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Re: Undocumented source files (Per Bothner)  wrote on 24.11.02 in <>:

> Phil Edwards wrote:
> > In the latest version, Doxygen produces HTML and LaTeX, which should cover
> > most of the output worries.  The "info" format would be a horrible format
> > anyhow for the kind of thing that we typically want out of doxygen.
> I'd like to retire the 'info' format, but the 'info' *program* has
> advantages that are not yet bettered:
> (1) Works well on terminals.
> (2) A nice keyboard interface that is efficient for both browsing
> and for sequential reading.

Your definition of "nice" is certainly not mine, nor that of many other  

>From where I sit, the *user interface* for info is crap. However, I do  
agree that the *functionality* seems to be hard to replace with current  

I suspect what I'd like would be the functionality of info, the file  
format of xhtml, and a halfway sane user interface instead of taking the  
worst features of Emacs. Maybe looking similar to pinfo, though I'm  
certainly not all that fond of the lynx UI either.

MfG Kai

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