcc-3.2.2 release notes (final)

Re: gcc/ada/Make-lang.in: Some install tuning

Re: gcc/gcc ChangeLog Makefile.in alias.c c-decl.c ...

Re: gcc/gcc cp/ChangeLog cp/operators.def testsuit ...

Re: ggc_pop_context speedup

Re: howto debug ICE? [was: Re: boostrap failure (ICE) on gcc-3_3-branch (todays sources)]

HP-UX 11 installation update

HP-UX IA64 Patch

Re: hppa-linux regressions and 3.2.2 release

Re: HTML: http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-3.2/ appears out of date

i386 bitops patterns

i386 string patterns vs global registers

ia64.md patch for PR 9617

installation of unwind.h

int to float conversions

Re: Irix6 casting long double to double yields bogus results

Re: Irix6 long doubles implemented wrong? (27_io/ostream_inserter_arith)

Re: Irix6 native long double libcalls progress report (and problem)


Re: Let's backport speedups from 3.4 to 3.3

libgcc parity optimization

Re: libstdc++ related boostrap failure

Re: libstdc++/9811: incorrect documentation for std::map::lower_bound, etc.

libtool fixes for irix6 with gnu ld

libtool patch for Solaris, IRIX and others

Mainline bootstrap failure on alphaev67-dec-osf5.1

Mainline bootstrap failure on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

make c-parse.y rules save against make -j

make cp-tree.h:struct lang_type_header smaller

Re: make install fails on 3.3 branch in libffi

make profiledbootstrap

marking mips/_tilib.c functions as hidden?

match constraints with different modes in big endian => reload ICE

minor gcse cleanup

minor varray cleanup

Missing prototype

mn10300 DI/DFmode may clobber CC without telling GCC

More contant folding of vectors

Move walk_tree improvement to 3.3 branch

moving two speedups to 3.3 branch

Re: new 26_numerics failure

New bitop builtins causing ICE on 64-bit

New Danish PO file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

Re: New test cases - "VMX" (Altivec) ABI and API

new timevars

New Turkish PO file for `gcc'

obvious fix into movti_rex64

Obvious fix to doc/tm.texi

obvious fix to GCC 3.3 release criteria document

Obvious fix to i386 cosxf pattern

Obvious fix to ix86_expand_int_movcc installed

Obvious patch into i386 movsfcc_1

Re: Oddity building 3.2.2 on AIX 4.3.2

Old IA64/Linux unwinder

operands to min and max must have the same type...

optimization/7702: [PATCH] Make reload-cse honor CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS

Re: optimization/8750: Cygwin prolog generation erroneously emitting __alloca as regular function call

Re: optimization/9651: [Alpha] FPE with NAN in spite of isnan protection

Optimize nonoptimizing compilation IV

Optimize nonoptimizing compilation V

Optimize SSE floatuns sequence

Re: other/9534: make install failst with './../mkinstalldirs: Nosuch file or directory'

Re: other/9534: make install failst with './../mkinstalldirs: Nosuchfile or directory'

Re: other/9534: make install failstwith './../mkinstalldirs: Nosuch file or directory'

Re: other/9534: make install failstwith './../mkinstalldirs:Nosuch file or directory'

Re: PATCH (all branches): Fix outputting of references to typedefs in dwarf2

PATCH (mainline): Weaken port-specific error to warning

Patch (to fixinc/inclhack.def) for PR 9244

Re: PATCH 3.3 0203 i386/{i386.c,.... for UnixWare build failure.

Re: PATCH 3.3 0203 i386/{i386.c,{i386elf,ptx4-i,sysv4}.h} for UnixWare build failure.

PATCH 3.3 0203 i386/{i386.c,{i386elf,ptx4-i,sysv4}.h} for UnixWare buildfailure.

Re: PATCH 3.3 0203 i386/{i386.c,{i386elf,ptx4-i,sysv4}.h} for UnixWarebuild failure.

Re: PATCH 3.3 0203 i386/{i386.c,{i386elf,ptx4-i,sysv4}.h} forUnixWare build failure.

PATCH 3.3 0203 regclass.c warning removal.

PATCH ARM -- use CC_REGNUM in return_address_mask

PATCH ARM floating point formats for execute/ieee/20000320-1.c

PATCH ARM: Don't allow sibcalls to be conditionally executed

PATCH ARM: instructions for ARMv5E

Re: patch attached this time for *-rtems Ada on 3.2 branch

PATCH C++: revert previous template fix

PATCH C++: speed up templates

Patch for 3.3 release notes

Patch for cfgloopmanip.c - misplaced semicolon

PATCH for Re: -Wformat-sign-mismatch?

PATCH for Re: ABI breakage in 3.2.1, 3.3 and mainline

PATCH for Re: Broken links, please help

PATCH for Re: Comparison of gcc 3.2.1 and gcc 3.2.2-20030203 withgdb

PATCH for Re: Minor update for http://gcc.gnu.org/faq.html

PATCH for Re: target/9797: ARM structure initialization bug

Patch for sparc specific XFAILs in execute/20020227-1.x

Patch for speed up checking distributions of units to automata

patch for wwwdocs 3.3 changes

Patch installed for gcc.dg typos in 20020430-1.c and 20020503-1.c

Patch installed for libiberty physmem.c

Patch installed for physmem.c irix6 support

Patch installed: libiberty.h document return value of physmem routines

patch libgcc2.c for c4x target

Patch Ping^2: Change -mcpu to -mtune on x86

Patch to account for rlimits in GC heuristics

Patch to fix -fverbose-asm (broken by GGC heuristics)

Patch to fix mips-irix6 long double failures on trunk

Patch to fix regenerating libiberty/config.in

Patch to move to GFDL 1.2

Re: Patch to remove -fvolatile*

PATCH to toplevel Makefile.tpl

PATCH to variable_size

PATCH-3.2.2 libffi powerpc linux, backport from 3.4/3.3

Patch: hoist more loop invariants

Patch: relax check in new RA

PATCH: "Fix" PR C++/9729

Patch: (Darwin): fix -fbranch-probabilities

Patch: *bsd & darwin support in libiberty/physmem.c

PATCH: -Werror change caught something unexpected, handle it

Patch: 3.3 fix for PR java/9695

Patch: better etags support

PATCH: c++/9297

PATCH: darwin/AIX libffi bug fix

patch: disallow initializing certain aggregates

PATCH: doc/contribute.texi

PATCH: doc/install.texi -- URL updates

PATCH: doc/install.texi and SCO URLs

PATCH: first pass of wrapup_global_declarations performance improvements

Re: PATCH: first pass of wrapup_global_declarations performanceimprovements

PATCH: fix bootstrap failure from my earlier patch

Patch: fix gcj deprecation support

Re: PATCH: Fix handling of invalid octal constants

Patch: FYI: another gcj faq fix

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison pages

Patch: FYI: gcj faq fix

Patch: FYI: gcj/libgcj JNI and Windows

Re: Patch: FYI: Import AWT peers

Patch: FYI: java web page updates

Patch: FYI: updat 3.3 status page

Patch: FYI: update classpath comparison script

PATCH: gcc-3.2/changes.html

PATCH: gcc-3.2/index.html -- further updates

PATCH: gcc-3.3/c99status.html -- fix link

PATCH: Improve ht use

PATCH: index.html -- tweak GCJ news entry

PATCH: index.html, steering.html

PATCH: install.texi and testing


PATCH: mirrors.html, faq.html, testing/, gcc-3.2/buildstat.html

Patch: move gcj 3.3 status page to gcc-3.3 directory

PATCH: new peephole2 in arm.md

PATCH: popcontext v3

PATCH: PR debug/9717

PATCH: projects/web.html -- handled item

patch: Re: rfc: auto-casted vector types

PATCH: rotate news index.html->news.html

PATCH: simtest-howto.html update

PATCH: style.mhtml and color of Java pages

PATCH: update my email address

PATCH: Update testsuite README

PATCH[libiberty] for Re: Mainline: C++ include files not found!

patches applied to sh port

Re: PCH, rs6000 warning removal

physmem.c formatting nits

PING: Patch: mainline bootstrap failure (libobjc)

ping: Unreviewed patch to fix patch to fix bootstrap failure on PA

Re: ping: Unreviewed patch to fix patch to fix bootstrap failure onPA

Please test bugzilla web interface

Please test the gcc bugzilla interface

Power4 DFA update

Power4 scheduling tweaks and SVR4 alignment macro

powerpc-linux gcc-3.2.x sections

Re: PowerPC-sysV/eabi, harmonization of section attribute and small data optimization

PowerPC-sysV/eabi, harmonization of section attribute and small data optimization

ppc e500: bring testsuite back to reality

ppc e500: fix misc patterns & add xor patterns

ppc e500: misc <spe.h> patches

ppc e500: more spe.h fixes


Re: ppc linux libffi fix plus necessary testcase

PPC970 VMX schedule tuning

PR c++/7050

PR c/8068

PR other/3782 (3.2/3.3/3.4 regression)

propagate original LD down to multilib configure

proposed patch for SH port

RAM-based GCC heuristics [take 2]

Re: REG_N_SETS and scheduling

Re: Regarding CVS commit gcc/gcc ChangeLog ggc-page.c @ Feb 4, 2003

Remove an unused field from struct tree_decl

Remove obsolete m68k/t-linux{,-aout}

reverting the gcc 3.2.2 Ada regression

RFA: dwarfout.c - emit DW_AT_LOCATION for global register variables

Re: RFA: dwarfout.c - emit DW_AT_LOCATION for global registervariables

Re: RFA: dwarfout.c - emit DW_AT_LOCATION for globalregistervariables

RFA: patch cheking dangerous insns in sched-ebb.c

rs6000 DFA conversion

rtlopt branch merge parts 3 & 5 -- recommented

rtlopt merge part 11 - trace selection in sched_ebb

rtlopt merge part 2 - bb-reorder rewrite (updated)

Re: rtlopt merge part 3 - CFG update for EBB scheduling

Re: rtlopt merge part 4 - variable tracking pass

rtlopt merge part 6 - tiny regrename improvement

Re: rtlopt merge part 7 - superblock/trace scheduling

rtlopt merge part 8 - webizer pass

rtlopt-branch merge - variable tracking pass - part 1

rtlopt-branch merge - variable tracking pass - part 2

Re: rtx_costs as a target hook

save our soul

Re: SEQUENCEs (PR optimization/9745)

Set reg_attrs for function parameters passed in registers

SH fix silly typo in OVERRIDE_OPTIONS

Simplify FP conversions

Simplify FP conversions in convert

Simplify nested FP conversions in convert.c II

Simplify shifts better in combine

small cpplib cleanup

Some constant folding of vector expressions

Some XHTML compatibility fixes

spec file help for QNX patch

Speed up nonoptimizing compilation III

Speedup invalid_mode_change_p

SSE/MMX moves optimization

stack offset of local variable is not sign-extended to Pmode

Re: Stack Reorganization Patch

Re: Status page

streamline libgcc clz, ctz, parity

Re: target register load optimizations (Was: Re: Porting gcc for F-CPU without direct JMP)

Re: target register load optimizations (Was: Re: Porting gcc forF-CPU without direct JMP)

target/9496: [3.3] mips movstr scheduling bug

Re: target/9681: powerpc64 -frepo fails to instantiate some templates

target_c99_functions for alpha-linux

Test for recently discovered ia32 backend bug

test patch for computed gotos

testing __builtin_constant_p() may SUBREGs

tm.texi - typo and (slightly) misleading target macro note

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 2/n

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 3/n

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 4/n

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 5/n

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 6/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 1/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 3/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 4/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 5/n

treelang fixes for GC and timevar

Two unreviewed patches

typo on http://gcc.gnu.org/

unbreak IA-64 bootstrap

Unify --with-sysroot defaults

Unit at a time 2/3 - backward inlining, local functions

Re: Unit at a time 2/3 II - local functions

unit at time and local function II

Unit at time compilation mode II

Unit at time compilation mode III

Re: unit-at-a-time option causes incorrect line numbers in warnings

Unit-at-time related PRs

unreviewed doc patch

An unreviewed patch to gcse.c

An unreviewed patch to gcse.c.

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patches^2

Unreviewed SH patch

Unreviewed specs patch

update for gcc-3.2/changes.html

Update register attributes in regrename

Urgent Assistant Needed

Use -funit-at-a-time to inline functions called once

validate_switches fix

Re: vector operations and scalar operands

VIA C3-2 support.

Warning fix

Web page for translation docs

Windows NT/PPC doc removal

work around insn duplication issues

x86 -mcpu to -mtune followup

x86-64 testsuite housekeeping

XFAIL 20020720-1.c on x86-64

Xtensa: change rtl pattern to indicate a side effect

Xtensa: fix for long-standing memory corruption problem

Xtensa: patch to set libgcc endianness from preprocessor flags

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