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#import and PCH

(applied) comment fixes in cp/

(committed toplevel patch) Make rda native-only

(committed) fix my regression in decl.c

(committed) more PARAMS removal

(committed) some PARAMS removal

(committed) squelch unused variable warning

(patch) ANSIfy cp/dump.c

(patch) delete old #if 0 code

(patch) Fix contrib/test_summary

(patch) fix contrib/test_summary?

(patch) More #if 0 removal.

(ping) delete gcc.hlp

Re: (top level patch) Autoconfiscate. (Woo!)

(toplevel patch) Use canonical names for target_subdir, build_subdir.

Re: (toplevel) Fix dramatic breakage for ordinary crosses (related to program_transform_name)

(web pages) Delete bogus project

(web pages, committed) tweak 3.4 changes

*-rtems Ada patch for gcc 3.2 branch

Re: --enable-initfini-array does not work

-Bdir/ and overriding crt*.o files in multilibbed compilers

-Wno-error for insn-attrtab.o

.init_array bug

.type for [s]bss objects on ppc

3 pending patches from 2002

3.2/3.3/3.4 Lookup in Nested Class

3.4 PATCH: Fix Ada-related Solaris 9/Intel bootstrap failure

Re: [libffi] closures for sparc

Re: [PATCH] PPC32: Fix libffi closure relocations

[ tree-ssa ] speeding up tree alias analysis

[3.2, 3.3, 3.4] libiberty/Makefile.in: use FLAGS_TO_PASS

[3.2, 3.3] Documentation merge

[3.2/3.3/HEAD] Make all the manuals unambiguously DFSG free

[3.2] DESTDIR support

[3.2] Further Bison-1.875 tweaks

[3.2] libiberty/hashtab.c: Fix allocation in htab_expand

[3.2] PATCH to c-parse.in

Re: [3.3 and mainline]: fix search for ADAC

[3.3 branch, Fortran, committed] was: [Trunk, Fortran, committed]Patch to enable use of any kind integer in case statements.

Re: [3.3 branch, Fortran, committed] was: [Trunk, Fortran,committed]Patch to enable use of any kind integer in case statements.

Re: [3.3 branch] Ada bootstrap failure on mipsel-linux

[3.3 branch] Added test for PR fortran/9258.

[3.3, mainline] Updated patch for GCC misscompilation with -march=pentium4

[3.3, mainline] Updated patch for GCC misscompilation with -march=pentium4 II

Re: [3.3, mainline] Updated patch for GCC misscompilation with -march=pentium4II

[3.3,mainline] libiberty/hashtab.c: Fix allocation in htab_expand

[3.3/mainline] Fix emit_prefetch_instructions

[3.3] DESTDIR support

[3.3] Fix PR/9386, PR/8801

[3.3] Further fixes for Bison-1.875

[3.3] PATCH to timevar

Re: [3.4 regression] new C++ parser failures onmips-irix6/sparc-solaris2 with g++.benjamin/15799.C g++.jason/overload28.Cg++.law/arg1.C g++.mike/net2.C

[3.4-bi] DESTDIR support completed

Re: [3.4-BIB] i386 condtiional moves cleanup I

Re: [3.4] DESTDIR support completed

[Ada] Disable -Werror for tracebak.c and b_gnatb.c

[altivec] fix crashes when using -dXXX

[altivec] patch for gcc.dg/altivec-5.c

[altivec] tidy up assembler code

[applied mips patch] use EABI, not MEABI, for mipsisa32-elf.

[applied patch] update config.guess, config.sub

[applied] Patch to mips.md leadi pattern

[C testsuite] Bison-1.875 tweaks

[C++ PATCH for 3.3, committed] Fix PR8849

[C++ PATCH for 3.3] Backport access checking changes from trunk +PR9453

Re: [C++ PATCH for 3.3] Backport access checking changes from trunk+ PR9453

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix a scope problem in my previous patch

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix a scope problem in my previous patch(fwd)

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix PR8849

[C++ PATCH, committed] Fix PR9030 (main trunk version)

[C++ PATCH] covariant abi conformance

[C++ PATCH] Deferred access checking & template instantiation

[C++ patch] Fix 3902

[C++ PATCH] Fix 9433

[C++ patch] fix 9437

[C++ PATCH] Fix name lookup inconsistency

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR 45, 3784

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR8442, 8591, 8806

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR8591 (committed version)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR9453

[C++ PATCH] Improve enum handling

Re: [C++ PATCH] Improve enum handling - take 2

[C++ Patch] More autodetecting c++-headers

[C++ PATCH] Remove obsoleted code

[C++ PATCH] Reorganize deferred access check code

[C++ Patch] Replace "GNU CC" with "GCC" in copyright headers.

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 9109

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 9212

[C++ PATCH]: Some parser related fixes

[C++ testsuite, obvious] Remove 3 stray semicolons

[C++ testsuite] Tweak g++.dg/parse/undefined1.C

[CVS head] Re: [3.3 branch] Added test for PR fortran/9258.

[dj: ./ diff Makefile.in Makefile.tpl] (fwd)

[Doc patch, trivial] Fix typo in tm.texi

Re: [doc-patch]

Re: [doc-patch] Fix broken cross-reference in info files, 2nd attempt

[doc-patch] fix PR 8947 with addition to invoke.texi

[doc-patch] Fix typo in passes.texi

[doc-patch] Fix typos.

Re: [doc-patch] Remove misplaced line in doc/passes.texi

Re: [doc] DESTDIR and tooldir

[Fortran, trunk] Reversal of the "solution" to 9038

Re: [full patch this time] Re: Patch: (frv port) use target macros for constructor/destructor code

[full patch this time] Re: Patch: (frv port) use target macros forconstructor/destructor code

[hammer] bb-reorder merge from rtlopt-branch

[hammer] fix floor simlification code


[IRIX6]: force libgcc_visibility off

[itanium-sched-branch] documentation clarification

[itanium-sched-branch] Fixing a bug in checking unit distributions.

[Java Patch] Fix copyright headers for Java

Re: [libffi] closures for sparc

[libffi] More x86_64 bugs

[libffi] Unwind info for x86_64

[libstdc++] remove basic_string.tcc's _S_string_copy

[libstdc++] atomicity.h PATCH

[libstdc++] Rotate ChangeLog, update docs/comments, remove deprecated bits

[mainline,3_3-branch] speed improvement of branch prediction

[mips patch rfa] Add MIPS32 Release 2 support.

[mips patch' rfa] Add MIPS32 Release 2 support.

[new-regalloc-branch] delayed rematerialization

[new-regalloc-branch] stack slot coalescing, web class spilling

[PATCH 3.2]: Disable generation of EH unwind info on parisc-linux

[patch for GCC 3.3]

[Patch to testsuite] Enable -ms-bitfields tests on cygwin32 and mingw

Re: [PATCH/RFA] SH: Problem when compiling with -O0

[PATCH/RFA]: SHmedia trampoline

[PATCH] -W -> -Wextra (was RFC: Named warnings)

[PATCH] [3.2 branch] Fix PR optimization/9279

[patch] Ada bootstrap failure on i386-unknown-freebsd4.7

[PATCH] Add "Implicit sets" to GCSE's cprop.

[patch] add necessary dependencies

[PATCH] add new target (2)

[patch] add new target - msp430

[PATCH] Adjust my entry in MAINTAINERS

[patch] ANSI function declarations, defintions in cp/class.c, cp/parser.c

[patch] arm/*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] Avoid redundant REG_EQUAL notes

[patch] c4x naked attribute

[patch] c4x target mainline

Re: [PATCH] can_issue_more vs USE and CLOBBER

[patch] Change base class access representation

[PATCH] codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t> support for UTF-8

[PATCH] codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t> support for UTF-8, take 2

[patch] combine.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] combine.c: Remove redundant test.

[PATCH] Constant fold -A - B as -B - A

[PATCH] delegitimize_address target call-back

[patch] develop.html: Update gcc-3.3 dates.

[PATCH] df memory saving

[patch] doc/*.texi: Fix typos.

[PATCH] Don't constant fold sqrt(-1) at the tree-level

[PATCH] Enable push_fpscr. pop_fpscr for SH2E

[PATCH] Fix -fPIC on ppc-*-linux*

[PATCH] Fix a couple of comment typos in cp/parser.c

[patch] Fix a small breakage in ChangeLog.

[patch] Fix bootstrap

[Patch] Fix copyright dates

[PATCH] Fix find_reloads bugs w.r.t optional address operand reloads

[PATCH] Fix find_reloads_address bug

[PATCH] Fix find_reloads_address bug, take 2

[PATCH] fix for PR8344 on all branches and HEAD

Re: [PATCH] Fix force_to_mode bug

[PATCH] Fix g++.dg/tls failures on IA-64

[PATCH] Fix handling of abnormal edges in cfgloop.c

[PATCH] Fix libjava32 build on x86-64

[PATCH] Fix output_file_names crash

[PATCH] Fix passing of variable sized arguments on x86_64

[PATCH] Fix PPC32 local checks in 3.2 (was: Re: [libffi] closures for sparc)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c/8032

[PATCH] fix PR opt/2391 (mostly ARM)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8848

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8848 --> bootstrap failure on darwin.

[PATCH] Fix reload bugs w.r.t. optional address operand reloads

[PATCH] Fix RTL sharing problem in CSE

[PATCH] Fix RTL sharing problem in pa.md


Re: [PATCH] fix SSA passes documentation

[PATCH] Fix toplevel configure for --target TARGET_NAME etc.

[patch] Fix typos in web pages.

[PATCH] Fix warning in insn-attrtab.c

Re: [patch] Fixinclude help for QNX port

[patch] gcc.c-torture/execute/20010925-1.c

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc/[a-d]*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[patch] gcc/[efg]*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[patch] gcc/[i-v]*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[patch] gcse.c: Fix the header ordering.

[PATCH] guarantee termination of liveness updating

[patch] h8300.c: A minor clean up.

[patch] h8300.c: Constify some variables.

[patch] h8300.c: Don't delete necessary test instructions.

[patch] h8300.c: Fix a typo.

[patch] h8300.c: Fix a warning.

[patch] h8300.c: Free one register during an 8-bit shift.

[patch] h8300.c: Include cpplib.h.

[patch] h8300.c: Optimize logical ops in SImode.

[patch] h8300.c: Remove redundant code.

[patch] h8300.c: Remove useless variables.

[patch] h8300.c: Remove warnings.

[patch] h8300.c: Update a comment.

[patch] h8300.h: Add PREDICATE_CODES.

[patch] h8300.h: Allow CONST and HIGH in CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P.

[patch] h8300.h: Complete PREDICATE_CODES.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new pattern.

RE: [patch] h8300.md: Add more test insns.

[patch] h8300.md: Add new patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Correct insn lengths.

[patch] h8300.md: Relax conditions on some insns.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove one alternative from addsi_h8300.

[patch] h8300.md: Reorder some patters.

[patch] h8300.md: Use \\t instead of \t.

[patch] h8300: Clean up global variable use.

[patch] h8300: Fix warnings.

[patch] h8300: Implement RTL-based prologue/epilogue.

[patch] h8300: Optimize a shift by a variable.

[patch] h8300: Optimize addsi_h8300.

[patch] h8300: Prevent non-atomic stack adjustment.

[patch] i386: Fix comment typos.

[patch] ia64: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] Implement switch statements with bit tests

[PATCH] Implement switch statements with bit tests (take 2)

[PATCH] Improved switch statement generation

[Patch] IO performance improvement

[patch] java/*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] libstdc++/8761 and libstdc++/7076

[PATCH] libstdc++/9169 and libstdc++/9182

[PATCH] libstdc++/9322

[patch] m68hc11.md: Fix a comment typo.

[PATCH] More aggressive jump bypassing

[PATCH] More PCH fixes

[PATCH] new target

[PATCH] new target.

Re: [PATCH] Optimization docs part 3

[PATCH] Overhaul __builtin_constant_p processing

[PATCH] Overhaul __builtin_constant_p processing (take 2)

[PATCH] powerpc64: fix g++ -msoft-float

[PATCH] powerpc64: prevent '__PIC__ redefined' messages

[PATCH] PPC32: Fix libffi closure relocations

[PATCH] PPC32: Fix PR java/6748

[PATCH] PR c++/9315

Re: [PATCH] PR middle-end/9009: FP sign bit manipulation when FLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN != WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN

[PATCH] PR middle-end/9009: FP sign bit manipulation whenFLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN != WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN

[PATCH] Remove extra ';' in testcases

Re: [patch] Remove obsoleted targets from gcc testsuite

[PATCH] Remove XFAIL from g++.old-deja/g++.pt/typename13.C

RE: [Patch] Replace "GNU CC" with "GCC" in copyright headers for Obj-C.

[Patch] Replace "GNU CC" with "GCC" in copyright headers for Obj-C.

Re: [Patch] Replace "GNU CC" with "GCC" in copyright headers forObj-C.

[patch] rs6000/*: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] rtlopt branch merge part 5 -- loop unswitching

[PATCH] rtlopt merge part 1 -- loop analysis (resent)

Re: [PATCH] rtlopt merge part 2 -- bb-reorder rewrite

[PATCH] rtlopt merge part 3 -- loop manipulation

[PATCH] Separate jump bypassing pass

[patch] set_edge_can_fallthru minor fix

[patch] sh/*: Fix comment typos.

[patch] shrink binfos

[PATCH] Simplify initial RTL for loops

[PATCH] Small cleanups for toplev.c

[PATCH] Small fix to alpha.c

[PATCH] Speed-up __builtin_constant_p (part 1)

[PATCH] Speed-up __builtin_constant_p (part 2)

[PATCH] Speed-up __builtin_constant_p (part 3)


[PATCH] Testcases for new parser


Re: [PATCH]: Add attribute support for MS bitfields [3rd try]

[PATCH]: Allocate bbs/edges using pool

[PATCH]: Don't build testsuite during normal build on Cygwin

[PATCH]: Don't compile some tests for HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Fix a pre/post/inc/dec side effect on HC12

[PATCH]: Fix GTY() problem in HC11 port

[PATCH]: Fix ICE in convert_move on PA

[PATCH]: Fix process id handling in collect2.c

[PATCH]: Missing MASK_M6812 define

[PATCH]: New option for HCS12 support

[PATCH]: Small PA fix

[PATCH]: Some cleanups to i386-interix.h

[PATCH]: Tune HC11/HC12 prologue/epilogue

[PATCH]: Use emit_jump_insn for HC11/HC12 return generation

[PATCH]: Weak support for 32-bit HP-UX 11.X

[pch] fix dwarf2 output

[pch] fix some alpha failures

[pch] forgotten gengtype fixlet

[PCH] new-parser support

[pch] rework testsuite to avoid path miscompares

[PCH] Update GC statistics after load

[ping] bug in get_insn_name()

[ping] RFC: hex constants in const_int (plus small altivec problem)

[rfa/toplevel] Conditionalize GDB_TK

[RFA] Fix the address of code label (Was:[PATCH/RFA] SH: Problem whencompiling with -O0)

[RFA] Top-level configure.in needs AC_PREREQ

[RFC] Implement PowerPC thunks as RTL and enable everywhere

[RFC] unit-at-time compilation mode

[rtlopt] "variable tracking" pass

[rtlopt] bb-reorder - fix prototype

[rtlopt] bb-reorder - remove whitespace on the end of lines

[rtlopt] bb-reorder tweek

[rtlopt] better setting of flag_var_tracking

[rtlopt] fix bb-reorder dependencies

[rtlopt] fix stupid bug in var-tracking

[rtlopt] improvement of variable tracking

[rtlopt] improvements of variable tracking

[rtlopt] minor cleanup of var-tracking

[rtlopt] more predict.c speedup

[rtlopt] output debug info from VAR_LOCATION notes

[rtlopt] predict.c: division by const replaced by multiplication

[rtlopt] remove debug messages from var-tracking.c

[rtlopt] remove superfluous rounding in sreal_mul

[rtlopt] renamed variable

[rtlopt] speed improvement of branch prediction

[rtlopt] var-tracking: change hash function

[rtlopt] variable tracking tweek

[S/390]: DFA description for z900.

[tree-ssa G95] make check-g95

[tree-ssa libmudflap] portability patches

[tree-ssa mudflap] C++ front-end hooks

[tree-ssa mudflap] cleanup

[tree-ssa mudflap] instrumentation tweak

[tree-ssa mudflap] more C++ support

[tree-ssa mudflap] some documentation

[tree-ssa mudflap] uninitialized read checking

[tree-ssa] Add noreturn function to non-clobbering calls [patch]

[tree-ssa] Another trivial warning fix

[tree-ssa] C++ simplification patch

[tree-ssa] Coalescing label blocks [patch]

[tree-ssa] computed gotos

[tree-ssa] Death to WFL nodes

[tree-ssa] Fix a couple misc testsuite failures

[tree-ssa] Fix bootstrap problem

[tree-ssa] Fix gcc.misc-tests/bprob-1.c [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix some warnings

[tree-ssa] Flag to disable SSA optimizers [patch]

[tree-ssa] get_lineno and get_filename problem

[tree-ssa] Is this the fix for the bootstrap/make failure

[tree-ssa] locus fix

[tree-ssa] Minor changes to debugging dumps [patch]

Re: [tree-ssa] Minor cleanup

[tree-ssa] Minor fix to last change

[tree-ssa] New SSA infrastructure [patch]

[tree-ssa] Nonlocal gotos and computed gotos

[tree-ssa] patch suggestion: def_op vs vdef_ops

[tree-ssa] PATCH to simplify_function_tree

[tree-ssa] speed up label-to-block mapping [patch]

[tree-ssa] Speeding things up

[tree-ssa] Speeding up alias analysis

[tree-ssa] Speedup SSA construction [patch]

[tree-ssa] THinko in yesterday's change

[tree-ssa] Tweak doxygen filter [patch]

[tree-ssa]: Improve points-to results a bit

[tree-ssa]: Loop normalization pass

[tree-ssa]: Remove steensgaards algorithm

[treessa] Fix dependencies

[Trunk, Fortran, committed] Patch to enable use of any kind integerin case statements.

[v2] reshuffle testsuite/22_locale

[v3] Avoid 4 warnings recently introduced

[v3] clarify libstdc++/9147

[v3] config/make tweaks

[v3] fix include ordering

[v3] libstdc++ ABI gcc-3_2-branch

[v3] libstdc++ ABI gcc-3_3-branch <-> gcc-3_2-branch compat

[v3] libstdc++ ABI gcc-3_4-branch

[v3] libstdc++/8707

[v3] libstdc++/9269

[v3] more testsuite utilities

[v3] strict declarations of locale helper functions

[v3] testsuite pruning for wchar_t

[www patch] *.html: Fix typos.

[WWW] correct some links

[WWW] new info about locating regressions

[WWW] PCH announcement

[wwwdocs] Add java news item

[wwwdocs] Mention new C++ parser on homepage and in gcc-3.4 changespage

Re: [wwwdocs] segfault.html

[wwwdocs] segfault.html (was Synthetic register related: Seg fault) - segfault.html [1/1]

Re: [wwwdocs] segfault.html (was Synthetic register related: Segfault) - segfault.html [1/1]

[x86] Change "-mcpu" to "-mtune"

Re: ABI breakage in 3.2.1, 3.3 and mainline

Ada warning patch

Add -Winvalid-pch to --help

Re: Add conditional addition patterns

Add missing newline escape to t-960bare

ADDRESS_COST as a target hook

Re: AIX C++ fixinc


Allow creation of non-CVS generated files to other than $(srcdir).

Re: Allow creation of non-CVS generated files to other than$(srcdir).

alpha tls vs gp

Re: Analysis of solaris2 27_io/istream_extractor_arith.cc failures

and yet another conversions....

Another constification patch installed

Another obvious bug fix for df.c

Another trivial patch (typos +minor reorganisation)

ANSIfy cp/class.c

ANSIfy cp/cp-tree.h

ANSIfy cp/decl.c

ANSIfy cp/parser.c


ANSIfy many function declarations & definitions in cp/

ANSIfy one function definition in java/parse.y

Archive for gcc@gcc.gnu.org is stuck

ARM interrupt epilogue generation

ARM PATCH fix elimination failure when compiling -Os

ARM PATCH silence undeclared structure warnings in prototypes

Re: Atomic operations on the ARM

Avoid over-frequent GC on large working sets

Re: avoiding multiple passes on RTL in init_alias_analysis

Bit twiddling builtins

Re: Boostrap failure on i386-unknown-freebsd4.7

Re: Bootstrap compare failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu ?!?

Bootstrap failure due to warning

Re: Bootstrap failure on irix6.5 possibly caused by new C++ parser?

Bootstrap failure on main for hppa64-hp-hpux11.11

bootstrap failure on PowerPC

Re: bootstrap/4269: [sparc-unknown-netbsdeld1.5] HAVE_NL_LANGINFO

Bug reduction instructions

Re: Bug reduction instructions, draft 2

Bug reduction instructions, draft 3

Re: Bug#176311: gcc-3.2: configure generated from broken libtool.m4

Build failure due to undefined PCC_BITFIELD_TYPE_MATTERS

C++ ABI PATCH: Overlong unnamed bitfields

C++ lvalue correctness PATCH

Re: C++ parser refusing asm statatement

C++ Parser testcase failure on AIX

C++ PATCH for c++/8564

C++ PATCH for c++/9167

C++ PATCH for c++/9342

C++ PATCH for PR c++/8748

C++ PATCH Re: Problems compiling KDE programs with GCC 3.3+

C++ PATCH to cp_parser_primary_expression

Re: C++ PATCH to emit_tinfo_decl (PR 8512)

C++ PATCH: Audit name lookup 2/n

C++ PATCH: Diagnose invalid constant-expressions

C++ PATCH: Do not synthesize thunks

C++ PATCH: Fix more parser regressions

C++ PATCH: Fix parser/typeof regression

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 2843

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 9120

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 9172

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 9189

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 9272, PR 9294

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 9328

C++ PATCH: Fix PRs 9285, 9294, 9388

C++ PATCH: Fix regression in template instantiation code

Re: C++ PATCH: Parser speedup

C++ PATCH: PR 9298

C++ PATCH: PR 9384

C++ PATCH: PR9128, PR9153, PR9171

C++ PATCH: PRs 9354, 9216, 8696

C++ Patch: Speed Template Instantiation

C++ PATCH: Speed up dependent type calculation

C++ PATCH: Speed up new parser

C++ PATCH: Towards two-phase name lookup and other things...

Re: c++/2843: parser: __attribute__ on parameter declarations

calls.c tidy

combine.c warning fix

Conditional addition for i386

config.if sets gcc_version_trigger unconditionally

config/i386/t-sco5gas (bootstrap/3412): missing patch on MAIN

Constant propagation and strength reduction

Constification patch installed

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.de.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.es.po.gz'

contrib/test_summary: Not doing anything right now.

Copy some gcc_update patches from trunk to 3.2 branch

correct dates in develop.html

Re: crash: longjmp vs -fprofile-arcs

Cygwin bootstrap failure [was Re: RFA - patch for merging itanium-sched-branch into main line - part1]

Cygwin bootstrap failure [was Re: RFA - patch for mergingitanium-sched-branch into main line - part1]

darwin and posix threads ? patch ping?

Darwin warnings patrol

Re: dbxout.c patch for PR 1621

Declare cpp_reader in coretypes.h

df housekeeping patch

documentation patches

Don't disable gas on IRIX 6

DW_CFA_undefined, DW_CFA_same_value (should be g++/9076)

Re: e: PATCH doc/install.texi (hppa*-hp-hpux11) PHSS_26559 Linker pat

e: PATCH doc/install.texi (hppa*-hp-hpux11) PHSS_26559 Linker patch

elliminate more float extensions

elliminate more float extensions II

Re: Embedded targets problem

Re: Enable interpreter for x86_64

Re: Error in http://gcc.gnu.org/develop.html

expand_expr RDIV_EXPR

expmed.c warning fix

Fix -Werror bootstrap failure in dwarf2out.c

fix alpha glibc build

fix alpha sibcall failures

Fix bootstrap failure for sparc

Fix bootstrap failure of pa on rtlopt and hammer branch

Fix bug in gcse

Fix copyright headers for gcc/

Fix df.c

Fix f77.rebuilt

Fix for PR Fortran/9038 applied.

fix g++.dg/tls/init-2.C

fix gcc.c-torture/compile/simd-5.c on alpha

fix gcc.dg/20021014-1.c on alpha

Fix hammer bootstrap failure

fix hammer comilation of spec2000 gcc

Re: Fix ifcvt on memory operands

Fix latent bug in c++ frontend

Re: Fix latent bug in cprop

Re: Fix latent bug in cse

Fix latent bug in jump.c

Fix latent bug in optabs

fix more alpha simd-5 bugs

fix must_pass_in_stack typo

fix profiling on Darwin

Re: Fix SPEC2000 GCC misscopilation and SIMD support

Fix SSE attributes

Fix target/9210

Fix testsuite for inlining

Fix treelang build with older texinfo

Fix warning in treelang

fix warnings on darwin

fix Werror failures on alpha-linux

RE: Fixinclude help for QNX port

float conversion optimizations

fold math functions

Followup to pragma patch

Forgotten patch for hwint.h (oops)

g++ testsuite addition

GCC 2.95.3 patch for GLIBC 2.2+?

Re: gcc 3.4 make install problem

Re: gcc ChangeLog configure.in configure

GCC patch for MIPS multi-got support in the linker

gcc stack-smashing protector (for gcc-3.2.1)

Re: GCC top-level configure versus contrib/test_summary

Re: gcc.pot regenerated

Re: gcc/9170

gcc/ada/Make-lang.in: Some install tuning

gcc/configure.in warning squelch patch

Re: gcc/gcc/cp ChangeLog dump.c


gengtype-{lex,yacc}.c rules broken

Get rid of cpplib.h dependency on c-pragma.h

ggc_pop_context speedup

HELP me unsubscribe

Re: HP-UX 11.x patch to call C++ static constructors at dlopen()

HP-UX IA64 patch from October (section usage)

I reverted it.

i386: ice in simplify_binary_operation

ICE from failing to purge an addressof (PR/9090)

Re: ifcvt pass ordering

introducing mips64{,le}-linux-gnu

Re: Irix6 casting long double to double yields bogus results

Re: Irix6 long doubles implemented wrong? (27_io/ostream_inserter_arith)

Re: Irix6 long doubles implemented wrong? (27_io/ostream_inserter_arith)

Irix6 native long double libcalls progress report (and problem)

Re: Is this patch needed for configure.in?

java/8457: [3.2/3.3 regression] ICE in generate_bytecode_insns, at java/jcf-write.c:1850

jump-threading optimalisation bug

K&R fixes for bootstrap of gcc with HP bundled compiler on hppa64-hpux

Kill more out-of-band dependence on c-pragma.h

Kill warning in ggc-simple.c

killed schedule groups?

Libffi: closures for x86_64

libiberty: hashtab allocation functions with an extra argument

libstdc++ header ordering problem

libstdc++ multilibs installed where gcc won't find them



Linewrapping default for error messages set to $COLUMNS

Re: mainline bootstrap failure

Re: Make collect2 be buildable when host=i386-mingw, target=something

Re: Make collect2 be buildable when host=i386-mingw, target=something else

Make collect2 be buildable when host=i386-mingw, target=somethingelse

Re: Make collect2 be buildable when host=i386-mingw,target=something else

Re: make install fails on 3.3 branch in libffi

Re: Make rda native-only

Re: Merging PCH to mainline

MIPS patch: fix EABI64 va_arg handling

mips64-linux n32/n64 long doubles

Missing dependencies on rtlopt-branch

Missing symbols in libstdc++

more flexible sbb/adc patterns

more flexible sbb/adc patterns II

move MUST_PASS_IN_STACK out of line

neat website

New German PO file for `gcc'

New PO Template file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

Obvious fix to df.c

obvious fixes to i386.c/i386.md

old m68k patch

Re: other/9243: gcc -v does not show how the compiler was configured (patch ping)

PA64 ctor/dtor changes and the HP linker

PATCH (all branches): Fix outputting of references to typedefs in dwarf2

Patch (darwin specific)

PATCH - remove 6 pointer fields from C's lang_identifier

Patch 3.2:

Patch 3.2: Lookup in Nested Classes

patch applied to sh port: do first scheduling pass for SH5

PATCH ARM -- support pre/post_modify addressing


PATCH ARM make thumb-state address validation code into functions.

PATCH ARM: Clean out dead XFmode support

patch attached this time for *-rtems Ada on 3.2 branch

Patch branching.html: defaulting to --disable-checking/--disable-werror

Re: Patch branching.html: defaulting to--disable-checking/--disable-werror

PATCH doc/install.texi (hppa*-hp-hpux11) PHSS_26559 Linker patch

Patch for "static follows non-static" warning in java/builtins.c

Patch for `switch' warning (would like a review)

Patch for format bug in i386.c (cygwin)

Patch for GCC 3.2.2

Patch for mips reg_or_0_operand predicates

Patch for negative division check in nonzero_bits

Re: patch for pentium4 problem (gnats PR 9036)

PATCh for Re: Gabriel Dos Reis will be RM for the 3.2.2 release

Re: PATCH for Re: installation instructions; glitchlet

PATCH for Re: Remove EGCS symlink from CVS?

PATCH for Re: Update of email

PATCH generate PRE_MODIFY expressions

Re: PATCH gnatsweb.pl wrt to optimization/9086: Missing attachmentfor #9085

Patch installed for 3.3 warnings

Patch installed for `uninitialized' and prototype warnings

Patch installed for `unused' warnings

Patch installed for ISO C conversions in f77 dir

Patch installed for ISO C function definitions in the java dir

Patch installed for ISO/GNU C conversion of sparc/gmon-sol2.c

Patch installed for macro conflict in arm.[ch]

Patch installed for parallel build failure of ssa-ccp.o

Patch installed for PR7227 gcc.dg/uninit-C.c

Patch installed for signed/unsigned warnings

Patch installed for warning fixes

Patch installed for warning nits

Patch installed to eliminate useless casts in java dir

Patch installed to eliminate uses of PTR macro in java dir

Patch installed to fix scandir warning in jcf-io.c

Patch installed to generate java/keyword.h in ISO C style

Patch installed to remove K&R DEFUN macro (et al) from java dir

Patch installed to remove PARAMS macro from java dir

Patch installed to remove variadic K&R macros from java dir

Patch installed: contrib/gcc_updatre gperf timestamp dependencies

Re: Patch not applied (was: PATCH to generate error for address of cast)

Patch preventing generation function insn_alts by default.

PATCH Re: remove C++ warning about all private c/dtors and nofriends?

Patch review for two outstanding patches

Re: patch that caused regression PR c/8602

Re: patch that caused regression PR f/9258

Re: patch that caused regression PR optimization/7154

PATCH to __FUNCTION__ et al decl handling

Patch to avoid putting ansidecl.h in tconfig.h

PATCH to control #pragma once warning with -Wno-deprecated

Patch to define __NO_STRING_INLINES in system.h

Patch to enable -Werror [take 2]

Patch to enable -Werror [take 3]

patch to fix a contrib/test_summary problem with the trunk

PATCH to global.c [3.3] (was Re: Gabriel Dos Reis will be RM for the 3.2.2 release)

Patch to make --disable-checking the default for 3.3

Patch to remove -fvolatile*

PATCH to timevar.def

PATCH to timevar: Auditing C++ front-end 1/n

Patch to XFAIL execute/builtin-constant.c

Patch to XFAIL libjava.lang/pr8823.java


Re: PATCH/RFA]: SHmedia trampoline

Patch: (darwin specific) add missing prototypes

Patch: (ppc specific) missing earlyclobbers

Patch: const_double performance improvement

Patch: doc nit

Patch: move movables with -Os on rich-register architectures

Patch: rs6000: fix sibcall patterns

Re: Patch: sibcall failure

Patch: (frv port) small data fix

Patch: (frv port) use target macros for constructor/destructor code

PATCH: --with-sysroot support for GCC

Patch: abort if interface call made on non-interface method

PATCH: Additional parsedir-related changes

PATCH: announce new C++ parser

Patch: another gcj assume-compiled fix

PATCH: Another mainline bootstrap problem

Patch: assume-compiled fix

Patch: avoid crash with gcj -fno-assume-compiled

PATCH: contrib/test_summary

Re: PATCH: contrib/test_summary (committing fix)

PATCH: cvs.html and cp-parser-branch

Re: patch: Darwin/x86 fails to build

PATCH: delete gcc.hlp

Patch: Enforce -Werror during bootstrap

PATCH: Fix handling of invalid octal constants

PATCH: Fix incorrect decls

PATCH: Fix memory leaks in the v2 demangler

Patch: fix ppc store_multiple

Re: Patch: fix regression in PPC sibcalls

Patch: fix regression in PPC sibcalls (redone)

Patch: fix regression in sibcalls (ppc & elsewhere) redone

PATCH: Fix to PCH bug in read-back of pending templates

PATCH: frontends.html -- remove Ksi link

Patch: frv build fix

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: document new properties

Patch: FYI: gcj 3.3 status update

Patch: FYI: gcj front end bug fix

Patch: FYI: gcj lexer fixes

Patch: FYI: gcj resource compilation from jar

Patch: FYI: gcj3.3 status

Patch: FYI: typos in jcf-write.c

PATCH: gcc-3.4/changes.html markup fixes

PATCH: gcc-3.?/changes.html uniformity

Patch: gcj and rhug build failure

Patch: gcj and rhug build regression

Patch: gcj assume-compiled fix

Patch: gcj warning fix

Patch: gcj/ggc fix

PATCH: gnats.hml

Re: PATCH: improve vtable emission

PATCH: index.html -- -Werror announcement

PATCH: index.html, news.html -- rotate news

patch: libobjc.def missing some useful symbols


Patch: make gcj compile all files in .jar

PATCH: Measure overload resolution overhead

PATCH: mirrors.html

Patch: only XFAIL builtin-constant.c at -O1

Patch: Parser fixes

patch: promoting complex modes (plus splitting complex args)

Re: PATCH: Re: other/9031

Patch: Remove __vmi_class_type_info Hints

Re: Patch: rs6000: fix sibcall patterns

patch: set i686 default for Darwin/x86


PATCH: testsuite/README* (was: 3.2/3.3/3.4 Lookup in Nested Class)

Re: PATCH: testsuite/README* (was: 3.2/3.3/3.4 Lookup in NestedClass)

Re: PCH merge bootstrap failure on irix6.2 due to missing ftello/fseeko

PCH, rs6000 warning removal

Ping (Re: Update m68k-*-linux* configuration)

Ping! [PATCH]: Pool allocate et_forest structures

Ping: [3.4] DESTDIR support completed

Ping: solves a libobjc gc bootstrap failure (mainline, probably all br

Re: Possible patch for sh CLASS_MAX_NREGS

PowerPC simd fix

powerpc switches

PowerPC variable-sized types passed by reference

ppc linux libffi fix plus necessary testcase

Re: PR 8343 and and PR 9201

PR opt/8492

PR target/9068


Re: Problems with texinfo 4.1 on mainline/3.3

Proposed patch for PR 7507 and PR 9289

Protect java/java-tree.h against multiple inclusion

Reason for gcc build failure on PowerPC

regclass speedup

Re: REGNO_DECL cleanup

Remove 'label' field from constant_descriptor_rtx

Remove ia64-aix support


Remove RCS version strings from libffi Darwin support

Remove void casts from cp/parser.c

Re: Remove warning in unwind-d2-fde.h

Request for Patch Approval

resend - [patch] Ada bootstrap failure on i386-unknown-freebsd4.7

Re: RFA - patch for merging itanium-sched-branch into main line

RFA - patch for merging itanium-sched-branch into main line - part1

RFA - patch for merging itanium-sched-branch into main line - part2

Re: RFA - patch for merging itanium-sched-branch into main line -part1

RFA: Add new (ARM) sibcall test case

RFA: Add SH2E support

RFA: constraint strings (Was: RFD: constraint letter suffixes)

RFA: patch fixing moving one xmm register to another one.

RFA: patch for more accurate scheduling the schedule groups.

RFA: Patch restoring schedule groups.

RFC/RFT: split up pexecute.c

rfc: don't delete alternate entry points in cfgcleanup.c

Re: RFC: hex constants in const_int (plus small altivec problem)

Re: rs6000 fused multiply-add patch [+ patchlet]

rs6000.h comment tweaks

rtlopt merge part 3 - CFG update for EBB scheduling

rtlopt merge part 4 - variable tracking pass

rtx_costs as a target hook

Re: S/390: -march= and -mcpu= options

S/390: Change -mcpu to -mtune.

S/390: Fix ADD vs. LOAD ADDRESS conversion bug

S/390: Fix warning regression

S/390: Implement TLS support

S/390: z900 DFA description corrections

Re: script to automate binary search for regression

a separate libgcov

Several small PATCHes

shrink insn-attrtab.o by 4kB

Re: Some Altivec patches.

Re: Some PCH tests fail on mips-irix6

Specs - Brrrr; was: [Fwd: Re: fortran/9038: -ffixed-line-length-none-x f77-cpp-input gives: Warning: unknown register name line-length-none]

specs vs whitespace

speed up bitmap.c

speed up one gc edge case

speed up walk_tree a little

Re: speeding up parts of gcc by using ffs

Stack Reorganization Patch

strcat and config/darwin.c

Re: subdir/toplevel dependence (was Re: (toplevel)...)

TC for fixed c++/754

Testcase for fixed c++/3012

Testcase for fixed c++/3650

Testcase for fixed c++/590

Testcase for fixed PR 6544

Testcase for fixed PR c++/2049

Testcase for fixed PR c++/2437

Testcase for fixed PR c++/250

Testcase for fixed PR c++/2743

Testcase for fixed PR c++/3009

Testcase for fixed PR c++/3406

Testcase for fixed PR c++/3816

Testcase for fixed PR c++/4633

Testcase for fixed PR c++/4652

Testcase for fixed PR c++/4754

Testcase for fixed PR c++/8237, committed version

Testcase for fixed PR c++/8237: Review wanted!

Testcase for fixed PR c++/8842

Testcase for fixed PR c++/8982

Re: Thoughts on doxygen for internal documentation

Trivial typo patch.

tweak imul code generation

Unit-at-a-time compilation for C 1/3

Unreviewed ANSIfication patch (cp/)

Unreviewed c++ patch - fix PR/9354 (high priority)

Unreviewed doc patches

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch for cp-demangle.c

Unreviewed patch for PR8750, 9185 [i386, mingw32, cygwin]

Unreviewed patch for regression c++/9030

Unreviewed Patch Ping

Unreviewed patch: Align the address of code labels in shorten_branches

unreviewed patch: target register load optimizations

Unreviewed patches

Re: Unreviewed patches for 3.2/3.3 and BIB...

Re: Update cp/.cvsignore

Re: Update m68k-*-linux* configuration

Re: updated fixinc patch

Re: Updated patch for GCC misscompilation with -march=pentium4

updated patch for implicit libcall generation

Updated patch request (Darwin): put array of chars in .const section

updated patch: minor regrename improvement

Use $(parsedir) when building c-parse.o

Use pc-relative technique for long calls to $$dyncall on hppa-linux

Re: V3 PATCH: Various pedantic fixes

v3 testsuite regressions on hppa64-hp-hpux11

Warning fix for ra-rewrite.c

Warning fix for unwind.h

Warning patrol for stor-layout.c

Warnings patrol


Xtensa: committed cleanup of tmake files

Xtensa: committed patch to fix compile warnings

{Patch] Fix (fatal) warning in timevar.c

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