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Re: [Patch/libiberty] Add w32 version of lrealpath

 --- DJ Delorie <dj at redhat dot com> wrote: > 
> If we don't have symlinks, we don't need to do anything, do we?  So
> far, the function is used only in case there's a symlink - on many
> platforms, it just returns the string passed to it.

OK, I was assuming that this part of the function description:

``.'' and ``..'' components will be simplified. 

was also going to be utilized.  If not, I'll withdraw patch.

> DJGPP has, for example, _truename() but I didn't see the point in
> adding that one either.
> But I see no harm in adding this code, so if you still think it's
> warranted, it's OK with me.
> > If this is unacceptable, would a configure test for HAVE_W32API be
> > better?
> Probably not, because that would include cygwin, which has its own way
> of canonicalizing path names. 

Related question: I am testing out w32 version of physmem(), again using w32api
 function (GlobalMemoryStatus).  HAVE_W32API would allow cygwin to use that.
#ifdef _WIN32 would not.

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