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Re: [C PATCH]: tidy some code

"Germana Ricci" <> writes:

| > Then the problem is ill-posed because the translation is attempting to
| > give a gender to *type-name*.
| >
| > Do they (plan to) give a gender for "count_t" as defined in
| >
| >     typedef int count_t;
| Yes, masculine, not because count_t is masculine, but because this time I
| cannot find a satisfying translation without prepending 'type' to the
| diagnostic (and type is masculine). 

This, precisely, is the point I wanted to get to.  The implicit
presence of 'type'. Now change the above to

   typedef struct count count_t;

The keyword-as-noun logic breaks down because the compiler just
sometimes displays count_t in full i.e. 'struct count'.  However, if
you keep "type" in, things won't break because 'struct count' is the

| But in Italian we treat the keywords
| struct, union and enum as nouns even if part of a type-id, and give them
| genders (not to mention giving them different articles!).

This is a recurent issue in French also (I'm not on the Translation
Project, but I routinely participate to discussions on the
French-speaking newsgroup where this sort of questions pops up from
time to time) and we find it much scalable.

| And I cannot imagine what cans of worms can languages that adopt cases and
| declinations open...

Maybe German-speaking people have something to say here?

-- Gaby

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