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Re: Universal Character Names, v2

"Martin v. Löwis" <> writes:

> Specifically, the changes relative to the previous patch are:
> - Update character sets for C99, and C++ DR 131.
> - Support escaped newlines in the middle of an UCN. This is done
>   through the addition of maybe_read_ucs_reader function, which
>   uses get_effective_char internally.
> - Support UCNs in numbers. In the internal represantation, such
>   a number still has the UCN in it, i.e. no conversion to UTF-8
>   takes place. Such numbers will only be valid if they are pasted
>   with an identifier.
> - Support pasting of names that have UCNs in them. For that,
>   cpp_spell_token had to be updated.
> - Check for assembler UTF-8 support, and reject UCNs if no such
>   support is available. As a side effect, gcj will automatically
>   use UTF-8 mangling where g++ supports UCNs.

Good so far...

> I have considered the following comments, but chose to take a
> different approach:
> - I have not put the test function for characters in libiberty.
>   It is quite specific to C and C++, and only ever used in the
>   preprocessor.

This is only true because of your second decision...

> - I have not decided to deviate from the C and C++ standards for
>   character tests. Reviewers commented that they dislike the approach
>   taken by the standards committees, and that the relevant Unicode
>   specification should be taken into account instead. I disagree, as I
>   consider the approach of giving explicit lists quite reasonable.
>   More importantly, I think that standards conformance should be
>   valued quite highly unless specific user demands require to
>   ignore or extend the standards; this is not the case in the
>   specific issue.

... which I disagree with.  I am rejecting this patch until you
implement support for Unicode as she is spoke, which means UAX#15
including normalization, not whatever nonsense is in the C and C++


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