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Re: [C PATCH]: tidy some code

> > | > The point was that some other part of the sentence may need to change to
> > | > agree with the gender of 'struct foo' / 'union foo' / 'enum foo', not that
> > | > the keyword is translated.
> > | 
> > | Yes, In Italian I say 'una struct' (where una is the feminine article) but
> > | 'un enum' (where un is the masculine article) because in Italian `structure'
> > | is feminine but `type' is masculine (enum is then masculine because it is
> > | short for enumerative type).
> > 
> > But that is translating something should be not be translated!
> > Please, note that the diagnostic message isn't saying
> > 
> >     structure '%s'
> > 
> > nor
> > 
> >    enumeration '%s'
> You are right - the message, which should be saying 
> type '%s'
> is instead saying
> '%s'
> which is why it's so complicated to translate it.
> It's easy to embed keywords in English, for a variety of reasons - mostly
> English grammar being trivial/poor, and keywords looking like plain
> English words, so that it looks natural, and provides no grammar
> complications, to just embed a keyword inside the sentence wherever you
> can put a word - it's much more difficult to embed them in other
> languages, so you better be careful with that and take that problem pretty
> seriously, as solutions won't necessarily be as easy as you think in your
> ignorance.

I apologize for this mail which surprised and ashamed myself - I thought I
had hit the 'cancel' button (C-c in pine), while it seems I hit the 'send'
button (C-x, dangerously near).

I wasn't meaning to get into the discussion, and please accept my
apologizes for the last sentence, where 'you think in your ignorance' was
definitely not meant to be for Paolo (who's doing an excellent translation
work), nor for Joseph (who seems to understand remarkably well the Italian
grammar), nor for Gabriel (who provided what I consider an excellent
solution, at least for indoeuropean languages - using 'il typo '%s' non e`
stato definito').  It was just a general meaningless rant against
English-only speaking people, the sort of universal rants you have from
time to time in the back of your mind when in bad moods, and I'm still
ashamed it went onto a mailing list).

I'm sorry.

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