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Re: [Configure patch] Issue error if bison not found

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 06:19:37AM +0000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> You need something more like
> ${CONFIG_SHELL} ${srcdir}/../missing bison
> for the default value of bison.

OK, I bootstrapped with this on a system which does not have bison
installed, and it invoked ${srcdir}/../missing bison
instead of "false".

The result is that when trying to use bison, "missing bison"
is invoked, and a more useful WARNING message is printed out,
rather than invoking "false" with bison's arguments.
I did the same for flex.

Is it OK for the mainline?

2002-11-28  Craig Rodrigues  <>

        * Use "missing" script to generate warning if
	flex or bison programs not found, instead of invoking "false".
        * configure: Rebuilt.

RCS file: /cvsroot/gcc/gcc/gcc/,v
retrieving revision 1.626
diff -u -r1.626
---	26 Nov 2002 20:08:07 -0000	1.626
+++	28 Nov 2002 11:31:54 -0000
@@ -601,7 +601,8 @@
 if test -f $srcdir/../flex/skel.c; then
-  AC_CHECK_PROG(FLEX, flex, flex, false)
+  AC_CHECK_PROG(FLEX, flex, flex, ${CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh} ${srcdir}/../missin
+g flex)
 # Bison?
@@ -609,7 +610,7 @@
 if test -f $srcdir/../bison/bison.simple; then
   BISON='$(objdir)/../bison/bison -L $(srcdir)/../bison/'
-  AC_CHECK_PROG(BISON, bison, bison, false)
+  AC_CHECK_PROG(BISON, bison, bison, ${CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh} ${srcdir}/../missing bison)
 # These libraries may be used by collect2.

Craig Rodrigues

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